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Too Human


Too Human is the first part of a planned trilogy of games. It mixes Norse mythology with cyborgs to recreate the myths and legends of old. For centuries, the Norse cybernetic gods have waged war against Loki and his vast army of cybernetic monster that are bent on destroying all of mankind. To combat these armies, a new breed of soldiers called the Aesir has protected the kingdom of Midgard from them, fighting alongside mankind in an effort to put an end to Loki. The player takes control of one of these Aesirs, Baldur the son of Odin, as they fight alongside fellow Aesirs: Thor, Tyr, Freya and Heimdall in an effort to bring peace to the world.

There are five selectable classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to choose from: Champion*, which is a well-rounded fighter basically used for air and critical attacks.

  • Berserker, which is best for melee attacks.
  • Defender, which is the most powerful of the five with more armor and health, but is incredibly slow.
  • Commando, which is better at ranged attacks.
  • Bio-Engineer, which has the ability to heal themselves, but also the less powerful.

The gameplay mostly consists of a hack-n-slash style, using swords, knives along with laser and plasma cannons, rocket launchers as well as very powerful ranged weapons. About everything can be upgraded and customized in the game, including the color of the weapons and armor of the player. As the player progresses through the level, they will encounter random weapons and accessories throughout the levels.

Players can also "level-up" by destroying massive amounts of enemies, unlocking more powerful combos and the ability to use certain, very powerful weapons that can be obtained through the game. The controls consists of using the left analog stick to maneuver while the right analog is used for melee attacks. The shoulder buttons are used for using ranged attacks. There also the ability to play online in co-op, facing against random sets of enemies without the story of the game being used.

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Development history

Spanning ten years, this game was in development for three platforms. It was first shown at the E3 in 1999 as a PlayStation game spanning four discs. The development studio then entered an exclusive relationship with Nintendo and development was turned to bring the game to the GameCube. The team also worked on other titles in the meantime and therefore the creation of Too Human was not a continuous process.

Eventually, the development studio announced in May 2005 to have established a partnership with Microsoft to bring the game to the Xbox 360 as a trilogy. The game was adapted to work with the third generation of the Unreal engine, but Silicon Knights eventually sued Epic Games (cf. trivia section of the company) and then created an in-house engine for the game.

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