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Windows credits (2021)

1,521 people (1,511 professional roles, 10 thanks) with 1,582 credits.


In memory of


Published by
  • Bethesda Softworks
Developed by
  • Arkane Lyon

Arkane Lyon

Creative Directors
Executive Producer
Technical Director
Studio Director

Production Team

Tech Producers
Campaign Producer
Audio Producer
Art Producer
Gameplay and UI Producer
Animation and Characters Producer
QA and Build Managt. Producer
Marketing Producer
Narrative Producer

Design Team

Game Director

Game Design

Lead Game Systems Designer
Game Systems Designers
Game Systems Designer Intern

Narrative Design

Lead Narrative Designers
Narrative Designers
Narrative Scripter

Level Design

Lead Level Designers
Campaign Designers
Level Designers
Lead Technical Level Designer
Technical Level Designer
Additional Level Design

User Interface

Lead UI Designer
UI Programmers
Additional UI Programmer
Additional UI Support

Art Team

Art Director
Level Art Director
Assistant Art Directors

Concept Art

Lead Concept Artist
Concept Artists
Concept Art Intern

Level Art

Lead Level Artist
Level Artists
Lighting Artist

Environment Art

Lead Environment Artist
Environment Artists
Environment Art Intern

Character Art

Lead Character Artist
Principal Character Artist
Character Artists


Animation Director

Visual Effects Art

Lead VFX Artist
VFX Artists


Audio Director
Senior Sound Designers
Sound Designer
Sound and Haptic Designer

Tech Team

Technical Director
Technical Co-Director
Software Architect

Technical Character Art

Technical Character Artists
Skinning Artist

Technical Art

Lead Technical Artist
Technical Artists

Gameplay Programming: Team A

Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Gameplay Programmer Intern

Gameplay Programming: Team B

Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Gameplay Programmer Intern

Engine Programming: Team A

Lead Engine Programmer
Engine Programmers

Engine Programming: Team B

Lead Engine Programmer
Engine Programmers
Engine Programmer Intern

Graphics Programming

Lead Graphics Programmer
Graphics Programmers

Tools Programming

Lead Tools Programmer
Tools Programmers

Build and Release Management

Lead Build & Release Manager
Build & Release Managers

Dev Support Services: Quality Assurance

QA Manager
Lead Dev Tester
Dev Tester and QA Analyst
Dev Testers
Dev Tester Intern


IT Manager
IT Infrastructure Manager
Network and Systems Administrator
IT Technician

HR & Administration

Senior HR Manager
Staff Admin. and Payroll Manager
HR Coordinators
Office Manager
Admin. & Accounting Assistant

Machine Games: Support Team

Senior Producer
Lead Level Designer
Level Designer
Cinematic Scripter
Lead Environment Artist
Senior Environment Artist
Environment Artist
Lead Prop Artist
Senior 3D Artists
3D Artists
Lighting Artist
Animation Director
Lead Event Animator
Senior Programmer
IT Manager
IT Technicians

Original Music

Original Score
Production and Mix
Composer Representation
Additional Arranging
Additional Vibraphone & Keyboards
Additional Guitars
Additional Saxophone

Diegetic Music

Diegetic Music by

Frank Spicer's Songs

All songs written and performed by
Lyrics by
Featuring lead vocals by
Background Vocals
Recorded and Mixed by

"Last Dance" Song

Performed by
Music and Lyrics by

Voice Cast

Colt Vahn
Julianna Blake
Fia Zborowska
Dr. Wenjie Evans
Aleksis Dorsey
Egor Serling
Charlie Montague
Harriet Morse
Ramblin' Frank Spicer
General Novak
Pick Rexly
Lila Blake
Eloise Sullohern
Katrina Pishtchek
Lieutenant Jahn
Amador Jack
General Berezin
Gideon Fry

Arkane Lyon: Voice Production

Lead Voice Director
Voice Director

Casting and Voice Production by Blindlight

Head of Studio
Executive VO Producer
Creative VO Director / VO Producer
Production Manager
Production Coordinator
Casting Directors
Casting Assistant
Voice Director
Session Coordinators
Sound Engineers
Production Interns
  • Igloo Studios
  • Dave & Dave Recording Studios
Supervising Dialogue Editor
Dialogue Editors
Dialogue QA

Additional Support

External Writers
Sensitivity Readers
Character Art
Environment Art
  • ADAL Graphics
Motion Videos and Visuals
  • MK12
Video Editing
  • Take Off
User Interface Art Support
Motion Capture
  • Machine Games
  • Big Company
Facial Animation
  • Cubic Motion
Design Consultants
  • Aggro Consulting
  • Aim Assist
User Research
  • Magid
Additional Programming
Additional Testing
  • Keywords
Sony: Support
AMD: Support
NVIDIA: Support
Intel: Support
Microsoft: Support
PlayFab: Support
Havok: Support
Umbra: Support
Audiokinetic: Support
InstaLOD: Support
FaceFX: Support

