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Average score: 79% (based on 63 ratings)

Player Reviews

Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 329 ratings with 6 reviews)

One of my favorite games and a truly excellent aracde conversion.

The Good
If you liked Bubble Bobble you should probably check out it's remake, as it features even better graphics and sound.

This is one great game! I really love this one. I used to play it for hours and hours on my trust ole XT, and I remember actually getting to level 97 once (you try it). The graphics are great (considering), the music is great (considering), the controls are just perfect and the game is sheer bliss.

The Bad
It's programmed for 8088s and getting it to run on new machines can be a bitch. Also, it's really really hard (the XT version is, anyway).

The Bottom Line
A really cool arcade game you should probably play.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4536) · 2000

One of my fav's!

The Good
Defiantly the game play and its originality is what has me coming back for more! I can’t seem to get bored of this one. Lots of great levels (100 of them to be exact…and a few bonus ones), enemies and bizarre power ups help to make this game a little different each time you play it.

The frustration level of this game is minimum. Some levels are a breeze while others will take a few men or continues to get through. For the most part it’s a good challenge trying to tackle all 100 levels.

The game play and graphics are certainly not as smooth as the arcade original, and the sound track, though good, can drive a man insane after 100 levels.

I personally think Taito did a great job with this one, keeping it simple is what keeps it fun.

The Bad
I found the graphics would start to flicker when more then 7 or 8 items were on the screen at once. This is very annoying at first, but you stop noticing it after a while.

The song is very catchy and well done, but it becomes a little much after about 20 levels. Especially considering you have 80 more to go.

And it would be nice if a second player could jump in at any time. Like in the arcade version. Unfortunately sacrificing yourself and then continuing with 2 players is your only option.

The Bottom Line
This one's a lot of fun. Two player or One. If you come across this cart, its worth the buy.

NES · by OverRide (11) · 2004

Burstin' lotsa bubbles and lookin' damn good doin' it!

The Good
Bubble Bobble...I LOVE this game to absolute pieces. I first encountered this back when the arcade game had come out, and then later on when it hit the shelves, I received this for Christmas one year for my (then) shiny new 286 PC.

I fell even more in love with the game when I got it at home.

In a cute little intro, you see your main characters; two little dinosaurs named Bub and Bob (or if you play the Japanese version, Bubby and Bobby), as they are about to take a fascinating journey through a world filled with monsters. Their weapons? Bubbles. Yes, that's right...these pudgy little dinos spit bubbles at their enemies. But they're not any ordinary bubbles! These bubbles can encase their enemies, rendering them helpless. Once an enemy is trapped, they can pop the bubble, sending their hapless foes flying and bringing forth a TON of treasures, including lots and lots of food, diamonds for tons of points, and Power-Ups, including Sneakers (faster running), Candies to enhance your bubbles, and the almighty Parasol to send you flying past a few levels! Even though the game may seem simple, just play it for five minutes. After five minutes, you'll end up playing for five more minutes. Then ten. Then twenty. Then before you know it, you'll have been playing for hours, just wanting to burst more and more baddies. It's addictive as hell, and that just makes it all the more fun!

Now, as this is an arcade port, how did everything port over to the PC? Surprisingly well, actually! The graphics look great even with less colors (great compensation was used to get the graphics to look accurate in EGA), and the sounds and music are very close to the arcade. The music deserves a little special mention, as it was composed by Taito's in-house band, Zuntata. It's very cute and goes perfectly with the action of the game! Plus, the song is so catchy that it'll be with you for years on end, playing in your mind when you least expect it.

The Bad
It's Bubble Bobble, dammit! You do not question Bubble Bobble! ^_^

The Bottom Line
Bubble Bobble, even now, is still so damn playable and fun that I'd gladly tell anyone to grab it if they can find it. Plus, Taito had also created a special compilation pack of the original Bubble Bobble and its sequel, Rainbow Islands, for Windows9x/NT and the PSX, meaning that there's just no excuse to miss out on Bubble Bobble now!

DOS · by Satoshi Kunsai (2020) · 2002

My favourite game of all time!

