Schizm: Mysterious Journey

aka: Mysterious Journey 1, Mysterious Journey: Schizm, Schizm: Prawdziwe Wyzwanie
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The year is 2083. A scientific team has been sent to the deserted planet Argilus and never came back. You are a member of a supply ship crew, whose task is to check the bases, and it becomes your mission to uncover the mystery behind the planet and to find the vanished camerades.

Schizm: Mysterious Journey is a traditional 1-st person perspective adventure in the style of graphical Zork games. It features 180-degree movement and was released on DVD, although it has also a scaled-down 5 CD version.


  • Щизм: мистическое приключение - Russian spelling
  • 神秘之旅 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 神秘之旅 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Executive Producers
Leading Designer, 3D Artist, Animator
Leading Programmer
3D Artists, Designers, Animators
Sound Design
Video Editing, Compositing and Special Effects
Supporting Programmer
Supporting Designer
Story and Dialogs
Schizm Logo
Video Sequences Director
Costumes and Make-Up
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Average score: 72% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings with 2 reviews)

You like what you like, and so do I

The Good
Graphics- The best I've ever seen. Stunning features, the screenshots, unlike most games, are not from FMVs like most games have. They are the real thing.

Gameplay- I admit, the puzzles are hard, but it is fun trying to solve them. I like puzzles, maybe you don't. Well, if you don't, don't get the game.

Controls- I think they are easy to get accustomed to. Using pretty much only the mouse makes playing the game getting and getting around reasonably easy.

Story- I think it's a good storyline. I can't say it's new, but maybe it is. I've heard it's almost exactly like "Myst", which I have never played before, so you might not want to listen to me on this. As for what Lynx said- "In "Schizm" you first must solve the puzzles, and only then you start realizing there's actually some sort of a story in the game."- I disagree. The instruction manual goes over the story, although not everyone reads it, but they also go over it at the start of a new game. The story line evolves, of course, after that, but it starts you off with a good understanding and quickly evolves into a catching storyline.

The Bad
Sound- It was O.K. but I've heard better. Lack of good, changing sound effects (many are repetative) is made up only slightly by the real voices in the game, which many games don't have.

The Bottom Line
I think "Schizm" Is a very good game, but, if you don't you're entitled to your opinion. People looking for an easy game, steer clear, but if you like puzzles and haven't played "Myst" (which, going by everyone's word, is the same) then you should try it.

Windows · by Paul Brown (16) · 2002

A clone that rivals its mentor

The Good
Schizm was one of the most highly anticipated adventure games to come out in recent years. It was in the development stages when the original publisher, Project 2, went belly up so there was serious doubt that we would ever see this title in stores. Part of the reason that Project 3 Interactive was organized (by former P2 employees) was because of their belief in this game. So, when I finally saw it for sale in the US, I grabbed it. But, other things got in the way and it sat in my closet for a year before I got around to playing it.

It is obvious that the "mentor" for Schizm was the Myst Series. As in Myst, you will spend hours in a kind of "Where am I and what am I doing here?" syndrome. You know you must solve the puzzles, but their purpose isn't at all clear at first. That's normal in this type of game.

Myst and Schizm share many attributes:

  • First person perspective
  • Glide-along type movement
  • Beautiful 3-D graphics
  • Movie-like video cut-scenes with real actors
  • Strange world architecture
  • Unusual, alien gizmos to operate
  • An innovative story The main difference between Myst and Schizm is that you play two characters and can switch between them at will (a similar idea was incorporated in The Watchmaker and handled even better). Both of them are needed to accomplish some of the objectives (he holds the wheel while she pushes the lever, for instance). They talk between each other when important things are discovered which helps to move the story along. The game ran flawlessly on my laptop in Windows XP. The interface was easy to use and the install/uninstall routine ran without a hitch. Luckily they included a Subtitle option, something I always look for in adventure games. The puzzles seemed to be well integrated into the plot and were decidedly different. The voice acting in the American version was excellent. The DVD version of Schizm is supposed to be even more graphically beautiful than the CD version, which I played. The CD game's graphics were gorgeous and rendered in realistic, full-color detail. Atmospheric music played in the background throughout and sounded fully orchestrated. I hardly noticed it most of the time. The music would build during important sequences for emphasis. Sound effects include footsteps, water dripping, clicking sounds while working puzzles, etc. Overall, sound effects were kept to a minimum but those that were included were appropriate.

    **The Bad**
    #1 - The puzzles are too hard! Many of the puzzles are random with each game, so there's no specific solution. And some of them must be solved TWICE! There are plenty of clues, but if you're not a math wiz, those clues may completely baffle you. (Without the hint file, I couldn't have finished it.)

    #2 - Inventory items have no titles or description, and no manipulation within the inventory screen is possible. (What IS that thing, anyway?)

    #3 - Disc swapping between the 5 CDs became frustrating, especially toward the end.

    #4 - Travelling between locations was long and tedious. Because you play 2 characters, moving them both into the same spot (using the same exact route) became boring.

    #5 - The story - It was as if there was a huge hunk of the storyline left out -- the part that explained who (or what) caused all the problems, what exactly happened and why. The ending does give you -some- of that (enough to conclude it), but I still had questions.

    **The Bottom Line**
    I think that Schizm is the best "Myst-clone" I have played to date. The graphics are some of the best I have ever seen and, in my opinion, equal all of the Myst series games. Overall, a worthy play for adventurers who enjoy first-person games. I liked it, although I admit wanting to finish it more quickly than I could. Perhaps my taste in games is changing because graphic "eye candy" and puzzles aren't enough for me anymore.
  • Windows · by Jeanne (75945) · 2003


    On Nov. 26, 2001, Schizm was awarded the Adrenaline Vault Seal of Excellence Award.


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