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Mortal Kombat X is a one-on-one fighting game based on the main game of the same name. It uses assets of the main game, but the gameplay is more similar to the mobile games Injustice: Gods Among Us and WWE Immortals where the fighting has been simplified for touch-based controls and the focus is on collecting and building a roster of characters, and unlocking and powering up their moves. Attacks are performed through taps and swipes, and blocking is done by holding down two fingers. Special moves can be activated by filling up a meter in the bottom of the screen. Fatalities are performed through quick time events based on gestures and they are not available to all characters. All fighters are controlled in the same way, but with different special moves and abilities.

The game is played with teams of three fighters. During fights portraits of the three characters are shown and they can be tapped to swap them quickly. At the start the player receives a team with three character rights away and the fighters are divided into different tiers (bronze, silver and gold). They each have a level and up to three regular attacks. The fighter statistics are based on attack, health, toughness, recovery and power generation for special moves. These are improved with each new character level. Bronze characters are generally random characters not taken from the series. Silver characters are the default characters from the games and Gold characters are special versions of those characters. The golden ones are also the only characters who can perform X-Ray moves and fatalities. By winning fights character gain experience and level up. Fights also provide kards that either unlock additional characters, provide upgrades and equipment or act as support kards that can be assigned to a specific characters, providing bonuses. When a duplicate character or support kard is received, they can be fused into a stronger version. Kards are generally not tied to a specific character and can be applied universally.

Unlike the main game the story is not a prominent element. Battles are split up into Towers that each provide a series of increasingly difficult fights with a boss at the end. Sometimes Gold characters are provided temporarily for free during matches. It also incorporates the Test Your Might matches where the player has to tap very quickly to break through materials to receive rewards. Before entering a match it is possible to bring a friend's character into the fight. It is shown as a portrait that fills up slowly. Once full, the portrait can be tapped and the character appears to perform a special attack.

The game is free-to-play and uses Koins as the in-game currency. Koins are used to buy Kard Packs in the store, providing additional characters, upgrades and equipment. The second currency is souls, tied to a stamina / energy system. Souls are consumed for each fight and when none are left either additional ones have to be bought or the player needs to wait a while. Up to two teams of characters can be active. These each have separate energy systems, meaning that if one team needs to cool down, it is still possible to continue with the second team. Souls are earned by reaching a certain level, after winning a certain amount of battles and by participating in the daily challenges. They can also be bought separately and next to refilling stamina they provide access to the most expensive (gold) Kard Packs. A third currency is called Alliance Points. It is the easiest one to get as it is provided for each battle where another character is brought in for support. Alliance Points can be used to receive a random card.

Later updates added a Challenge mode and a Faction Wars multiplayer mode. Faction Wars are played globally over multiple seasons with different rewards based on the difficulty of fights. Players can sync accounts to unlock content for the main game playing the mobile version and vice versa.

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