The Good
In my very early youth there were few games that actually captured my imagination. Sure gaming was good but there was no one game that really stood out. Except of course Bubble Bobble. The idea is simple a single screen level with enemies on it. You have to cover them in a Bubble and then pop them to beat them. Add 100 normal levels plus 100 @ levels and about 20 secret levels and the most memorable end of game boss of all time and you have an instant classic. Some of the levels had themes. Who could forget the dreaded level 57. Where you had to go up the side hoping the monster would not shoot you. Or the key in level 99 where you go through the secret door to the second half of the game and if you finished the level you got the fake ending. Grumple Gromit the best end of game boss in the history of the known universe. The lightning bubbles and that music. Wow I love it too much!!

The Bad
Erm!? They never made a sequal

The Bottom Line
Play a dragon who captures enemies in bubbles. BEST GAME EVER NUFF SAID!

DOS · by Matthew Bailey (1257) · 2000

Help two little dinosaurs get their ladies back

The Good
In Bubble Bobble, you play one of two dinosaurs trying to get their girlfriends back. In order to do this, you must get through 100 rounds by getting rid of enemies by trapping them in bubbles, and then popping them. In the last round, you are faced with one of the bigger versions of an enemy, and it is so big that bubbles don’t even work, so you have to use something else instead. When enemies get knocked out, they turn into fruit, which you can get for points. Some enemies defend themselves by throwing weapons such as boulders, hammers, or lasers at you. If you waste too much time trying to accomplish your tasks, the words “Hurry Up” will scroll across the screen, giving you a warning that a ghost will appear and try to eat you. You can avoid being eaten by usually going off the bottom of the screen to get to the top.

During the game, as well as giving off bubbles, other bubbles appear from the bottom of the screen, which may help kill enemies. When you pop a water bubble, the water from the bubble flows across every platform in the round, as long as there are no gaps in the platforms. Bubbles with thunderbolts can be popped and this will cause the bolts to go left or right, depending on the direction you were facing when you popped the bubble, and strike everything in its path. Popping bubbles with flames inside them causes these flames to drop down and start a fire on the nearest platform.

Six colored bubbles will appear from the top or bottom of the screen, and will spell out EXTEND. If you collect all six bubbles, you get an extra life. Besides fruit, you can get other items that will regularly appear. These items serve different purposes. For example, getting the cross floods the round and drowns enemies, and getting a flashing crown makes enemies turn blue and stop what theyÂ’re doing, allowing you to eat them. A door will appear every 20 rounds if you do not lose a life. Entering that door will lead to a secret round rather than the normal one, and this room is filled with diamonds or fruits. Each secret round has a message that tells you how to play the game.

There are two endings to this game: one good, one bad. For those of you who have already played Bubble Bobble, but havenÂ’t been able to read any one of them, one of the messages say that it always helps to take a friend along with you, meaning that the game is best played with someone else. If you choose to ignore this advice, you may receive the bad ending.

I believe that this game is addictive because most gamers will more often than not lose all their lives before they reach Round 100, or beat the game and then get to see the bad ending. They will then try to beat the game again, but only to see the good ending.

The Bad
When I played the MS-DOS version of Bubble Bobble, the game behaved like a dinosaur, making it impossible to play the game. If youÂ’re experiencing problems like this, but havenÂ’t got a 486 or this 1996 remake, then I suggest that you download MAME plus a copy of Bubble Bobble floating around many arcade ROM sites. The arcade version is twice as good.

The Bottom Line
The sort of game that will keep you addicted for several hours. Followed by two other great games that were only in arcades, Bubble Memories and Bubble Symphony, though Bubble Memories is a complete rehash of Bubble Bobble with updated graphics and sound. MAME can emulate both these games. ***½

DOS · by Katakis | カタキス (43087) · 2003

Is a game with cute dragons really that cool? Oh yes it is

The Good
This game has always been a favorite of mine, for many years. I like how the game is easy, but gets tougher throughout the levels, I like how the controls are simple and not slippery, and the game is just alot of fun

The Bad
After a while Bubble Bobble does get a little boring, but if your really into this type of a puzzle game, then this game is worth your while. This game is still a classic and you cannot take that status away from this game.

The Bottom Line
You play as a dragon, and you shoot bubbles at your enemies and then you knock the bubbles against walls or run into them, and you collect food, and other objects for points. The game has many levels and is just alot of fun, and entertaining.

NES · by AaronGamer (29) · 2009

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