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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

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Windows credits (2003)

324 people (272 professional roles, 52 thanks) with 361 credits.

Remedy Development Team

Project Lead
Lead Game Design
Written By
Game Programming Lead
Technology Programming Lead
Graphic Design Lead
Art Direction
Additional Programming
Level Design - Gameplay
Level Design - Art
Additional Level Design
Character Animation
Texture Art
Particle Art
Sound FX and Voice Tracks
Graphic Novel Art
Menu and HUD Art
Business Affairs
Office Manager
IT Support

Rockstar Team

Executive Producer
VP of Development
Associate Producer
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Quality Assurance
Technical Manager
Lead Analyst
Test Team
Production Team

3D Realms

For 3D Realms

Additional Credits

Music Composed, Arranged and Performed By
Music Mastering By
Cello in Max Payne Theme By
"Late Goodbye" Performed By
  • Poets of the Fall
Written By
Lyrics Based on a Poem By
Produced By
Voice Acting Talent
Voice Overs Directed By
Voice Over Producers
Voice Overs Engineered By
Graphic Novel And Game Models
In-game Character Models
Photography Direction
  • Howard Schwartz Recording
  • Donne SeBeta Casting
Character Model Photography
Graphic Novel Photography
Character Stylists
Motion Capture Director
Motion Capture Produced by
Motion Capture Acting
Motion Capture Stuntpeople
Motion Capture Stunt Coordinator
Motion Capture By
Remedy Finland Test Team
3D Realms Dallas Test Team
Drama Consultation
Additional Thanks To
Max Payne 2 uses Havok.com physics engine by
  • Teleskinesys Research Limited
Max Payne 2 uses Bink Video Technology by
  • RAD Game Tools Inc.
Dolby and the duble-D symbol are trademarks of
  • Dolby Laboratories
MaxED uses RegExp Library, part of C++ Boost libraries by
NVDXT Tools and library Copyright
  • nVidia Corporation
The Global Illumination System is based on the Lumigraph Radiosity technology originally developed in cooperation with Hybrid Graphics Ltd. by
Finally, we would like to extend our special thanks to
  • Everyone involved in the making of Max Payne in 1997-2001[without you this sequel would never have been made]

Rockstar London

Rockstar London

Rockstar Lincoln

Rockstar Lincoln

Take 2 European Team

Take 2 European Team
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