Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

aka: Guerra nas Estrelas: X-Wing Alliance, XWA
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You are a young member of a trading family trying to make a living by staying neutral, but your business rivals have other ideas. The galaxy is at war, and sooner or later you will have to choose sides...

X-Wing Alliance is the latest in the X-Wing series of Star Wars space in-cockpit combat sim. You start in your family's Corellian transports (multiple models) as you deliver cargo and practice gunnery against pirates, poachers (who steal your cargo), and rivals. Later, you will get to join the Rebel Alliance, fight plenty of battles, and eventually make your way to the battle that will destroy the second Death Star! Adjust power, change weapons, arm lasers and concussion missiles, even jump into a gun turret (for crafts so equipped), adjust power and recharge. There are OVER FIFTY missions for you to make your way through, plus full multiplayer support. You also get a "souvenir" from each mission you complete... Very cute.

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Credits (Windows version)

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Project Leader
Mission Programming
Deathstar Programming
Graphics / Artwork
3D Modelling
3D Animation
Level / Scenario Design
Interface & Network Programming
3D & Special Effects Programming
HUD & Cockpit Programming
Proving Ground & Hangar Programming
Device & Special Effects Programming
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Average score: 87% (based on 29 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 55 ratings with 7 reviews)

Probably The Best Star Wars Game To Date!

The Good
Great graphics, sound effects, and gameplay. Cinematics are not to bad. You get to play the Battle of Endor from the Return of the Jedi! Wide variety of missions and goals. Great battles. Multiplayer is no to bad. Good sense of complexity. Flying all those cool ships from Star Wars is very cool.

The Bad
Some of the beginning missions basicly suck. Some missions drag, drag, and drag. Multiplayer can get a little laggy and all you get to use for "maps" is just plane space. Yawn! You must have a joystick to play.

The Bottom Line
Has some flaws, but great eye candy. If you like Star Wars, this one is for you. Probably the best Star Wars simulator to date!

Overall Rating: 90%

Windows · by MasterAbyss-ESB (11) · 2000

Beautiful Space combat sim!!!!

The Good
Almost everything. The graphics were crisp, and the sound could not get anymore authentic. With a multitude of ships to fly, this game is large and the replay value is enormous. You can fly up close and see every detail of the ship. And if you have 3D acceleration, your heart will skip a beat after seeing it. The gameplay is nearly identical to X-wing and Tie-fighter except that now you get to have the use of a turret.

The Bad
The loading times were slightly long and the game sometimes makes you wait for a ship to dock or a transport to reach it's destination.

The Bottom Line
This game is a masterpiece and should be owned by all.

Windows · by James Kirk (150) · 2003

Alliance beats them all.

The Good
After the not-so-complimentary reviews of the "heralded" X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, I was very leery about the release of X-Wing Alliance. Besides, I didn't have a computer fast enough to run it. :)

But LucasArts then re-released Alliance under their "Classics" titles. And since I have a P3 1gz, I really couldn't pass this one up. So I picked up Alliance and hoped for the best.

The best is what I got.

Right from the get-go, I have to say that graphically, It's astounding, and I honestly can't see the series getting better in that department. Running a P3 1gz machine with an NVIDIA-TNT card, the graphics are smooth and the different effects are amazing. The TIE Fighters look so "realistic" that you begin to wonder if you are watching the movies or playing a game.

The Heads-up Display (HUD) takes a bit getting used to, even though it is implemented flawlessly. For starters, Mission Objectives are displayed on the right side of the screen, so there is no more needless switching between screens. All important inbound communications are displayed on the left side. The cockpit graphics are uncluttered, but if you are used to the setup in Any of the previous sims, it will takes some getting used to. No longer are the Shield, Laser and Engine configuration bars in front, but they are tucked away on the upper left and right hand corners of the screen. Thankfully, the "Radar" circles are still in the same place :)

As for the gameplay, it rocks. You take on the role of "Ace" Azzameen, working for your parents shipping company. The first 7 missions are designed to help you learn how to control your ships, pickup cargo containers and how to locate navigation beacons.

As you play you learn about Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star, and you hear about the Rebellion and the help you need. I won't spoil the actual game for you, but needless to say, you end up joining the Rebellion. I love the way LucasArts incorporated the gameplay with the facts and storyline from the movies. It really gives you a sense of being in the Star Wars Universe.

After joining the rebellion, you're choices of things to do are great. Remember the "Pilot Proving Ground" from the original X-Wing? It's back in Alliance, and it's unbelievable. There are 7 different obstacle courses you can fly through, each one more difficult than the previous. Personally, I enjoy flying the PPG. If you haven't played in a while, It's the perfect way to get your reflexes and timing back into tip-top shape.

Along with the regular missions, you can also play in the Combat Chamber. This allows you to play multiplayer against either the CPU or up to 16 other people over the internet. It's great to throw 1 X-Wing and about 11 TIE fighters in the mix, and see how many you can nail in 10 minutes (my personal best is 22). You can have the battle in deep space, in a junk yard (Like the PPG) or even better, an asteroid field. I always wanted to fly through the asteroid field in a YT-1300 Freighter, and now I have my chance.

Speaking of ships, the number you get to fly is staggering. With the exception of the command ships (Star Destroyers, Calamari Cruisers, etc.) you can fly almost every ship seen on the Big Screen, and all from the previous 3 X-Wing games. In fact you start out by flying a YT-1300 Freighter, similar to the Millennium Falcon (but without all the extras... I know, it's bummer).

The sound is excellent. It really captures the feel of a Star Wars Movie, and the fact the CD Tracks are pulled off the Star Wars Trilogy Boxed set is a bonus. There are musical tracks you won't get on the regular soundtracks and it sounds great.

The control of the game is very intuitive. I use a Wingman Digital 3D Joystick, and I can't believe how well the game handles. Joysticks with a twist rudder capability enable you to fly without holding down the secondary trigger button in order to rotate your craft. This makes for great combat. It takes a bit getting used to, but in the long run it helps your game.

The Bad
Nothing. It's a great game.

The Bottom Line
LucasArts did the right thing. They heard the complaints that users had about X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, made some fantastic changes and enhancements to the system, and produced a fantastic game worth owning. A must have for both space-sim and Star Wars Fans alike.

Windows · by Chris Martin (1158) · 2001

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One of the first "e-mail" you receive in the game is about "Alliance Net". To quote:

Welcome to Allaince.reb, the largest network service in the galaxy. Your account has been processed and is now ready for use. To solve problems, contact: [email protected] To cause problems, contact: [email protected].

H.Voolai Human and Other Resources

This had me chuckling for days. :-)


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