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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 14 3.6
Amstrad CPC 6 4.2
Arcade 13 3.9
Atari 2600 12 3.1
Atari 7800 7 3.7
Atari ST 10 4.0
Commodore 64 11 3.2
DOS 21 3.6
Game Boy 17 3.6
Game Boy Advance 13 4.4
Genesis 18 3.5
Lynx 7 4.2
MSX 7 4.2
NES 52 3.8
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 5 votes...
Nintendo Switch Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 4 Awaiting 5 votes...
SEGA Master System 23 3.7
Wii 5 3.9
Wii U Awaiting 5 votes...
Xbox 360 7 3.9
ZX Spectrum 9 3.7
Combined User Score 252 3.7

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Game BoyPlayer One (Nov, 1990)
Tous ces ingrédients mélangés à une bande sonore de qualité donne un résultant des plus détonnants. A acheter de toute urgence.
NESNES Archives (Jun 15, 2008)
Double Dragon is a game that was very popular in its time but due to some weak sequels at the end of its series is no longer given its proper due. Sure it’s a bit short and lacks a two-player simultaneous option but it is still a very fun and original beat ‘em up classic. For a longer game and the ability to fight together with a friend check out the equally classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge.
SEGA Master (Jun 28, 2004)
En conjunto Double Dragon se corona como el mejor beat'em up aparecido en Master System por varios factores: un control extenso e intuitivo, fases originales, buenos efectos sonoros y ambientación y sobre todo, el modo de dos jugadores simultáneos. La parte negativa viene dada por el parpadeo de pixels, unas animaciones mejorables y que no haya mas niveles para seguir jugando. Pese a todo el juego brilla por su enorme diversión y entretenimiento, todo un clásico.
NES1UP! (Sep 03, 2004)
C'est l'essence du beat'em up sur 8-bit. Les sprites sont juste à la bonne taille, et donc l'environnement suffisamment large pour être confortable, les couleurs sont assez bien choisies, même quand elles sont tendance fluo, les bruitages sont simples et excellents, les musiques très bonnes (avec mention spéciale pour celles d'intro et des niveaux 1 et début du 4, géniales !), mais le gameplay surtout est vraiment accrocheur, au niveau des attaques en particulier. Difficile de dire quelle en est la raison; donner des coups dans Double Dragon est toujours un régal, peut-être le tempo, peut-être la forme ramassée des personnages, ou peut-être une parfaite connexion entre les sprites, peu de beat'em up donnent en tous cas autant de plaisir que lui en matière de cogne.
Game Boy AdvanceThe Next Level (Dec 12, 2004)
For a game that made its debut nearly twenty years ago, Double Dragon still packs quite a punch. True, the beat-‘em genre may not hold the same impact like it once did all those years ago, beating people senseless continues to be a quick fix, especially when it comes to a game of this quality. Developer Million has taken the granddaddy of all beat-‘em-ups and brought it into the modern era in style. Overall, beat-'em-up junkies and Double Dragon fans alike will be wholly satisfied with the vast degree of features offered in the handheld installment. While it may not appeal to the casual gaming audience, the added features and overall playtime (approximately an hour) accout for enough incentive to warrant a purchase for anyone looking for a new action thrill.
NESGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2000)
Along with the standard punch and kick maneuvers, there are an assortment of special moves that are opened throughout the game. Additionally, these bad boys can acquire various weapons such as knifes, bats, and the infamous whip. Double Dragon absolutely rocks and the NES version is great in its own right.
Game Boy AdvanceGotNext (Dec 12, 2004)
Overall, beat-'em-up junkies and Double Dragon fans alike will be wholly satisfied with the vast degree of features offered in the handheld installment. While it may not appeal to the casual gaming audience, the added features and overall playtime (approximately an hour) accout for enough incentive to warrant a purchase for anyone looking for a new action thrill.
NESRaze (Jan, 1991)
Great definition and animation of the characters and objects make it worthy of Raze reader purchase. The two-player man-to-man option adds value to this enthralling package.
Game Boy AdvanceAtomic Gamer (Jun 29, 2004)
Beat-em-up fans would do well to try Double Dragon Advance, a well-made and greatly enhanced port of the arcade classic. There are a ton of new moves as well as new enemies and stages, and the fighting is a blast. Two player link mode is in, but don't expect much in the way of unlockable features. If you had fun at the arcades with the original game, you've gotta give this one a try.
