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Super Street Fighter II Turbo

aka: Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service, Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge

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Fighting game ported from the classic and wildly popular "Street Fighter 2" franchise. Choose from a variety of characters and use their fighting skills to beat opponents and become the world champion fighter.

Advantages over the original Street Fighter 2 include faster fighting speed, 4 new characters, new locations, and more balanced/streamlined moves for the original characters.


  • スーパーストリートファイターIIX for Matching Service - Japanese Dreamcast spelling

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Gameplay feature milestone

Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the first Street Fighter game to feature what everyone now knows as "Super" combos: enhanced versions of many of the fighter's moves which deal more damage.Since this game, nearly every Capcom fighter made has featured a "Super" meter of some sort or another.

PC port differences

There are a number of differences between the original arcade version of the game and its pc port, which include: * Missing frames of background animation. * Statues on Bison's level can't be broken * Moves that needed all three punch or kick buttons to be pressed at the same time can now be executed with just the medium and strong buttons. * Bison's body disappears after the Akuma/Bison cutscene (originally he remained on screen while you fought). * The screen was resized (the arcade screen is 384 Wide x 240 High while the PC screen is 320 Wide x 200 High). This does not mean that the graphics were scaled down, they were in fact kept intact, so you end up with a smaller play area, and bigger looking sprites. * Also, the German version of the game has all the blood removed.

Regional differences

In the Japanese version of the game, Balrog's (the boxer) name is M. Bison. However, due to his resemblance to the real boxer Mike Tyson, his name was changed to Balrog in the American version. Also because of this M. Bison (shadaloo leader guy) is supposed to be Vega in Japan, and Vega (the claw and mask Spanish fighter) is called Balrog in Japan.


  • GameFan
    • 1994 (Vol 3, Iss. 1) - Overall Fighting Game of the Year
    • 1994 (Vol 3, Iss. 1) - Best 3DO Fighting Game of the Year* VideoGames
    • March 1995 - Best Arcade-to-Home Translation Game

Information also contributed by Big John WV, Satoshi Kunsai, and Zovni

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