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X-Men: Legends

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Shortly after teen Alison Crestmere begins to exhibit her mutant powers, she's hunted through the streets of New York City by anti-mutant troops and The Brotherhood. Rescued by the X-Men, Alison is taken to Professor Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted where she begins her quest to learn control over her lava-based powers.

X-Men: Legends is a role-playing game set in the Marvel Universe. Offering single and multiplayer support, Legends tells the broad story of the war between mutants and humankind and the conflict between the X-Men and The Brotherhood, against the personal story of Alison and the role she plays.

Controlling a party of four X-Men, picked from a roster that grows to 15 mutants, players take on armed guards, evil mutants, and killer Sentinels. Mutant powers grow stronger as the X-Men level up, but so do the challenges: securing an aircraft carrier, preventing a nuclear power plant meltdown and more.


  • X-Men:传奇 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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There is a bug in the Xbox version where the comic book for Colossus is not present. Nabbing the comic would otherwise grant Colossus an additional two points to his Strike and Body.


  • At several points during the game when you are talking with veteran X-men you can get bonus flashback missions where they relate classic X-men tales. An example of one is where Beast tells Magma of the X-mens first encounter with Juggernaut as told in X-men #12. In the flashbacks the X-men have their old costumes and classic look (Beast has no fur, Iceman has a snowman appearance instead of hard ice, Cyclops and Jean have their 60's costumes, etc.).
  • If you go through the bedrooms of the different X-men there are multiple humorous references to their comic past and character. Here are some examples:
    • Wolverine's room has a Canadian flag that has a funny inscription from his former teammates at Alpha Flight.
    • Colossus room has an easel with a painting he was in the middle of making.
    • Storm has a playful personal letter from Forge. She also has gardening books.


The second Raven game not to be released for the PC, the first being Black Crypt.


  • GameSpy
    • 2004 – #7 GameCube Game of the Year

Information also contributed by j.jones

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