Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

aka: CoH:OF, Kompania Braci: Na Linii Frontu
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Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone expansion for Company of Heroes. It introduces two new factions: the British 2nd Army and the German Panzer Elite, each with its own command tree. The British have Royal Canadian Artillery, Royal Commandos and Royal Scottish Engineers while the German Panzer Elite focuses on vehicles and speed with halftracks and Panzergrenadiers. They can also salvage destroyed axis vehicles with the Bergetiger. Panzer Elite has access to 3 doctrines: Scorched earth, Luftwaffe and Tank Hunters.

There are two new campaigns, based on the battle for Caen, France and Operation Market Garden. The game also features improved AI and a dynamic weather system. For the multiplayer games, owners of the original game can pick any of the 4 sides. Players who only bought the expansion can only choose the 2 new sides, similar to how the Dark Crusade expansion functioned.


  • 英雄連隊:火線對決 (資料片) - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Average score: 85% (based on 33 ratings)


Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings with 1 reviews)

Company of Heroes x 10!!

The Good
This game is a vast improvement on the first game, and that is saying alot! as the first game was also brilliant.

A lot of good research has been done on equipment and units and the game play is faster and very good. The fact that their are two campaigns, German and British is excellent.

I way preferred the Panzer Elite troops due to the mobility and for their sneakiness. There is nothing better than setting up a demolition charge in a strategic building and watching a British unit entering into it and getting blown away... really sneaky.. Or quickly capturing a British ammo or fuel point, and before having to retreat, blowing it up so the britz can't claim resources.

Its also amusing when you get a Tiger 2 tank in one of the missions and you hear very colourful language from the British Paratroopers before they realise that their 37mm ATG and .303 rifles are useless against your 88mm gun and two 7.92mm machine guns... and they surrender ha ha ha!

Playing the British also has its perks, the creeping artillery fire sends all the Germans running for the hills allowing you to move into the scorched areas, and you get to hear a few German curses. Sneaky ATG (Anti Tank Gun) emplacements also tend to stunt the german armor push, leaving the Germans sending sappers to retrieve the metal so they can build more tanks.

The Bad
When selecting units like in most of these games it puts circles around them, spoiling the graphic effect unless you deselect them.

This is not a problem .as it is part of the game play in all these type of games, but if you are gorking over a stunning model of a Tiger 2 tank chasing the Brits out of buildings They are defending, a blue circle around the tanks can spoil the effect

I found the securing of resources a bit more tedious and confusing in this expansion just because securing zones for extra resources often meant having to build a pathetic little recon vehicle for the Germans with a lock down only having a soldier with a mg42 mounted. A few well aims shots from the enemy and the locked down vehicle is destroyed. The vehicles also take up population cap. The Brits have it worse they have to transport huge bedfords truck to secure resources by locking down and forming a temp base. and I am not sure to what radius they actually do secure resources.

But generally there is nothing that I truly don't like and it is one of, if not the best game of this type I have ever played and I hope to see future games of this Genre with maybe some Russians in it

The Bottom Line
If you like this type of game, strategy real time, then you have to get this game, no question about that!!

These guys spent a lot of time in ensuring accuracy, in weapons, fighting techniques making the game extremely enjoyable and re playable.

Windows · by Thekwane Black (30) · 2009


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Online servers

The game's online servers which were hosted on Quazal's infrastructure were to shut down in December 2013. They were since moved to Steamworks, in a separate build called the New Steam Version which was granted for free to all previous and future owners of the game.

Retail versions of the game can be redeemed on Steam by entering the serial key.


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