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In the year 2027, the world is controlled by two rival superpowers, the western-bloc Free World Alliance and the east-bloc Cartel. Transmissions from an FWA spy reveal the location of a secret multi-national laboratory deep within Siberia, the Cyberia Complex, where a mysterious weapon is being developed. FWA leader Devlin frees a cyber-hacker named Zak from prison and sends him to infiltrate the complex and discover the true nature of the Cyberia weapon.

Unfortunately, the Cartel is also interested in the weapon and will stop at nothing to get it. Not only must Zak make his way past the Cartel forces sent to stop him, but he must also overcome the Cartel agents which have already seized control of the complex. To make matters worse the Cyberian scientist's genetically engineered creations are running rampant in the same area as the weapon and Devlin also appears to have something up his sleeve.

Cyberia is an action game with puzzle sequences and a heavy reliance on scripted events and cutscenes. The game allows limited navigation between locations, which usually lead to a puzzle or (more often) action scenes that involve either shooting down planes with a gun turret or navigating various flying vehicles, destroying enemies in a Star Wars: Rebel Assault-style confrontations.


  • サイベリア - Japanese spelling

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Project Manager
Art Director
Computer Animation
Technical Director
Director of Digital Photography
Real Time Integration
Lead Programmer
3D Modelling
Character Animation
Map Painting
2D Animation
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Average score: 66% (based on 34 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 57 ratings with 5 reviews)

Junk, Purely Worthless, Its sad that they made a 2nd Cyberia

The Good
The music is ok.

The Bad
Lets face it people, this game is terrible. It was bad on the playstation, and its worse on the computer because the controls suck that much more. Hey nice consept, a over glorified shooter, that features pure linear play, WOW doesnt that sound fun.

The Bottom Line
Dont waste your time, this is pure crap.

DOS · by NotTwoQuick (18) · 2000

One of the better pre rendered romps... not that that's saying an awful lot.

The Good
Cyberia has a great story and it's this that will drive you to finish it above anything else, the way in which this game and its sequel connect is very clever and well done. The use of pre rendered visuals is pretty interesting in the adventure sections giving several set points in the room you can go to and at each one you have to choose which point you want to go to from there. While this is limited, it does help to give a little freedom to the game. Some of the puzzles and exploration are pretty good and as far as pre rendered shooters go, the on-rails shooter sections are also fairly decent for what they are. The sound and voice acting is decent and the visuals, at the time of release (1994) were amazing. This is one of the first pre-rendered games to use motion capture and it works well.

The Bad
The very fact that the game is pre rendered is a crippling problem in terms of gameplay. In the flying sections you are forced to go where the rendering takes you, leaving you the control of only a target. The adventure sections are very irritating to navigate because it's often hard to tell which direction you're headed in until you get there. There is far too much sudden death in the adventure areas usually occurring because you poked your nose into a new place. The actual puzzle game sections are very difficult to work out, often you solve them through shear luck and not skill. In the rail shooter sections there are often cutscenes of an enemy vechile exploding which is fine, the problem is that if you failed to kill the one that explodes in a special cutscene, you explode. This is regardless of how much health you had and there is no telling which enemy might be part of an impending cutscene. Lastly, often the point of playing a game like this is simply, eye candy and while this game had some of the best around in 1994, these days (2001) it is understandably very dated and looks far worse than games which we can now play in real time so the incentive to play for visuals is lost rather which leaves us with little else.

The Bottom Line
Cyberia has very little in the way of actual gameplay which is expected with pre rendered slog-a-thons but while it was visually stunning for its time, these days the only reason to play it is for the great story or if you played it when it was released and are feeling a mite nostalgic.

DOS · by Sycada (177) · 2001

Rather good, but it could have been better

The Good
There's not really much to say what makes Cyberia good, if only for the fact that it is one of those games that really challenges you (at least when it comes to puzzles)

The Bad
First of all (if you know what you are doing in the game) the game is short and the arcade levels get boring after a while, plus some of the puzzles are too hard. Plus you get two difficulty levels (one for the arcade sequences and one for the puzzle sequences) and the bad thing is you can't select easy for both of them!

The Bottom Line
If you are interested in these type of games, then I'd guess you'd find this game good

PlayStation · by Grant McLellan (584) · 2001

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No Sound Rafael Fonseca Mendes Leal Jun 25, 2007


OEM version

An abridged version entitled Cyberia: Mission Norway was released to be bundled with soundcards and the like. This version takes you nearly halfway through the game.


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