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P.T. was a first-person survival horror game. Originally launched as a free game in a new franchise by the indie studio 7780s Studio, finishing the game reveals P.T. stands for Playable Teaser and the game is actually developed by Kojima Productions as a teaser for the then upcoming but eventually cancelled game Silent Hills. The section was said not to be part of the game. The game starts with the protagonist who wakes up in a dark room. A door leads into an L-shaped hallway with photos and various items. The hallway appears to loop around while a radio broadcast lets the player know a man has murdered his family and later killed himself. Through various loops of the same hallway and a few surrounding rooms, gradually various forms of paranormal activity occur, with sounds, changes in lighting, apparitions and many other types of events.

There is no combat system and the focus is entirely on exploration. There are also only puzzles in the sense that certain events can be encountered, as there is no HUD or any direct means to interact with the environment except for movement. After a certain event is triggered based on various conditions, the game ends and a trailer for Silent Hills is shown.

After the game Silent Hills was cancelled, PT was removed from the PlayStation Network on 29 April 2015.

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