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The Dark Queen has attacked and kidnapped (toadnapped?) your best buddy. To make matters worse, she nabbed the best looking girl around! So, what will you do? Cry? Whimper? Hide? Call the Starcops? NO! Cause you're a Battletoad! Battletoads don't cry, hide or call for help! And they certainly don't whimper! They get MAD then they get EVEN! So grab your blaster, hop on the Toadster and go get 'em!

You will control a battletoad through 13 levels (five of which are missing from the Game Boy port). Some are side-scrolling beat-em-ups, other are vertical drops down a shaft, fighting as you go, others have you riding a rocket or surfboard, shooting or avoiding enemies. At the end of each area, there is a boss. In some areas, about half-way through, you may have a mini-boss.


  • バトルトード - Japanese spelling

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Credits (NES version)

10 People

Original Concept
Additional Design
Art Director
Additional Graphics
Programming Director
Graphics Decoding
Product Testing
Cover Artwork



Average score: 69% (based on 46 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 140 ratings with 7 reviews)

The hardest game of all time?

The Good
This game had fantastic graphical effects for it's time. The first boss was memorable with its suprising appearance. The 'Toads have super punches and kicks that are humorous and satisfying to watch. All of the levels are completley varied from one another, a feat nearly unmatched to this day.

The Bad
Holy crap is this game hard! I dare anyone to defeat this monster of a game without a sweat. This isn't normally a bad point, but this game is extreme in it's relentless nature. Trial and error are your 2 new friends here.

The Bottom Line
A fine title. I reccommend it to anyone looking for a challenge.

NES · by Patrick Connors (4) · 2003

A funny, weird, aggravating, and quite difficult game

The Good
It's a funny game. The world of the game is very bizarre, but will make you laugh (if you're not pulling your hair out). The gameplay is also varied such that each level offers a different experience with different challenges, thus preventing the game from ever becoming repetitive.

The Bad
The worst part about Battletoads is that it's so very hard (and when you DO beat it after a very long, difficult time, the ending is very short and entirely unrewarding). Some of the levels are just too difficult (Volkmyre's Inferno, ahem). Also, clinger winger is impossible with 2 players (literally) because of a glitch that automatically kills the second player if you ever make it there (it's the 2nd to last level).

The Bottom Line
This a game that has a lot of good things going for it. It's fun to play for the most part, and it's quite a unique experience, with each level offering something new. Playing 2 player is always good for a laugh or a fight, since you can hit your friend on purpose or accidentally.

NES · by Feem (30) · 2005

So difficult!

The Good
The challenge. Some games are too easy and too hokey. As much as I hate to say it, take Super Mario Brothers 3. But this posed a genuine challenge, definitely a game way ahead of it's time.

The Bad
The snake level. So frustrating! Also, the speed at which some of the screens move, like in Level 3, the "Turbo Tunnels". I don't know if it's just me, but my eyes can't LOOK that fast let alone process what's going on! The music when you pause the game isn't exactly a toe tapping jam either.

The Bottom Line
If you like a good challenge, I'd pick up Battletoads, it's good exercise for your reflexes and it makes you think. I currently have the game on pause because I need a break from it! It's about 4:16AM and I've been playing since about 10:30PM- and I'm in the last level of the "snake pit". Most people have told me that this game is "unbeatable", even more so by a girl. I don't see what that has to do with anything, but I'm still going to try my hardest to at least come as close as I can!

NES · by ashley clifford (2) · 2006

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On level 9 (Terra Tubes), you'll hear the same music as level 5 (Surf City) in the NES version, but you'll hear the same music as level 8 (Intruder Excluder) in the Genesis version. It's the only place where the musics doesn't match between the various versions.


  • EGM
    • 1992 Buyer's Guide - Best NES Game of the Year
    • 1992 Buyer's Guide - Most Challenging


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