Minato Giken

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Minato Giken (株式会社港技研) was a small development studio headed by Kenichi Iwanaga. The company consisted mostly of former Arc staff, and appears to have been in existence from 1992 to 1997.

Credited on 11 Games from 1992 to 1996

Kaitō Saint Tail (1996 on Game Gear)
Sonic Labyrinth (1995 on Game Gear, Nintendo 3DS)
The Quiz Gear Fight!! (1995 on Game Gear)
Baku Baku Animal (1995 on Windows, SEGA Saturn, Game Gear...)
Crayon Shin-chan: Taiketsu! Quantum Panic!! (1995 on Game Gear)
Yū Yū Hakusho II: Gekitō! Shichi Kyō no Tatakai (1994 on Game Gear)
Dynamite Headdy (1994 on Windows, Genesis, Game Gear...)
Gururin (1994 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Neo Geo...)
Zunzunkyō no Yabō (1994 on Arcade)
Party Quiz: Mega Q (1993 on Genesis, Wii)
Hirake! Ponkikki (1992 on NES)


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