Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is based on the Michael Jackson movie. Mr. Big has kidnapped children and has nasty things in store for them, like drugging them and making them slaves. So it's up to Michael to use his magical powers and dancing talent to try to catch Mr. Big and rescue his little friends.

Michael Jackson can jump, throw magical stars, and dance to counter his opponents as he looks for the hidden children. Stages come in various shapes and sizes from some of Jackson's hit videos which take place in streets and graveyards.


  • マイケル・ジャクソンズ モーンウォーカー - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 67% (based on 34 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 81 ratings with 5 reviews)

A good game of its time

The Good
This is a really good platformer, with smooth action, and impressive tunes, based on the 1 hour-long music video. Controls are easy to learn, the graphics are pretty impressive, excellent remakes of all his hit songs, Beat It being an great a piece. Level design is OK. But the best is dance forms done on here when using lots of magic. The moves are just exact!

The Bad
Although it all sounds great, gameplay seems to be a bit too easy, even with Hard mode on. The enemys are slow moving and don't react to your moves quickly.

The Bottom Line
Basically, a platformer with a musical twist! There are plenty of enemys to come by, while you must look for missing children that Mr. Big wants to drug up! Besides bullys and Gangsters, watch out for dogs, Zombies, and bombs!

Genesis · by Robbb (99) · 2004

This is a decent cash-in, but I prefer the arcade version more.

The Good
The first me and most people will think is awesome is the music...it really is...a nice 16-bit rendition of Michael's best music. Also, the graphics are OK and MJ's sprite is well-animated. Also, the star you get in Round 2,3, and 5 that turns to a robot to have 30 seconds of ROBOT MAYHEM (that is awesome)...the moves you can do are also awesome, too!

The Bad
The gameplay's plain repetitive, all you do is get all the girls in the level. The enemy sprites are less animated, which looks wooden and awkward. Also, the later levels are plain annoying (Round 4-1,4-2,4-3, and 5-2)...the ending is horrid, all you get is MJ and that black kid in the movie dancing while the credits scroll. Also, how does when they jump and they touch me, how does it hurt someone? It doesn't make sense

The Bottom Line
Overall, this is a decent cash-in of the movie, although I wish they took more months on this game (as the arcade and the Genesis were released the same time on August 1990)...other than that, sidescroller and MJ fans will be pleased with this game, others, probably not.

Genesis · by Mavi Bacon (13) · 2009

For What Is Is, It Remains A Classic.

The Good
Moonwalker the game is an interactive music video, and one of the first "Music" games ever created. Based off the mini-movie of the same name, players guide a magic flinging smooth criminal (or Michael himself, for you non-MJ music fans) through a series of levels to save children from Mr. Big.

The game allowed players to really work with the background elements. From sliding down banisters to swinging off tree branches, to checking every nook and cranny for the missing kids, the game had a lot of places to explore. There was a method to the searches, though: Find the right child first, and players can catch a falling star to transform Michael into a flying, missile and laser launching robot. As crazy as it sounds, it made for a great time of blasting through waves of enemies as a giant, virtually unstoppable robot.

The main highlights of the game focused on two areas: Graphics and sound. Graphically, this game was very impressive for its time. The animation did a great job capturing Michael's plethora of dance moves, and the tight control made them fluid and simple enough to pull off, that any player could pull off a moonwalk in seconds. The highlight of Michael's dance attacks were to bring in as many thugs as possible to join in as ill-fated back-up dancers. The hilarious part is that birds, dogs, spiders and zombies would even get caught up in the show and would bust a move until they died.

As far as music goes, it really captured the grooves of Michael's music. Five great songs: "Smooth Criminal", "Beat It", "Another Part Of Me", "Billie Jean", and "Bad", and while MIDI, were quite catchy and well done. This is all backed up by digitized voice from Michael, most notably all of his "Hoos" and "Ows".

The Bad
There are a few things to note about the game. The gameplay, while fun, can get a little repetitive at times. And the final boss fight is a bit anti-climatic for all that you go through in the game.

While the sound is very good, it would be easy to see people tiring of Michael's screaming and asking "Who's Bad?" Another oddity is the omission of "Thriller" from the graveyard levels. They do the moves, and the zombies are there, but "Another Part Of Me" is the level music of choice. It makes you wonder if Sega planned a Captain EO game somewhere down the line.

And if you don't like Michael Jackson, the game concept may be a bit hard to swallow, and it's not likely going to change someone's mind.

The Bottom Line
This game was one of the highlights of Sega's Genesis days, and remains a classic landmark in gaming. It was one of the first celebrity/video game crossovers that actually worked during its day, and retains the fun factor even now. It's a solid action-platformer with detailed graphics and sound, and a good example of Sega's innovation to set itself part from the titles that Nintendo produced.

As far as the game goes, it's a title that any video gamer should check out, even as a passing curiosity to see what the hype was back in the day. There might even be some enjoyment had while playing it.

A recommended classic.

Genesis · by Guy Chapman (1748) · 2006

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The game design for Moonwalker was actually done by Michael Jackson himself.


This Michael Jackson game (and others with celebrity names) was part of a line of games that were celebrity endorsed by famous athletes and singers. This was part of the advertising strategy for North America.

Master System version

In the Genesis version there are female enemies in the first level which don't attack but have to be hit in order to clear the way. They are not featured in the Master System version.

Information also contributed by Guy Chapman


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