Jones in the Fast Lane: CD-ROM

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Functionally identical to the original Jones in the Fast Lane, but delivered on a CDROM and containing the following enhancements:

DOS version: Redbook CD Audio for the voice acting; additional animation and actor portraits; takes very little space on hard drive.

Windows 3.1 version: All the features of the DOS version, with the addition of a native Windows executable and MIDI music.

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Credits (DOS version)

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Original Concept
Lead Programming
Additional Programming
Interpreter / Development System
Graphics / Artwork
Additional Graphics / Artwork
Executive Producer
Writing / Dialogue / Story
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Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings with 4 reviews)

One of the most addictive games updated!

The Good
This seems to be a fairly rare version of Jones in the Fast Lane. Actually, I'm the only person I know who has it. Who says life isn't good?

Anyway, Jones CD version features Windows support (which is great, because it makes the game playable on newer machines as well), same great graphics which are now slightly enhanced, cool speech and animated portraits. With a proper sound card, greatly enhanced MIDI soundtrack will grace your ears, and make the game a whole lot more fun.

The Bad
Jones and "not like" in the same sentence? Not damn likely.

The Bottom Line
Jones is one of the best, most widely known and outright coolest games ever to be created. If you can get yours hands on the CD version, go for it.

Windows 3.x · by Tomer Gabel (4538) · 2000

Everybody wants this game. It is in a class all by itself. Like playing real life.

The Good
It's the most fun multi player game since mule. Excellent transition from a board game style to a computer style. The digitized graphics improve over the original. The speach adds to the playability. Great use of the old CD audio tracks.

The Bad
Nothing. Except there weren't more made. I have this game listed on my trade page as one I already have. I get more email on a weekly basis asking if I would consider selling this game, than I do all my other stuff combined.

The Bottom Line
Family style board game. Fun fun and fun.

Windows 3.x · by gametrader (208) · 2000

Quick, unpretentious fun

The Good
This is an enjoyable turn-based board game. It's not very demanding of your time - you can play an entire game in much less than an hour. The tone is lighthearted, the graphics are bright and cartoony. The gameplay is very addictive.

The Bad
It's not really a criticism of this game specifically as much as a problem with most early Windows games. When this game came out, it had the (for the time) demanding requirement that your display was set to 256 colors. Unfortunately, this game will ONLY display correctly in 256 colors at 640x480 resolution. You'll have to tweak your display before you run it. There are also many animations that play so quickly on a modern PC that they're all but invisible, but none of the actual gameplay seems to be affected by clock speed.

The Bottom Line
It's a little like a PC hybrid of Life and Monopoly and a lot like its own unique thing. You race around a game board completing tasks like finding a job, eating, shopping, working, and going to school. The interesting aspect of this game is that although you are playing on a fairly standard rectangular game board, you don't roll a die or spin a spinner for movement. You have a set amount of time you can use everyday to visit the various areas on the board (your apartment, your place of work, the grocery store, school, clothing store, bank) and you have to decide how to use it. You only have enough time to visit two or possibly three places every turn, so you have to plan carefully.

Windows 3.x · by Kurt Sample (1071) · 2001

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what is going on here? Pseudo_Intellectual (66323) Dec 24, 2014



Some of the dev team is posted in the little pictures as "officer", or "shop master", or even a clerk.


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