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Celebrate 15 years with Mega Man! This compilation edition of the Blue Bomber celebrates Mega Man 1-8, as well as two arcade games that were never before released in America (Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters). Each game in the series follows Mega Man as he and his robot dog Rush (introduced in the third game) battle against Dr. Wily and his robot henchmen. Each game is presented in their entirety, with an optional "Navi Mode" to change the user interface to closer match Mega Man 8. As players complete the games, new unlockables will become available, revealing history and artwork of Mega Man's past adventures.

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Average score: 82% (based on 33 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 39 ratings with 5 reviews)

Mega Man a chance to play you

The Good
When I was little, the only thing I knew about Mega Man was the Anime television show. I was in Pre-School when the show aired, now its canceled and I'm a Teenager now. I hoped that someday I would see it again. I found this in Nintendo Power and used some Birthday money to buy it.

The eight great classics on this disc are just enjoyable to do. I love to see all the boss robots of Dr. Wiley and their many assistants who try to kill you. I also love hearing that music when you select what robot you are after. Capcom thank you.

The Bad
The only thing I don't like in the games is the tricky changing blocks and paths like in the first game when you start going after Gutsman.

The Bottom Line
Anyway I am now loving Megaman again and I love it more than I liked it when I watched the show and many others who liked the show will definately enjoy these classic games!

GameCube · by Andrew Shepard (1388) · 2005

Almost the greatest game I've ever played, and that's saying something!

The Good
The fact that the games gave the player the freedom to actually choose which boss to take on. This also gave the player some time to stop and think about which level to do next.

The Bad
If you didn't fight the bosses in the right order, you basically gave yourself a headache trying to fight him. Also, some of the weapons in the game are virtually useless, in example, the Top Spin in Mega Man 3 didn't do any damage, except to yourself if you tried to use it.

The Bottom Line
A game that really delivers what it promises... a unique Mega Man experience.

GameCube · by John Kinney (4) · 2005

The Best Game Compilation Ever!

The Good
10 Megaman games on one disk with extras!

The Bad
Emulation of an inferior Megaman 8, disappointment in the fact that the much touted "anime" extra was from the TV show that debuted years ago in the U.S., finding out that the Xbox version was coming with more extras.

The Bottom Line
Megaman Anniversary Collection is quite possibly the best game compilation ever. All eight console Megaman games are included plus two arcade ports from Japan. On top of that there's artwork to be seen, remixed music to hear, a producer interview for the Gamecube version, the Megaman "anime" for the PS2, (the "anime" in question is actually an episode from the crappy American cartoon from the U.S.) and both for the Xbox. Capcom released Megaman Anniversay Collection on June 22nd, 2004 for GCN and PS2 and on Xbox on March 15th, 2005. I just couldn't wait...

Here's a synopsis of what you're getting:

Megaman - This is the rock-hard game that started it all back in 1987 on the NES. At the time of its release it was cutting edge.

Megaman 2 - The greatest Megaman game of all time! Even the series creator Keiji Inafune thinks so. MM2 perfected the Megaman formula, gave us two difficulty settings, has some of the best game music EVER, and a killer ending. If you play any Megaman game, play this one.

Megaman 3 - In contention for the title of best Megaman ever. Some fans like their Megaman a little harder and a little longer. This game also introduces the slide move and Rush the robodog.

Megaman 4, 5 and 6 - these are like extensions of Megaman 3 with steadily improving graphics. All good in their own right.

Megaman 7 - Megaman goes 16-bit on the SNES in 1995. One of the great platformers for SNES. This is the game that introduces the character of Bass.

Megaman 8 - Megaman goes 32-bit in one of the last great 2D platformers. This game features anime cut scenes and fantastic visuals. This might actually be my favorite game in the series, but one sore point; the Anniversary Collection emulates the inferior PS version of MM8, I don't understand why the Saturn version wasn't used.

Megaman:The Power Battle + Megaman:Power Fighters - These are coin-ops that were previously found only in Japan. If you beat all 8 bosses in MM3 you unlock Power Battle. If you beat all 8 bosses in MM7 you get Power Fighters. These unlockables are basically fighting-style arcade games. It's nice two have some 2-player games included.

No matter what system you own Anniversary Collection is a great value, especially if you've never played a Megaman game before. But beware, if you're a long-time fan you will be frustrated by the Gamecube's control scheme: The jump and fire buttons are reversed and there's no option available to change it. I don't see how such a simple design flaw could be overlooked, in any case; the PS2 or Xbox version is the way to go if you're stuck on the classic control scheme; the Xbox version being far and away the best due to improved extras... too bad I couldn't wait for it. GCN:B+ PS2:A-

PlayStation 2 · by 3ND3R (9) · 2005

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Version differences

  • The Xbox release of this collection gathers the Anime episode and remixed soundtracks from the PlayStation 2 release and the interview clip from the GameCube release, and puts them into one console version, making the Xbox version of Mega Man Anniversary Collection the most complete of the three console versions.
  • The Anime episode is different between the PS2 and Xbox versions. The PS2 version uses the first episode of the Ruby-Spears produced Mega Man series. The Xbox version uses the first episode of the Mega Man NT Warrior series.


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