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Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero

aka: Hero's Quest I: So You Want To Be A Hero, Quest For Glory: So You Want To Be A Hero
Moby ID: 168

[ Amiga ] [ Atari ST ] [ DOS ] [ PC-98 ]

DOS credits (1989)

19 people with 23 credits.

Director Lori Ann Cole
Writing / Dialogue / Story Lori Ann Cole
Programming Corey Cole, Robert Fischbach, Larry Scott, Jerry Shaw
Animation & Background Scenes Jeff Crowe, Gerald Moore, Kenn Nishiuye, Cindy Walker
Music Mark Seibert
Interpreter / Development System Pablo Ghenis, Stuart Goldstein, Robert Eric Heitman, Jeff Stephenson, Corey Cole
Producer Guruka Singh Khalsa
Quality Assurance Sharon Hoban-Smith, Mike Pickhinke
Executive Producer Ken Williams
Technical Documentation Marti McKenna
Additional Documentation Corey Cole
Cover Artwork by Kenn Nishiuye
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