Double Dragon is easily the best beat 'em-up released on the Gameboy thus far. Sprite and backdrop graphics are intricate with a high degree of detail. Boss sprites are big, the vertical and horizontal scrolling is smooth. Soundtracks can became rather irritating, but the sound effects have punchy impact. Sure, this version is easy to complete - but you'll have lots of fun in the process. The link-up mode is just beyond the beat. Double Dragon - get ready to take it out.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Mar, 1994)
Probably the best new wave beat-em-up to hit the arcades in years past was Double Dragon.
AmigaRaze (May, 1991)
[Budget re-release] The plot is simple; a one- or two-player game where you must travel through several levels kicking and punching your way past opponents. The wide range of hilarious moves available sets this game apart from the usual fare.
On their own merits, both versions are competent. I think that the Sega version could have been a little better, as it doesn't play quite well as the Nintendo, but nevertheless, it'll satisfy Double Dragon fans. The Nintendo unfortunately lacks the two-player option, but more than makes up for this deficiency with an extra one-on-one Street Fighter-style game included on the ROM. As a solo game it's engrossing and fun - it's a shame it won't be available until next year.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Apr 28, 2003)
A two-player "duel" (one-on-one) mode is included, but it's hardly worth your time. A very challenging and addictive game, Double Dragon spawned a number of sequels, including two on the NES.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Nov 10, 2003)
Double Dragon Advance is a great achievement and should serve as an example for any developer who is looking to create a remake of a classic title, as it shows that you can mix both old and new into something extremely playable. While Double Dragon Advance may prove to be a bit too fleeting for anyone seeking a long-lasting gameplay experience and the additional gameplay modes are a bit too restrictive in the design for what they're supposed to be, the game is still great fun and is definitely worth playing through long after you've beaten it the first time. Whether you're a longtime arcade beat-'em-up fan or a younger gamer who's new to the genre, Double Dragon Advance is just what you're looking for.
Atari STRaze (May, 1991)
[Budget re-release] The plot is simple; a one- or two-player game where you must travel through several levels kicking and punching your way past opponents. The wide range of hilarious moves available sets this game apart from the usual fare.
SEGA Master SystemThe Games Machine (UK) (Jan, 1989)
The problem of flickering sprites on the Sega has previously been a relatively minor one, Double Dragon changes that with its colossal amount of flicker. When characters move in front of one another things get very confused. Fortunately gameplay is simply terrific – playability makes Double Dragon one of the best Sega games yet.
NESNerdicus Reviews (Apr, 2015)
Despite the controls and sloppy mechanics that are rough around the edges, the gameplay is still spot on and addictive and it keeps you coming back for more. The more you die, the more frustrated you get, and the more you want to beat this damn game. It took me 30 yeas I tell you, but I finally did it. I'm not crying...they are tears of joy.
Game BoyPlay Time (Sep, 1991)
Wer solche Spiele mag, sollte sich von meiner Miesmacherei aber nicht anstecken lassen. Für die Möglichkeiten, die der Gameboy liefert ist das Game recht ordentlich gemacht. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist so durchwachsen, die Grafiken und der Sound sind in Ordung, die Steuerung ist sogar nahezu vorbildlich. Lediglich, daß an manchen Stellen sich eigene und gegnerische Sprites wie ein Ei dem anderen gleichen, bringt Verwirrung ins Spiel. Von den bisher für den Gameboy erhältlichen Prügelspielen zählt “Double Dragon“ allerdings mit zum Besten.
All in all Double Dragon has some very tasty graphics and has got a good solid feel to it (although it does flicker in places!) sound does tend to grate on a bit but is bearable. Definitely one of the better conversions for the Nintendo that will hopefully not be too long in getting to the shops over here.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Dec, 1989)
An accurate conversion of the popular arcade combat game which beat 'em up fans should relish.
Commodore 64Your Commodore (Mar, 1991)
Colourful and detailed graphics, satisfying beating, and five levels to pound your way through. Great stuff, especially at this price.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection (Aug 27, 2008)
Un gioco che consiglio a tutti i possessori di Master System, molto divertente soprattutto se potete giocarlo con un amico. Ricordate: la grafica non è tutto, ci sono molte strade per fare un buon gioco
Game Boy AdvancePocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames (Jan 01, 2004)
Alors que penser de ce Double Dragon Advance ? Que si vous étiez fan, vous devez courir l’acheter. Il s’agit tout simplement du meilleur Double Dragon I. Il dépasse même l’original, c’est dire ! Si, par contre, vous n’avez pas connu l’époque dorée des Luna Parks, vous aurez là un bon jeu de baston.
