Ys III: Wanderers from Ys

aka: Ys III, Ys-3: Wanderer from Ys, Ys: Wanderers from Ys
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Adol Christin's long-time friend, Dogi, wishes to return to his home town of Redmont after hearing about strange disturbances that are happening there. Always looking for an adventure, Adol joins him and soon finds out the cause of this new evil.

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys breaks away from the "bumping into enemies" battle system of the first two games, allowing Adol to control his sword in a variety of directions. Beside changing the battle system, the game's perspective switches to a side-scrolling view, as opposed to the top-down one of the previous games. Adol also has the ability to jump now. New to the series is the use of magical rings, which give Adol different powering-up abilities such as healing and shielding. The game also uses various key items found along the way to solve minor puzzles and progress the story.


  • イースIII ワンダラーズ フロム イース - Japanese spelling
  • 伊苏III - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 伊蘇國3 - Chinese spelling (traditional)

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17 People

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Original creator
  • Falcom
  • Telenet Japan Co. Ltd.



Average score: 72% (based on 20 ratings)


Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 55 ratings with 0 reviews)

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Fan ports

The PC-88 version of Ys 3 was (illegitimately) ported twice by fans to the Sharp X1 Turbo and Sharp MZ-2500 computers. Since all three computers share the same Z80 processor and have similar graphics capabilities, the work mainly consisted of rewriting IO routines.

NES translation patch

On January 7th, 2005, fan translation group Vice Translations released a complete Japanese-to-English patch for the Nintendo version.


  • EGM
    • 1992 Buyer's Guide - Best Music (TurboGrafx CD version)


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