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Bomberman was a robot in a bomb making factory who longed for his freedom. Rumors circulated that escaping to the surface would allow the robot to become human. Getting out would be the trick. Each room is inhabited by monsters that must be neutralized and the exit itself hidden underneath bricks.

The first of the Bomberman series, Bomberman is a single-player game with a top down view and simplistic controls. In fact, in addition to movement, the player only has a single ability: placing bombs. Each bomb explodes into a cross-shaped blast (four directions) which can destroy either enemies or blocks. Power-ups may be found to increase the size of the blast, place additional bombs, increase the speed of the Bomberman or to walk through walls. The goal on each level is to destroy all enemies and escape through the exit before the time limit is up. Hitting the exit with a bomb blast releases more enemies which must also be destroyed.


  • ボンバーマン - Japanese spelling
  • 炸弹人 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 59% (based on 17 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 52 ratings with 2 reviews)

Great Hudson Soft classic!

The Good
NES' Bomberman had good graphics for its era, simple gameplay and good sound effects, besides the classic soundtrack. Its concept was innovative and the NES version is better than the MSX one. Because this, Hudson Soft developed a new NES version-like MSX's Bomberman game, called Bomberman Special.

The Bad
Nothing to say, it was a classic (and still is)!

The Bottom Line
A nice classic from Hudson Soft! If you have an NES or GBA, get it and explode the enemies!

NES · by Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (97) · 2014

Good, but it could be better...

The Good
Bomberman Special was based on the NES' Bomberman. Its idea was great, and its gameplay and graphics were good. Music and sound effects were also good, better even than the NES ones.

The Bad
NES version had a thing MSX version didn't: Bomberman speed. Bomberman, in MSX, was very slow, which affects Bomberman's search time. Bomberman needed to be quicker to find the exit, blow up the enemies and quit level.

The Bottom Line
Bomberman was a good game, even on MSX, with the Special release. If you want a good game for MSX, get and play it! But don't expect too much of it...

MSX · by Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (97) · 2016


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An arcade version? Really? (709) May 4, 2020


Development history

The NES/Famicom version of the game was programmed entirely by Shinichi Nakamoto in three sleepless days...incredible for a game that ended up selling over a million copies. Apparently Nakamoto had a habit of chewing gum as he programmed, and when he ran out of gum he started chewing on pencils instead without even looking away from the screen.

Ending (Spoiler!)

At the end of the NES version of this game it is revealed that you helped turn Bomberman from a robot into a human being. The human he turns into is none other than the lead character in the NES version of Lode Runner.


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