Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick

aka: Duckman: Ente süß-sauer, Duckman: The Legend of the Fall
Moby ID: 3506

Windows credits (1997)

79 people (58 professional roles, 21 thanks) with 92 credits.

The Illusions Gaming Company

Design Team Darren Bartlett, Fred Schiller, Matthew Seymour
Close Team James Coliz, Darren Bartlett, Bill Fowler, Chuck Woo, Mitch Bechtel
Tools Programming Maria Leveriza
Backgrounds Yoriko Ito, Christopher Gray, Dean McCreary
Animation Emile Duronslet, Aaron Grbich, Andrea Creber, Drew Davenport, Jim Eral, Eli Remus, Russell Lingo, Jolene Mate, Sean Eckols
Production Assistant Brad Bolton
Additional Efforts David Sanders, Paul Bunten
Special Thanks David A. Luehmann, Scott Herrington, Edie Morley, Liz Stephanie & Hannah, Sheila Mendoza, Yukari Yamano, Mom Woo Dad Woo Buds, Sammy the Cat, Tony the Cat
Original Concept Everett Peck
Voice Talent Michael Gough, Tim Curry, Gregg A. Berger, Dweezil Zappa, Nancy Travis, Pat Musick, Elizabeth Daily, Lani Minella, Rick Calvert, Steve Brodie, Howard Margulies, Gene Grillo, Tommy Tallarico, Darren Bartlett
Voice Direction Howard Margulies, Gene Grillo
Voice Engineering Cheshire Studios
Music & Sound FX Tommy Tallarico Studios
Music Composition Tommy Tallarico, Todd Dennis, John Lawrence, Bill Hendrickson
Sound Design Joey Kuras
MIDI Conversion Power of Two Music

Playmates Interactive Ent.

VP Business Affairs Gary Rosenfeld
Producer Carlos Rodriguez
Associate Producer Andrew Brown
Lead Tester Jose Zatarain
Sales and Marketting David Localio
Marketting Manager Mark J. Polcyn
Customer Support Lee Jones
Special Thanks Thomas Chan, Richard Sallis, Mark Lee, Ed Chanda, Sue Lucchino, Dave Hoffman, Chris Archer, Leland Mah, Ann Gabrielson, Stefanie Mateus, Rogers & Cowan, Moore & Price Design

Duckman TM

Creative Director Darren Bartlett
Technical Director James Coliz
Lead Programmer Bill Fowler
Programmer Chuck Woo, Mitch Bechtel
Producer Matthew Seymour
Writer Fred Schiller
Production Artist Jim Eral

Viacom Consumer Products

Third-Party Relations Suzie Domnick, Juliet Dutton
Additional Writing Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Mike Markowitz, Gene Laufenberg, David Misch
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