ZeniMax: Media

CEO & President

Bethesda Softworks: Production

Senior VP, Product Development
Senior Director, Development
Production Director
Senior Producer
Senior Release Manager
Release Manager
Business Development Manager
Additional Production

Bethesda Softworks: Marketing & Communications

Senior VP, Global Marketing & Communications
VP, Global Marketing & Communications
Marketing Assistant
Senior Director, PR
Senior PR & Streaming Manager
PR Manager
Senior Director, PR/Marketing Content
Senior PR/Marketing Content Manager
PR/Marketing Content Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Director, Brand Marketing
Senior Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Additional Brand Management
Senior Events Lead
Events Manager
Associate Events Manager
Events Specialist
Senior Community Leads
Community Manager
Associate Community Manager
Associate Social Media Manager
Additional Community Management
Director, Research
Research Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Director, Paid Media / Advertising
Media Planner
Director, Customer Relationship Management
Associate Director, Customer Loyalty
Customer Engagement Manager
Director, Video Content
Video Producers
Associate Video Producer
Senior Marketing Art Director
Senior Marketing Analyst
Marketing Artist

Bethesda Softworks: Sales

Senior VP, Global Sales
Senior Director, NA Sales & Global Operations
Senior Director, Studio Sales
Senior Manager, Publishing
Director, Publishing Operations
Regional Sales Managers
Sales Assistant
Senior Director, Global Digital Sales & Licensing
Assistant Manager, Licensing
Licensing Coordinator
Senior Manager, Sales Planning & Analysis
Sales Analysts
Senior Sales Assistant
Manager, Financial Analysis
Financial Analyst
Senior Manager, Digital Sales
Senior Account Manager, Digital Sales
Account Manager, Digital Sales
Digital Account Manager
Digital Sales Assistant
Channel Marketing Manager
Channel Marketing Associate

Bethesda Softworks: Online Gaming

VP, Online Gaming
Business Director of Deathloop
Business Directors
Business Managers

Bethesda: User Research

User Research Manager
User Researchers
Associate User Researcher
User Research Coordinator

ZeniMax: QA

Director, Quality Assurance
QA Supervisors
QA Lead
Senior QA Testers
QA Testers
Contract QA Testers
Additional QA

ZeniMax: Customer Service

Customer Service Director
Customer Service Leadership
Customer Service Management
Customer Service Staff

VP, Digital Platforms
Senior Director, Engineering
Senior Director, Production & Operations
Director, Product
Director, Business Operations
Director, Production
Director, Security & Compliance
Director, Engineering
Senior Product Owners
Lead Producer
Senior Producers
Lead Designer, UI/UX
Senior Designers, UI/UX
Engineering Managers
Technical Writers
Engineers, Hosting & Operations
Senior Security Manager
Engineers, Security
Senior Partner Engagement Managers
Partner Engagement Manager
Senior Live Producer
Live Producers
Lead Producer, Live Operations
Senior Manager, Live Operations
Service Owners
Lead Release Coordinator
Release Coordinator
Security Operations Lead
Security Operations Analysts
Lead Live Operations Engineer
Live Operations Engineers
NOC Manager
NOC Leads
Senior NOC System Administrators
NOC System Administrators

ZeniMax: Business Systems & Intelligence

Lead Data Architect
Senior Manager, HCM & Revenue Systems
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Finance
VP, Business Systems
Senior Data Engineers
Associate Data Scientist
Senior Producer
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Gameplay
Lead Business Intelligence Analysts
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Applications Support Analyst
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Visualization
Senior Business Intelligence Analysts
Manager, Analytics & Business Intelligence
Data Engineers
Business Intelligence Analysts
Data Architect
Project Manager
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence
Senior Manager, Business Systems & Analytics
Data Scientists
Manager, Data Science
Associate Director, Data Engineering
Applications Support Analyst
Senior Technical Manager, ERP Systems
Financial Statistician

