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Chakan is a somewhat unorthodox platform game with its mix of relentless difficulty, spell crafting and dark themes. In the game you're controlling Chakan whose been cursed to not die. In order for him to rest in peace, he'll have to go through many levels of hack and slash platforming. The ultimate goal is defeat all the primary realms and achieve inner-peace.

Through your travels you have to defeat bosses in each of the four realms of air, water, fire and earth to proceed and acquire weapons that'll help you on progress in other realms. Chakan can acquire the mallet, scythe, grappling hook and axe along with his standard swords and depending on what weapons is equipped, different abilities are unlocked. Some weapons allows for double jumping for instance, while others can tear down walls.

Furthermore, the player is able to collect potions that can be used in alchemy. By pressing "Start" at any time, one can create various spells that enhance the character like higher jumping, putting fire on your blades or even invisibility. Some levels actually requires you to use specific spells to progress, forcing you to think outside the borders of a normal platform game. On top of all this, there's an imposed time limit on each level.

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Average score: 72% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 23 ratings with 2 reviews)

The immortal game

The Good
The Mega Drive was without question the best platform for dark moody games for its time, so Chakan fits it like a glove. There is just something about the Mega Drive's hard synths and graphic style that took dark atmospheric games like Chakan and Splatterhouse to the next level. That being said the music and visuals may not push the Mega Drive to its limits, but do set the mood perfectly. The graphics give it a gritty feel that just strengthens the whole horror atmosphere, plus with a musical score that further heightens the atmosphere and eeriness.

What really, and I mean really stays with you for many years after playing Chakan though are the story, and the difficulty. The story has always stuck with me ever since I 1st played the game as a kid. Imagine this, a man, but not just any man, the greatest swordsman to ever live. So good no one can stand against him, so who could he possibly face now? This man is Chakan, and he faces off against none other than the grim reaper. But not even death himself was able to stand a chance against the might of Chakan. For defeating the reaper, a gift.... eternal life. But with that gift a horrid curse, any pain and suffering caused by evil becomes his own, pain so real and unforgiving. Death is not without mercy however, there shall be an end to his curse, if all the beasts of the dark are slain, only then will Chakan finally be able to rest.

This I feel is the single most incredible and original concept for any game. As you play the game in hopes to finally be able to find rest, to finally be able to die! This game is hardcore however, and not being able to die doesn't make it easy, in-fact it is quite the opposite. You will feel the hell Chakan has to live an eternity of. There are four portals, each with their own challenges, and none that can be passed with a single attempt, as you'll require items from others to advance. Each portal has multiple levels to pass, to try and make your way to the demon causing so much suffering, each with their own back story further strengthening an already awesome story and atmosphere. Taking too much damage or taking too long will see you returned to the main area of the game however. There is no saving, there are no passwords, but you do have an eternity to try and slay all evil mwahaha!

The Bad
As mentioned already though, this game is not for the faint of hart.

The Bottom Line
So Chakan can't be recommended to just anyone, as only the most harden gamers will truly be able to delve deep into the Chakan universe and really appreciate such a work of art. One of my all time favourite games, and one that never got the credit it truly deserved.

Genesis · by Cobra Blade (1012) · 2008

The Forever Man lives....

The Good
Chaken, is a game based on the indie comic hero of the same name. In life Chaken was an arrogant swordsman, whom challenged death himself, in a battle that lasted days, Chaken finally overcame his opponent. His victory was cut short and he was made to serve Death until such a time as his curse ended. Now The Forever Man, must travel into parallel worlds destroying the evil consuming them.

The Graphics in Chaken are pretty good, of course at the time they were more impressive, yet this game has aged fairly well. Some levels like the water realm still are a sight to behold.

The Sound/Music does not fair as well, the game features little music, and the sound effects are nothing new.

The Gameplay helps this game immensely. As Chaken travels the between realms, he will gain new weapons, and magics to use against his foes. Most weapons have two uses, such as breaking down walls. The magic system involves combining elements, fire, earth, water, and air, to create more powerful spells a system similar to that of Light Crusader. The levels involve dispatching foes and plat forming skills. Be warned however, this game is not easy. Those who frustrate easily or are prone to bursts of rage stemming from a game should avoid this one.

The Bad
As for the bad well, I am not usually one to fault a game for being to difficult. A tough game is more enjoyable to me anyway then one that is to easy. But since most would count this as a flaw, I suppose I will too. This game also has no save feature or even a password feature, the save feature is understandable, as few games at the time had one. Yet the absence of a password system is baffling. This game takes time to get through especially with no passwords.

The Bottom Line
I would recommend this game to those who enjoy old-school games. Of the action-adventure-platform, persuasion. But be warned of the difficulty.

Genesis · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006


Cancelled sequel

Development on a Dreamcast sequel by AndNow LLC was started in 1998. After a last mention about the game in October 2000, it was eventually cancelled, but never officially. Content from the unfinished game was taken and used in the Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2.


Chakan was originally from an obscure comic book. The game became so popular that more people recognize the game than the comic.

Information also contributed by Dracula_Marth


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