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You play as Chef Pepper and your goal is to make giant hamburgers while evil eggs, sausages and pickles chase you around the game area.

To properly make a hamburger you must assemble all of the ingredients together, dropping them from higher up onto the burger area below. To actually do this you have to let Chef Pepper step over every burger ingredient. As soon as an ingredient (a piece of lettuce for instance) has been stepped on, it will fall to the level below. Falling food will squish any enemy following you and will also "bump" any other ingredient below it farther down. Also, as an emergency defense against the enemy food, you can collect pepper shakers which will allow you to puff out a small pepper cloud that will momentarily stun enemies, allowing you to walk past them.

Higher levels result in new level design, faster enemies and more ingredients to assemble.


  • アーケードアーカイブス バーガータイム - Japanese PS4 / Switch spelling
  • ハンバーガー - Japanese spelling
  • バーガータイム - Japanese Famicom spelling
  • 汉堡时光 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 버거 타임 - Korean spelling (Hangul)

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Credits (Intellivision version)

Sound Effects



Average score: 67% (based on 21 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 154 ratings with 11 reviews)


The Good
CABINET DESIGN: 8/10 - Viewing that huge Peter Pepper on the side of the “BurgerTime” Arcade Cabinet was something to behold. It was so eclectic for 1983 that I had NO IDEA what the game would be once seeing that screen. The cabinet art on the front really fit the diner theme, and all the colors were crisp, complementing each other, even in the low arcade lighting.

ATTRACT MODE: 6/10 The Attract Mode of “BurgerTime” is quite standard for an arcade title from the Labyrinth/Maze Genre, cycling quickly through a brief scoring example demonstrating how to earn massive points.

GAME DESIGN: 8/10 - Data East Corp. was adept at taking what would appear to be non-standard or strange design concepts, and then turn them into function video games with unique gameplay!

CONTROLS: 6/10 The controls for “BurgerTime” are somewhat basic for any game from the Labyrinth/Maze Subgenre. Don’t mistake the beauty of simplicity, because those controls are very responsive for an early 80’s Arcade Game; they just don’t reinvent the wheel. This title is best played with a 4-Way Joystick, because you will find yourself possibly stuck on ladders at time just long enough to die with an 8-Way Joystick.

GRAPHICS: 5/10 The Graphics of “BurgerTime” were above average for an Arcade Game from the early 80’s. It was a very colorful, detailed video game for its time, quite nice to look at but nothing revolutionary.

MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: 7/10 - The Sounds Effects and Music of “BurgerTime”, they are of the type that are easily forgotten, but you will instantly recall when heard; at least that is how they are with me. The Music isn’t anything special and certainly NOT something you will play in your car or used for a ringtone, but it complements the game quite well all the same; even though it constantly repeats, it will not drive you crazy. All the Sound Effects are admittedly more cartoonish than most games, not adding anything in terms of tension, but are entertaining, nonetheless. The ONLY sicound here that will instill a sense of urgency is whenever you have zero peppers remaining.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10 - “BurgerTime” is one of those masterfully engineered Video Games that come along once out of every ten to twenty arcade releases. Data East Corp. kept everything simplified down to the common denominator, which is typically a disaster when done in the modern era but works famously for early 80’s Arcade Games. It becomes one of those endeavors for Gamers where “BurgerTime” is so damn easy to pick up, but extremely difficult to master, ensuring quicker turnarounds, with games averaging 5 – 10 mins.; while NEVER leaving Gamers feeling cheated.

ORIGINALITY: 10/10 [“BurgerTime” is a successful example of how keeping a Video Game simplistic can also creatively explore new territories. There was nothing else like “BurgerTime” out there in the Arcades until Data East released other titles in the series.

FUN FACTOR: 8/10 “BurgerTime”, provides an excellent gaming experience that will be appreciated by Normie and Hardcore Gamers alike. Because children in 2024 will be more proficient with electronics, this may also serve as a GREAT entry-level Video Game to play for them.

REPLAY FACTOR: 6/10 The Replay Factor of “BurgerTime” always something that was either a hit or miss with Gamers; certainly, you would have the Average Arcade Gamer playing it once or twice then moving on, and then you would have the Hardcore Gamers that would stand there for an hour practicing their craft, while fighting for position on those coveted Hi-Score Screens.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 6/10 “BurgerTime” is one of those Video Games where you will NEVER feel cheated while walking away, the enemies are very predictable, and the rules are NEVER altered besides enemies increasing in speed whenever you drop them on a burger. That said, it still may NOT be for everyone, because it IS a fool’s errand as you try to stave off that inevitable Game Over.