ZeniMax: Finance

Executive VP & CFO
Senior VP, Finance & Controller
VP, Tax
AVP, Finance & Assistant Treasurer
AVP, Financial Planning & Analysis
Director, Finance
Director, AR Operations
Director, Revenue
Senior Finance Manager for Deathloop
Senior Manager, International Accounting
Sr. Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Senior Financial Analyst
Financial Analysts
Channel Revenue Manager
Senior Manager, Finance & International Acct.
Senior Finance & Business Analyst
Manager, Finance
Senior Accountant, Financial Reporting
Senior Accountants, General Ledger
Senior Accountant, International
Senior Accountant, Inventory
Senior Accountants, Revenue
Senior Accountant, Tax
Tax Manager
Assistant Controller
Revenue Operations Manager
Corporate Card & Expense Report Specialist
Senior Royalty Accountant
Accounts Payable Team Leads
Accounts Payable Specialists
Accounts Payable Assistant
Senior Accounts Receivable Manager
Accounts Receivable Specialists
Supervisor, Purchasing & Payments
Senior Manager, Purchasing & Payments
Purchasing Specialists

ZeniMax: HR

Senior VP, Global Human Resources
Associate VP, Global Human Resources
Director, Global Benefits & Compliance
Director, Global HR Operations
Associate Director, Global Comp & Projets
Associate Director, Immigration & Risk
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
Manager, Emplyoment Compliance
Global Payroll Manager
Payroll Coordinator
Payroll Specialist
Talent Acquisition Operations & Programs Manager
HR Specialist, Immigration & Graphic Design
HR Specialist
HRIS Administrator
Travel Administrator

ZeniMax: Legal

Executive VP, General Counsel & Secretary
VP, Global Legal Affairs
Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary
Deahtloop Legal Lead & Associate General Counsel
Associate General Counsel
Contracts Managers

ZeniMax: IT

Senior VP, Global IT
Senior Director, IT
Director, Global Infrastructure & Operations
Regional Director, IT
Director, Information Security
Senior Security Analyst
Enterprise Security Manager
Associate Security Engineer
Director, Global IT Support
IT Support Leads
IT Support Engineer
Senior IT Support Specialist
IT Support Specialists
IT Support Associate
Senior Systems Architect
Senior Systems Engineer
Senior Systems Administrator
Partner Engagement Coordinator
Linux Administrator
Senior Infrastructure Operations Administrator
Perforce Helix Core Administrator
IT Manager
IT Project Manager
Data Backup & Recovery Engineer
Infrastructure Administrator
Infrastructure Operations Administrator
Governance, Risk, & Compliance Manager
Incident Response Manager
Web Application Developer
Linux System Administrator
Asset Management Specialist
Administrative Assistant - IT
IT Media & Production Manager
Governance, Risk, & Compliance Engineer
Application Development Manager
Senior Solutions Architect
Associate Director, Global Infrastructure, network Reliability
Senior Network Administrator
Network Reliability Engineers
Network Reliability Administrator
Associate Director, Global Infrastructure, System Services
Microsoft Systems Administrator
Web Developer
Technical Operations Specialist

ZeniMax: Administrative

Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistants

ZeniMax: Facilities

President, Vir2L Studios
Senior Corporate Facilities Manager
Operations Manager
Emergency Preparedness & Workplace Solutions
Emergency Management Planner
Facilities Manager
Facilities Team
Cleaning Supervisor
Senior Day Porter
Cleaning Team
Executive Chefs
Dining Room Manager
Sous Chef
Chef Assistants

ZeniMax: Europe

Senior Brand Managers
Channel Marketing & Digital Account Manager
European General Counsel
Head of Paid Media
Managing Director
Head of European Communications
Deputy Managing Director
Finance & Revenue Analyst
Deputy Finance Director
IT Support Manager
AP Supervisor
Senior Global Licensing Manager
Principal Engine Programmer
Head of Studio Sales
Finance Director
Senior Applications Support Analysts
Senior PR Manager
HR Director
Senior Creative Services Manager
Senior Manager, Finance Planning & Analytics
HR Generalist
Operations Manager
IT Support Specialist
Finance Assistant
Assistant Legal Counsel
Associate Brand Managers
Business Analysts
German Localization Lead
European Financial Accountant
Operations Director
Senior Community Manager
Senior Manager, Business Systems & Analytics
Senior Paralegal
Creative Services Assistant
Financial Accountant
Commercial Director
Financial Controller
Localization Project Manager
Senior Tax Accountant
Digital Reporting Revenue Manager
Head of Brand
Budget Planning & Analysis Manager
Senior IT Support Specialist
Marketing & Communications Director
Digital Revenue Accountant
Office Manager
Senior Finance Manager
Global Localization Director
PR & Events Manager
PR Manager
Business Intelligence Analyst
Localization Specialist, German
Community Manager

ZeniMax: UK

Managing Director
Marketing Director
Senior Marketing Managers
Senior Community Manager
Community Managers
Commercial Director
Commercial Support

ZeniMax: NES

Managing Director
Commercial Director
Senior Marketing Managers
Communications Manager

