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DOS credits (1993)

68 people with 77 credits.

For Bullfrog

Game Design Bullfrog Productions Ltd.
Producer Peter Molyneux
Management Les Edgar
Assistant Producer Sean Cooper
Programmer Sean Cooper
Computer Intelligence Phillip Jones
Graphics Chris Hill, Paul McLaughlin
Level Design Alex Trowers, Mark Lamport, James Robertson, Glenn Corpes
Sound Russell Shaw
Music Russell Shaw
Technical Support Kevin Donkin
Intro Sequence Paul Walker, Richard Underhill, Paul McLaughlin, Chris Hill, Russell Shaw, Andrew Sandham, Kevin Donkin
Additional Support Kathy McEntee, Sue Mumford, Paul Clarke, Findlay McGechie, Andrew Sandham
Playtesters Tyrone Bernal-Soria, Paul Cotterill, James Duffy, Gary Dunne, Michael Dyer, Keith Ferris, Sam Godber, Lorraine Godfrey, Kelly Harding, Demis Hassabis, James Herbert, Paul Hill-Gibbins, Mark Lamport, Philip Lever, Paul Lockley, Andrew MacKenzie, Chris Michaux, Chris Munro, Benedict O'Reilly, Tristan Paramor, Andrew Peach, Daniel Peacock, David Rhead, James Robertson, Andrew Robins, Michael Stenhouse, Gordon Walton, Christian Wilson, Daniel Wilson

For Electronic Arts

Producer Kevin Buckner
Executive Producer Joss Ellis
Assistant Producer Matthew Webster
Product Manager Ann Williams
Translations Manager Carol Aggett
Translations by French - Art of Words, Italian - C.T.O.
German Translation Rolf D. Busch
Documentation Neil Cook, Andrea Smith
Documentation Design Colin Dodson, Emily Favors
Product Testing Nick Goldsworthy, David Bowry, Graham Harbour
UK Quality Assurance Peter Murphy, Alex Camilleri, Jörg Rohrer (Alliance)
US Quality Assurance Ted Fitzgerald, Paul Armatta, Kurt Hsu
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Credits contributed by Sciere, xroox, formercontrib, Gordon Walton.