Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula

aka: Starflight II
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Following the events of the first Starflight, the galaxy is at relative peace. The balance of power is disrupted when the Spemin, usually a minor nuisance, suddenly gain technological superiority and begin a campaign of expansionism. Through investigation, Interstel determines that the Spemin technology is not their own and that they have obtained it from somewhere on the other side of a flux (wormhole). Interstel commissions a force to visit this area, called the Cloud Nebula, and find a way to nullify the Spemin technology.

Starflight 2 is a space exploration game that contains much of the interface from its predecessor. This includes crew management, ship improvement, resource collection, planet landings, alien diplomacy and exploration of a new galaxy. Much of the gameplay takes place via a standard interface that allows access to ship stations. Landing on a planet however will shift to an overhead view and the player manually controls a rover while searching for objects of interest.

New to Starflight 2 is trading, alien races will now buy and sell unique items at different prices, it is no longer necessary to return to the Interstel starport to sell resources. As mentioned, the galaxy itself and the alien races that inhabit it are also new. New technologies exist for the player such as Blasto Pods (torpedoes); a devastating weapon, and Jump Pods; which will transport anywhere on the starmap.

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Average score: 78% (based on 12 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 46 ratings with 6 reviews)


The Good
Virtually roaming among the stars, can increase my powers. Dangers. Simple but complicated...

The Bad
In StarFlight2, I cannot sell minerals but only artifacts, so it takes longer to build up... Also, is there any walkthrough available?

The Bottom Line
Role game, adventures among the universe with lots of stars to visit and races to cope with...

DOS · by Rene Codere (2) · 2000

A Game I Still Play Today

The Good
This game, and its predecessor, had it all. You flew around in a large universe, with a custom ship AND a custom crew. This game succesfully combined action, strategy, tactics, and a bit of role playing, into what is one of the best science fiction games to date.

There are few games that bring a gleam to my eye and a song to my heart, but the Starflight games accomplish just that. With it's brilliant mix of playability, ease of use, story, humor, and great graphics, this is one game that begs for a sequel.

This is a game to which others like it have been judged, including Star Control 2, a very similar game. :) I can't gush enough about what this series of games means to me. :)

The Bad
Nothing, really. It didn't need any patches like games today. ;)

The Bottom Line
I would describe this game as mix of role playing, science fiction storytelling, and space exploration. It's funny, tense, and though provoking all at the same time. :)

DOS · by Brian Rubin (22) · 1999

An excellent sequel to a ground-breaking game

The Good
An awesome game. Trading with the various races was a lot of fun! You couldn't help having a sense of irony about the two very religious races of the Tandelou. If they learned that you had traded with the other group, they wouldn't even talk to you, let alone trade with you! I wonder where they got that idea from? :)

One race (can't recall the name right at the moment), I never did get to talk to me...

So, eventually in this game, if you don't get killed first... you get to time-travel! when you first start out, most of the starmap is covered by the cloud nebula. After you time-travel, you go back in time before the cloud nebula formed, and can see where the stars are at. Very nice touch!

The Bad
Unlike the first game, I wasn't able to put the clues together, solve the puzzles and finish the game. Got lost after going back in time.

The Bottom Line
A fun and refreshing twist on the original. Again, very open game-play, where you can move as slow or fast as you please, and in any direction you want to go.

DOS · by ex_navynuke! (42) · 2005

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Starflight and Starflight 2 were written in a mixture of Forth (!!) and assembly.


While Starflight 2 supports additional video modes, it loses a video mode of the original: 16-color CGA composite mode.


  • Computer Gaming World
    • September 1990 (Issue #74) – Role-Playing Game of the Year
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #6 Least Rewarding Ending of All Time


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