ZeniMax: Australia

Office Manager, Sales & Marketing Assistant
Managing Director, Australia, NZ, & Japan
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Community Manager
Commercial Director, ANZ & Japan
Finance Director
Communications Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing & Communications Director
Senior Community Manager
PR Manager
Channel Manager (Contractor)

ZeniMax: Germany

Managing Director
Marketing & Communications Director
Senior Marketing Manager
Senior Product Marketing Managers
Senior PR Manager
Communications Manager
Senior Community Managers
Community Manager
Commercial Director
Commercial Assistant
Digital Partnership Manager
Finance Director
Senior Accountant
IT Generalist
Office Administrator

ZeniMax: France

Managing Director, France
Community Manager
Digital Partnership Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Associate Community Manager
Finance Director
Commercial Manager
Communications Manager
Senior Community Manager
Marketing & Communications Director
AR & AP Manager

ZeniMax: Russia

Managing Director
Online Gaming Director
Senior Marketing & PR Manager
Lead Community Manager
Community Managers
Senior Finance Manager
Junior Product Marketing Manager
Localization Lead

ZeniMax: Benelux

Managing Director, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Commercial Director, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Commercial Support, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Product Marketing Manager, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Senior Marketing Manager, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Communications Manager, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Community Manager, Benelux & Emerging Markets
Int'l Marketing Manager, Benelux & Emerging Markets (Contractor)
Head of Localization Production
Localization Project Managers

ZeniMax: Asia KK

Senior Manager, Publishing
Localization Producer
Product Manager
HR Manager
Assistant Producer
Communications Manager
Communications Specialist
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
IT Support
Office Manager
Senior Financial Accountant
PC & Network Support Specialist

ZeniMax: Hong Kong

General Manager
Senior Manager, Asia Publishing
Senior Manager, Distribution

ZeniMax: Special Thanks

ZeniMax Chairman & CEO
ZeniMax Senior VP, Strategic Planning
ZeniMax Administrative Assistant
Events Specialist
Bethesda Softworks Business Director
ZeniMax Senior QA Testers
ZeniMax QA Tester
ZeniMax Customer Service Agent Engineering Managers Engineer, Hosting & Operations
ZeniMax Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Data Governance
ZeniMax Data Engineer
ZeniMax Associate Data Engineer
ZeniMax Finance Manager
ZeniMax IT Senior Director, Global Infrastructure
ZeniMax Europe Senior Digital Account Manager
ZeniMax Europe Revenue & Sales Analyst
ZeniMax Europe Brand Manager
ZeniMax France Marketing Assistant
Product Marketing Manager, Benelux & Emerging Markets
ZeniMax Asia KK Facilities Manager
ZeniMax Hong Kong Senior Manager, Asia Publishing

Localized Versions by Keywords Studios

Localization Producer
Localization Manager & Language Coordinators
Language Coordinators
French Translators
  • Keywords Studios Paris
Italian Translators
German Translators
Spanish Translators
Mexican Translator
Brazilian Translators
Russian Translators
Polish Translators
  • QLOC S.A.
Chinese Translators
Japanese Translator
  • Keywords Studios Tokyo
Korean Translators
  • Keywords Studios Singapore
Arabic Translators
  • Arlation LLC

International Audio Management

Multilanguage Audio Manager
Quality Assurance Lead
Multilanguage Asset Manager
Multilanguage Audio Project Lead
Quality Assurance Coordinator

French Audio by Keywords Studios France

Studio Crew

Italian Audio by Keywords Studios Italy

Studio Crew

German Audio by Synthesis Deutschland GmbH

Studio Crew

Spanish Audio by Keywords Studios Spain

Studio Crew

Russian Audio by The Most Games, VOX Records, Volga Sound

Studio Crew

Mexican Audio by Keywords Studios Mexico

Studio Crew

Brazilian Audio by Keywords do Brasil

Audio Crew

Polish audio recorded by QLOC S.A.


Japanese Audio by Keywords Studios Tokyo


Localization QA by Keywords Studio Italy

Localization QA Manager & Project Manager
Lead Testers

Asian and Additional Localization QA by Keywords Studios Dublin

LQA Manager
Project Manager
Lead Testers

Additional Localization QA by Keywords Studios Tokyo

LQA Manager
Project Manager
Lead Tester

Japanese Localization QA

Japanese Localization QA by
  • Entalize Co. Ltd.

Arkane: Special Thanks

Special Thanks
  • Todd Martin (Hasnotalent)
  • Altz
  • Lalaith
  • Lali
  • Mango
  • Pepsi Husky
  • Veldin
  • Auguste Di Giacomo
  • ... And the Arkane Fan Community !


Arkane Production Babies
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Uses Oodle
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Uses Iggy
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Portions of this program
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Uses Umbra 3 Visibility Solution
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