Xbox 360UOL Jogos (May 11, 2007)
Compensa? Não era mistério que "Double Dragon" seria uma cópia fiel do arcade da década de 80, surpresa é ver os mesmos pequenos defeitos que hoje não se justificam. Novas fases também poderiam ferir a essência do clássico, mas muitos jogos para Xbox Live Arcade dobraram esse problema adicionando modalidades extras. Conhece o Abobo? Se sim e já está dando risadas, baixe correndo que a nostalgia é pura. Quem não foi apresentado convém testar o demo primeiro. Recomendado, mas raspando.
Game Boy AdvanceDeeko (Nov 15, 2003)
Those looking for a genuine Double Dragon experience need look no further. The GBA version is everything you would want in a Double Dragon port and then some. With new stages, enemies and some interesting modes of gameplay, it is definitely a title that fans of the series will want to pick up. Sadly, the game length is really, really short, which makes the thirty dollar price tag a bit difficult to justify, but the game is a lot of fun and the upgrades have only made it better. This is the ultimate version of Double Dragon... and it's better than ever!
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy (Nov 17, 2003)
On the other hand, if you can appreciate a good electronic street fight, then Double Dragon Advance is the best you'll find on the GBA. It's got more style, depth, history, and plain old gameplay than meager competition like Final Fight One. If you're looking for some portable, side-scrolling fisticuffs, you can currently do no better. I recommend it to all fans of Double Dragon, and those who think they might be.
Game Boy AdvancePortable Review (Oct 23, 2005)
The replay value in DD is pretty damn plentiful. You can play the story mode either by yourself or with both of the two Lee brothers. You wont need a link cable, but you will have to switch characters. Now, I tested the link capabilities with my friend and I msut say, it was very impressive. There is even a survival mode to see how many enemies you can kill before dying. All in all, DDA has some sweet replay value.
SEGA Master SystemGame Freaks 365 (Apr 28, 2006)
Out of all the early SMS games we saw on the NTSC market, this is certainly one of the best. As video game history is concerned, this version is typically considered the best port of the arcade, period. Sega did a nice job with presentation and making it as close to the original as possible with only a few flaws. They're hardly a problem in the long run, and Double Dragon is simply a required title in any Master System fan's library. In addition, there is a fairly rare NTSC blue-label release in the US that tends to get collectors excited, so if you're looking for collectibles and playability, there you go.
SEGA Master SystemJoystick (German) (Jan, 1989)
Die Grafiken sind von solch guter Qualität, wie ich sie auf der Sega Konsole noch nicht gesehen habe. Einziges Manko: das starke Flimmern der Sprites. Hier muten die Programmierer dem Prozessor doch etwas zuviel zu. Double Dragon kann ich jedem Sega Besitzer ohne Einschränkungen nur ans Herz legen.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendoWorldReport (Nov 24, 2003)
And, well, there you have it. That's the whole game: an arcade mode that takes an hour or two to get through and the little bonus features. It's no ten-thousand-hour item-finding level-gaining marathon, just an honest arcade-style game. Beat it, and you're done. I can't speak for everyone, but it was worth 30 dollars to me, even for only like 10 hours of play. It's a great game, and I'll probably keep playing it.
If anything takes away from this excellent port, it's dying. Dying isn't exactly present in any form, but when it takes you all the way back to the start of the stage regardless of how far in you've gotten, then it's even worse. Add in some "leap-of-faith" jumping segments and you have one of the more unforgiving versions of Double Dragon. While a few minor quirks drop this one from the flawless status it could've received, this is still a must play if you own a Game Boy. There isn't a better playing side-scroller for the console in any form. Fans of the series will be pleased with this excellent conversion.
Atari 7800Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 10, 2003)
My main complaint is the animation. Although each move is smoothly executed, the group of enemies appear to share the same moves - even though you're assaulted by several different types of thugs. The characters are very small and stripped of a good deal of detail. On the plus side, a 3D-ish environment is supported by richly detailed backgrounds. A city skyline looming over the streets and garbage littered throughout alleys are two prime examples. Although limited in moves, the lack of variety does not detract from the gameplay. This is the forerunner of today's fighting games. If you're tired of twisting the stick six ways and pushing multiple buttons in order to execute a single move, give DD a try. I guarantee satisfaction.
Game Boy AdvanceDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Jun 11, 2005)
Unless you've never played the series, there's more than enough action here to bring back a few memories. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for in classic gameplay and music. There's a survival mode to keep you coming back as well. If you're a longtime fan of the series, than this is a no-brainer from the start.
