Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

aka: Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
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Windows credits (2008)

747 people (733 professional roles, 14 thanks) with 763 credits.

Development Team

Senior Producer
Associate Producers
Lead Programmers
Technical Architect
Level Design Directors
Art Directors
Production Managers
Art Technical Directors
Lead Game Designers
Audio Designers
Animation Artistic Directors
Animation Technical Director
Project Closer
Game Designer
Additional Game Design
Story Designers
Sound Integrators
Programming Team / Lead 3D Programmer
3D Programmers
Lead AI Programmer
AI Programmers
Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Lead PC Platform
Engine Programmers
Network Programmers
Additional Programming
Level Designers
Level Scripters
Assistant Art Director
Level Art Team Leads
Level Artists
Additional Level Art
Modeling/Breakable Artist
Tactical Map Artist
Character Modelers
Additional Character Modelers
Shader Artists
Additional Shader Artist
Fly-By Artist
Concept Artists
Menu & Interface
Additional Menu & Interface
Lighting Artists
Additional Lighting Artists
Sfx Artist
Assistant Animation Technical Director
Mocap Technician
International Brand Manager
International Product Manager
Community Developer
HR Counselor - Project
Project Security Analyst

Quality Assurance

QA Programmer
Data Manager
Tool Testers

Quality Control

Quality Control Worldwide Manager
Quality Control Montreal Studio Manager
Quality Control Project Manager
Lead Testers
Montreal Lead Assistants
Montreal Dev-Testers
Montreal Testers
Montreal Lead Compliance Specialists
Montreal Compliance Specialists
Montreal PC Hardware Compatibility Team
Quality Control Bucharest Studio Manager
Bucharest QC Coordinator
Bucharest Lead Testers
Bucharest Lead Assistants
Bucharest Testers
Bucharest Lead Compliance Specialist
Bucharest Compliance Specialists
Bucharest Backup Team
Bucharest Data Manager
Bucharest Hardware Manager
Bucharest Hardware Specialist

Mocap Studio

Mocap Studio Director
Mocap Supervisor
Mocap Technicians
Mocap Trackers
Mocap Actors

Cinematic Team

Studio Director
Associate Producer
Production Manager
Cinematic Director
Texture Artist
Lighting Artists
Lead Compositing

Audio/Video Studio

Audio/Video Director
Sound Coordinator
Sound Engineers
Sound Editors
Foley Artists
Music Composed and Produced by
Additional Music & Programming
Production Coordinator
Mix Engineering
Assistant Mix Engineering
Music Mixed At
  • Ameraycan Studio North Hollywood CA
Arrangement & Programming
Music Recorded and Mixed At
  • The Assembly Room North Hollywood
English Voices Recorded in Montreal At
English Voices Recorded in Toronto At
English Voices Recorded in L.A. At
  • Soundelux DMG
Voice Director
Voice Editors

Voice Talents

Dennis Cohen & Alvarez Cabrero
Miguel Cabrero
Michael Walter
Kan Akahashi
Jung Park
Male Bishop
Female Bishop & Joanna
Gabriel Nowak
Aaron Lawrence and Hostage Negotiator
Logan & Multiplayer Mode Narrator
Sharon Judd
Gary Kenyon
Scott Neville
Additional Cast


Localization Worldwide Director
Montreal Localization Manager
Localization Project Manager
Lead Integrator
French Version By
  • Dune Sound Studios
Translation (French)
Voice Direction (French)
Post Production (French)
Audio QA
Voice Talents (French)
Spanish Version By
  • Agua MassMedia
Production Manager (Spanish)
Translation (Spanish)
  • Equipo Agua MassMedia
Voice Direction (Spanish)
Voice Talents (Spanish)
Italian Version By
  • Synthesis International Srl
Production Manager (Italian)
Translation and Adaptation (Italian)
Voices Recorded At
  • Synthesis International Srl
Voice Direction (Italian)
Studio Engineers (Italian)
Voice Talents (Italian)
German Version Recorded At
  • Musik & Tonproduktion Krauthausen Köln
Studio Engineers (German)
Post Production (German)
Translation (German)
Voice Direction (German)
Voice Talents (German)
Special Thanks
Linguistic Tests
  • Babel Media

Ubisoft Montreal

Chief Executive Officer - Ubisoft Montreal
Executive Vice-President Management
Executive Vice-President Operations
Executive Vice-President Corporate Affairs
Human Resources Vice-President
Director Production Crafts
Director Security Group
Director Finance
External Communications & Public Relations Director
Legal Department

Online Technologies Group

Project Managers
Technical Leads
DBA Technical Lead
DBA Team
Webstudio Team Manager
Webstudio Team Integrators
Webstudio Team Graphists
System Architect
QA Team Manager
QA Team Leader
QA Testers
Data Manager

Technology Group

Technology Group Director
Technology Group Lead Programmer
Technology Group Product Manager
Project Coordinator
Dare Team/Team Lead
Dare Programmers
Framework Team/Team Lead
Framework Programmers
Oasis Team/Team Lead
Oasis Programmers
Audio Director
Magma Team/Team Lead
Magma Programmers
Flying Architects Team
QA Team
Technical Writer

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Sales Director
Digital Advertising Specialist
Playtest Lab/Playtest Lab Director
Playtest Coordinators

Playtest Lab

Coordination Assistant

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment

President And CEO
Executive Director, Worldwide Studios
Chief Creative Officer
Worldwide Content Director
Conception Content Director
Production Content Director
Game Content Managers
Scenario Director
Gameplay Engineering & Entertainment Analysis Director
Worldwide Live Development Director
Process And Methods Director
Worldwide Production Coordinator Director
Senior Production Coordination Managers
Production Coordination Managers
Emea 1st Party Managers
Emea 1st Party Coordinators
Fireteam Manager
Studio Operations Director
Games Lab Manager
Game Analysts
Chief Marketing Officer
International Brand Strategy Director
International Brand Group Manager
Worlwide Licensing Director
Worlwide Licensing Manager
Worlwide Licensing Marketing Manager
Communication Artist Director
Communication Artists
Ubisoft North America President
Senior Vice-Precident, Publishing
Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Director Of Marketing
Group Brand Manager
Senior Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Production Manager
Production Coordinators
Director, Public Relations
Senior Public Relations Manager
Director, Digital Marketing
Manager, Online Marketing
North America Marketing & Sales
Emea Managing Director
Emea COO
Emea Marketing Director
Emea Product Group Manager
Emea Brand Manager
Emea PR Manager
Eme Brand Manager Assistant
Emea Digital Manager
Emea Territory Brand Managers
Emea Marketing & Sales
Special Thanks
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