FRUSTRATION LEVEL: 8/10 [“BurgerTime” is a one of those masterfully crafted Video Games where the Frustration Level is almost non-existent, despite the challenge it presents, it was one of those Arcade Games that I NEVER saw anyone hitting, even the few children I saw playing it. It is very balanced where you WILL reach Skill Saturation or Repetition Fatigue LONG before any BS Saturation.

The Bad
MULTIPLAYER FACTOR: 2/10 “BurgerTime's” multiplayer becomes a detriment to your gameplay unless you are challenging a friend to a Hi-Score.

ENDING: 5/10 Besides that tried-and-true, inevitable Game Over Screen, “BurgerTime” has no known ending to it, but it presumably does have a kill screen eventually (due to the chips utilized). But you MUST also keep in mind that this never-ending gameplay model was standard for Arcade Games in the early 80’s.

The Bottom Line
“BurgerTime” one of the most iconic Arcade titles from what we now call the Golden Age of Gaming and is much more of a slow, methodical burn than frantic, instant action of modern Video Games. It remains very friendly towards new players, but it is no pushover!

VERDICT: 7.21/10

Arcade · by DesertPunk75 (1) · 2024

Faithful port of an arcade classic

The Good
Colorful graphics

Multiple levels (called "patterns" in the game) are reproduced from the arcade original

The Bad
Enemies are single colored sprites (the yolk in the egg flickers between black and white instead of yellow).

Music is monotonous as it starts from scratch any time there's another in-game sound (such as walking over a burger ingredient).

The Bottom Line
In BurgerTime, you move your chef around the play field, walking over ingredients to build hamburgers. If an ingredient from a higher level falls on top of an ingredient on a lower level, the lower ingredient falls a level. This can "chain" so that an effective strategy is to try to build the burgers from the top down.

Giving chase are hotdogs, pickles (which flicker badly in this version), and eggs. If an enemy is on an ingredient part as you make it drop, it tends to fall further than just a single level (and may in fact fall all the way to the bottom, taking any intervening ingredients with it). You can also drop ingredients on top of the enemies, which temporarily removes them from play.

Failing that, you have a limited supply of pepper, which you can sprinkle on enemies to stun them for a short while. At limited times in the game, you can pick up an ice cream cone which replenishes your pepper supply by one "shake."

TI-99/4A · by Andy Frueh (173) · 2016

Who wants hamburger?

The Good
BurgerTime's NES version had very good graphics, sound effects and gameplay. Its main goal was similar to many arcade games of its time, like Pac-Man or Mappy, which was to avoid the enemies and to capture (or to tread, in Burgertime) the objects.

The Bad
Burgertime's NES version was a bit hard.

The Bottom Line
BurgerTime is a nice game. If you aren't hungry and has an NES, get and play this game! If you are...

NES · by Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (97) · 2014

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In the television commercial for BurgerTime, two teenagers drive up to a burger stand in which the chef is being chased around the kitchen by giant hot dogs. One of the hot dogs (an actor in a foam-rubber costume with only his red-painted face showing) slams the drive-up window while sneering into the camera "We are CLOSED now!" These prophetic words were repeated many times by the programmers as they packed up their personal belongings a few months later when Mattel Electronics was shut down.


BurgerTime was created by Data East Corporation for its DECO Cassette System.


Ever wondered why one of the evil guys is an egg? In Japan where the game was made, it is common to add a fried egg to your burger.

High score

According to the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, the world record high-score on BurgerTime is 9,000,000 points, achieved by Bryan L. Wagner of Turbotville, PA on June 2, 2006 at the Funspot Family Fun Ctr. in Weirs Beach, NH. History's first documented Burger Time champion was Franz Lanzinger who scored 1,081,900 points at the Sunnyvale Golfland in Sunnyvale, California on November 1, 1982.

References to the game

An unofficial parody of the game was released in adult bookstores called Furrburger Time.

Unofficial DOS port

There is an unofficial DOS port of the game.

RGB versus Composite Monitor

The color card (CGA) for an IBM PC had two monitor outputs: RGB and composite video. The standard PC color monitor was RGB and displayed 8 colors. However, a composite monitor hooked up to the PC could display 16 colors. Few applications, though, used the additional available colors. Gene Smith, however, wrote completely separate graphic routines to take full advantage of each type of monitor. The results on a composite monitor were stunning - even visiting representatives from IBM were shocked. Information found on Intellivision Game Club

Additional Levels

The Apple II and IBM versions of BurgerTime have six additional levels not found in the arcade or Intellivision versions. Information found on Intellivision Game Club Information also contributed by Nélio, STiGMaTa_ch


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