Cutthroat Island

aka: A Ilha da Garganta Cortada
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In this game you play the role of a pirate lady called Morgan who was given a piece of a map by her father before he died. In the game you set out to find more pieces of the map so that you can find the hidden treasure buried on Cutthroat Island. The gameplay involves you scrolling along the screen and sword fighting pirates and other scoundrels one on one with various different attacks. As you progress you unlock more combos. This game is based on the film by the same name.

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  • The Grey Team
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Original Music and Sound FX
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Average score: 46% (based on 20 ratings)


Average score: 2.5 out of 5 (based on 36 ratings with 2 reviews)

Even worse than the movie

The Good
As an adaptation, it follows the plot of the film quite consistently and manages to capture with some success some of the most iconic moments of the film. Although its mechanics are quite basic and somewhat confusing, they work correctly most of the time. We have the option of playing with a friend, which is always appreciated. Unfortunately, it does not modify the number of enemies on the screen or their resistance, so the difficulty is reduced.

The Bad
Graphically poor with uninspired and repetitive scenarios, the sprites of the characters and enemies are also very basic and the animations are somewhat crude. The sound effects are really bad and the music is worse, with an electric, screeching sound that hurts the ears and regrettable composition. The worst aspect of the game is its level design, some are ridiculously basic and others are extremely complex. As we progress, the scenarios become true labyrinths without any clear indication or clue as to what the path is and sometimes with unnatural solutions. It is impossible to find the exit without reading a guide, watching some gameplay or consulting the map, something that we can do in the modern era but that was impossible when the game was released. Furthermore, without the possibility of continuing the game or a password system, it is impossible to learn the correct path to each level.

The Bottom Line
The game manages to capture the essence of the movie on which it is based, which in itself is quite mediocre, and little else. As a video game it is boring and repetitive, with a disastrous level design and the impossibility of continuing them does not allow us to learn to complete them. Another sad attempt to make effortless money by taking a “popular” franchise by Acclaim that ends up giving a horrible result. I can't recommend playing it unless you are a pirate fan, even then there are much better games than this.

Genesis · by (1) · 2024

Despite the appearance of pirates, nothing can save this game.

The Good
The walking animations seem very fluid. Also, the title screen is spelled correctly.

The Bad
The rest of the graphics are bland, the mine cart level is an exercise in total frustration, the music and sound effects are muted and boring, the bosses are cheap, and the platforming aspect is completely terrible; oftentimes you have to get the absolute max you can out of a jump and sometimes that takes SEVERAL tries.

The Bottom Line
About the same quality you can expect from any other Acclaim game, based off a movie that used to be worst box office bomb ever.

SNES · by Admiral Joeslop (66) · 2008


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