Beat-em-ups would come and go on the NES. "River City Ransom" is generally regarded as stealing the crown on the system and there's a strong case for "Mighty Final Fight," but you always come back to "Double Dragon." That says something and it's not just blind nostalgia either. This is a true classic, arguably even better than the arcade game it's based on... if it had a co-op mode that is.
With the gameplay that made it famous, the soundtrack we'll never forget, and the unforgettable late 80s look, this is one for the ages. There's no arguing that later games in the genre did it better, but looking back, very few could ever be this memorable. Double Dragon is one title that will live in the minds of gamers no matter how long our hobby is around, no matter how mainstream gaming gets, and no matter how old we all get. Get it, play it, remember it.
NESJust Games Retro (Aug 17, 2003)
Double Dragon on the NES fares pretty well, even when considering that it has two strong strikes against it from the start. First, it's an 8-bit port of Taito's arcade cabinet, and the NES graphics aren't even close. Second, and more retrospectively, the genre quickly filled with "me too" brawlers - Bad Dudes, River City Ransom, Renegade, and Bad Street Brawler come immediately to mind. If you owned an NES, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a so-called "Double Dragon clone." Even though DD was not the first beat-em-up game (Taito released Renegade the year before), it is credited with defining the genre. So looking back, it must not only prove itself as a good game in its own right, it must also show why it is a better game than all the clones that followed - a sort of Double Dragonian quest for honor, if you will.
SEGA Master SystemVideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Os gêmeos Spike e Hammer vão salvar a mocinha, seqüestrada por bandidos. Quando ela é resgatada, é a vez dos irmãos brigarem entre si para ficar com a garota.
Game BoyVideoGame (Jun, 1991)
Um bom recurso deste game é que ele pode ser jogado por dois jogadores simultaneamente. Para isso, serão necessários dois aparelhos e um cabo que interliga os dois. A história é a mesma do grande sucesso Nintendo, no qual os irmãos Jimmy e Billy Lee tentam salvar a amiga Marion.
Game BoyRaze (Jul, 1991)
The graphics are quite superb, with backgrounds that would put many other bigger machines to shame - even in black and green. The only problem is that sometimes it is very difficult to work out which character you're controlling due to the blurred effect the Game Boy gives. The sound is impressive, with a super in-game tune pounding away throughout. The effects aren't quite as imaginative, but the playability, in a good light, is easily as good as any other version of the game.
SEGA Master SystemComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Dec, 1988)
On their own merits, both versions are competent. I think that the Sega version could have been a little better, as it doesn't play quite well as the Nintendo, but nevertheless, it'll satisfy Double Dragon fans.
75 (Oct, 2011)
In the arcade, Billy and Jimmy were able to fight together as one brotherly unit, but the co-op was regrettably chopped from the NES version. This does hurt the port’s street cred a bit, but the fighting is solid enough to see you through to the end.
NESJoystick (French) (Apr, 1991)
Double Dragon est un jeu assez prenant, mais il souffre nettement de la comparaison avec Double Dragon II, qui est disponible en France depuis plusieurs mois.
SEGA Master SystemRetrogaming History (Feb 24, 2010)
Un gioco storico e ormai famoso. Double Dragon è Double Dragon, e che cavolo! La conversione non sarà il massimo, ma è comunque buona. Se considerassimo solo il Sega Master System questo gioco sarebbe un acquisto obbligato, ma a tutti gli altri che amano il retrogaming in generale mi vedo costretto a sconsigliare questa trasposizione ed a preferire piuttosto l’originale o quella per Mega Drive o, ancora, quella per Nes, tutte e tre migliori.
WiiIGN (Apr 28, 2008)
Double Dragon is undoubtedly still a classic and satisfying beat-‘em-up brawler from the age of the ‘80s. This NES version, though, unfortunately sacrificed the two-player simultaneous play option that made the arcade original so notable in the first place. It’s still a solid game and worth your consideration at its pricepoint of five bucks, but those gamers looking to take back the streets side-by-side with a friend would be better off with a download of last week’s River City Ransom, or else waiting for the potential arrival of Double Dragon II: The Revenge sometime in the future.
Game BoyASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Sep, 1990)
Und das Schöne daran ist, daß TECHNOS fast eine 1:1-Umsetzung geglückt ist! Wären die Grafiken farbig, könnte man glatt meinen, einen verkleinerten Automaten vor sich zu haben. Hinzu kommt, daß sogar die Animation und der gesamte Spielablauf mit dem Automaten übereinstimmen; das Levellayout ist dagegen leicht geändert worden. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist etwas abgeschwächt worden, was der Spielbarkeit aber guttut. Sogar an den Zwei-Spieler-Modus wurde gedacht, sofern zwei Gameboys zur Verfügung stehen. Wenn Ihr auf Beat-em-up‘s steht, ist Double Dragon eindeutig die erste Wahl!
