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Bruce Lee

aka: Lee
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The late martial arts hero features in this platform game, with the aim of reaching a wizard in an underground lair, defeat of whom can offer him untold wealth.

In each area you must collect the many strategically-placed lanterns before exiting through the newly-revealed passageway. Some rooms also have escalator-type sections to run along, and the standard (although slightly illogical in this context) ladders. There are 20 areas to be completed.

On the way, you'll fight two enemies - a ninja and a green sumo warrior named Yamo. You can defeat them by punching, kicking, dropping on their heads or luring them into hazardous terrain, or even by making them accidentally hit each other. Even after they are killed, however, they keep coming back for more after a few seconds. The game also allows a second player to take control of Yamo.

There are lots of hazards to avoid by either walking round or jumping - walls of electrical charge and exploding bushes for example.


  • ブルース・リー - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 83% (based on 20 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 121 ratings with 5 reviews)

A Martial Arts Multi-screen Platformer.

The Good
As with many of the games of it's time there was a thrill just clearing one screen to move to the next. If you were in the mood just to do some karate you could wait for the bad guys to re-spawn and keep beating them up. The platform action was top notch. And there was just the right amount of puzzle to figure out. The controls are simple and tight and perfect for the old one button joysticks.

The Bad
After finally figuring out how to get to the boss and then figuring out how to beat him, the game just rolls back around to the first screen all over again. It doesn't get much harder just more enemies come at you. There was not much incentive to work your way back up to the boss again.

The Bottom Line
Take a karate game where you get to punch and kick your way past your enemies and set it on a platform. Time your progress to avoid things when you need precise jumps. Throw in some logic puzzles where things need done in a certain order. And there you have Bruce Lee. Want some two player fun? The second joystick controls the bad guy which makes for a very challenging game. Make sure you get all the lanterns and try touching anything that looks out of place. Practice your flying kicks grasshopper, they will serve you well.

Atari 8-bit · by gametrader (208) · 2006

A challenge for platform die-hards.

The Good
Bruce Lee is a decent platform game with a lot of action thrown in. Reflexes are needed to pass certain sections, as is a lot of timing to jump past obstacles. You're pursued by two enemies, who unrelentlessly come after you, snapping at your heels.

It's very fun for anyone who likes platform games.

The Bad
There is no "easy" mode to help novice gamers get used to the game. Also, fighting the enemies is relatively easy and just gets irritating after a while. Finally, Bruce Lee only runs at the correct speed on a 4.77MHz PC.

Well, one more gripe, actually--you're Bruce Lee, yet you only have two moves, punching and a flying kick. A little disappointing from a master of martial arts.

The Bottom Line
If you love platform games that require good reflexes and timing, Bruce Lee fits the bill. I mean, come on--you're Bruce Lee!

PC Booter · by Trixter (8962) · 2000

Not so good on PC as it was on 8-bits

The Good
It's still solid fighting arcade game for the time, especially on PC (where good action games were scarce). Interconnected screens, pick up lanterns, there's action and challenge and you're happy when on your new run you reached one more screen further compared to your previous run.

The Bad
I didn't like gfx. It was not state-of-the-art even on other platforms, but PC was really ugly. Taking into account that Tandy was already available, using just smeary CGA-composite mode put the game to lower gfx quality compared to 8-bit platforms. Other options (CGA RGB, or monochrome) were even more ugly.

Edit: I found in the end, that it's possible to setup 16-color gfx by setting machine as PCjr in DOSBox/DOSBox-x, so plus point for Bruce Lee.

Sound was also PC beeper only.

Controller was really hard to setup. Bruce lot of times made different action than I desired, and I was not able to calibrate it (but maybe my argument is not valid as maybe it's controller dependent). Or in opposite, different attempts to calibrate joystick made sometime controller being insensitive in some directions. In the end, controls were always a bit clunky even after lot of attempts.

The Bottom Line
Not a bad game, but can't give it higher review score as I knew this game from 8-bit computers where it was way better in every aspect (gfx, sound, controls). PC port is IMO weak (to see what does mean good PC port of those times, check e.g. Pitfall II which I reviewed as well).

PC Booter · by Vladimir Dienes · 2023

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  • Commodore Format
    • January 1991 (Issue 4) - Listed in the 'A to Z of Classic Games' article (Great)
  • Retro Gamer
    • issue 37 – #18 in the "Top 25 Platformers of All Time" poll
  • Zzap!
    • May 1985 (Issue 1) - #15 'It's the Zzap! 64 Top 64!'


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