GenesisSega Pro (UK) (May, 1992)
DD is certainly an accurate translation of the coin-op, however, the game is very old and still too easy with its small play area and abundance of continues. Entry-level gamers, fans of the coin-op, and people who just like finishing games may find some secret pleasure hidden deep within its history-laden walls. They'll have to dig deep though.
Xbox 360Xboxdynasty (XD) (Sep 09, 2007)
Nichts desto trotz ist Double Dragon ein guter Titel für Beat `em up-Fans und Nostalgiker, welcher durchaus seinen Reiz hat, immer wieder für Zwischendurch ganz gut ist und vor allem zu zweit sein ganzes Potential entfalten kann.
Atari STST Format (Apr, 1991)
The original arcade game is a wicked laugh, but this conversion is disappointing. The sprites are very small and there are two or three glitches which can make it hard to finish a level - jumping up onto the boxes is nigh on impossible. The game is more fun with two players, particularly when one of you is getting beaten up and the other just looks on gleefully.
The game suffers a bit from awkward, unnecessary platforming sections and the fact that the NES could only handle two enemies on the screen at the same time (and of the same type to boot). The other huge drawback is that the two-player simultaneous mode that made the arcade version a blast is absent here. However, as a small consolation you can face a friend in a one-on-one battle in Mode B (using the same fighters). It’s a competent and fine port of the arcade hit, if a bit lacking in the full translation.
GameBoy Double Dragon is a nearly perfect version of the classic coin-op. The graphics are good, the play is identical to previous versions and the detail in the backgrounds is retained. A good action title that does complete justice to the title.
WiiNintendo Life (Apr 25, 2008)
All in all there are no complaints on this score. Despite its limitations on the NES hardware, the conversion of Double Dragon still manages to provide lots of entertainment. You will probably be able to complete the game in less than half an hour, but it is always fun to go back to from time to time.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Jun 24, 2011)
With a few different moves and weapons to experiment with, Double Dragon keeps the fighting interesting as you work through its varied environments. The first part of the game is a bit too easy, but it does a good job of training you up for the tougher second half. On the downside, using the jump attack to clear gaps takes a bit of getting used to and the music isn't always great (sometimes it's far from great). However, at the cheaper price point of £2.70 this is an offering that may appeal to fans of the series or genre. Overall this a short yet sweet experience.
Game BoyAll Game Guide (1998)
If you haven't played too much Double Dragon on other systems you may want to try this one. It is the same as most of the other versions so if you have played a lot of this game on other systems then you might get tired of the game quickly. There is a 2 player link mode if you want to play with a friend.
NESNES Times (Feb 04, 2008)
So ultimately, the NES version of Double Dragon is a good arcade port that still ranks as a decent brawler for the system, but could have been better. The graphics and sounds are well done and it does do a solid job of carrying on the spirit of its arcade predecessor. Unfortunately the lack of two-player simultaneous action, the slighty-annoying earning of moves and the cheap hits may turn off beat-em-up fans, especially those that enjoyed the coin-op original. Nevertheless if you give the game a chance, you'll find Double Dragon is still worth a playthrough or two. Double Dragon discyples looking for real 2-player action should check out the Sega Master System version or better yet, the superior NES sequels instead.
NESLens of Truth (Jul 27, 2009)
Double Dragon was one of my first three NES games and holds a special spot on the retro shelf. To me, it is the “granddaddy” of side scrolling beat-em-ups. There may have been others before it at the arcade, but certainly not on the NES. Its gameplay is solid, complete with a great list of moves, enemies, and a strong soundtrack to keep you deep in gang-pummeling mode. Although its sequel (DD II) is the overall better game, it is not yet available on the Wii Virtual Console. However this one is, and for only $5.00, I say buy and experience for yourself the beginning of the beat-em-up genre at home. And no, Urban Champion does not count.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (Nov 11, 2003)
I've always been a fan of the Double Dragon original game, and several of the sequels (Battletoads vs. Double Dragon rocked), and have owned home versions of the classic arcade title on the NES, Atari 7800, and even on the Atari Lynx. It's great that the game retains an old-school feel in an updated version on the Game Boy Advance, and as excellent fun as this brawler is on the's over before it gets going. And it's not because I'm experienced in the ways of Double Dragon, either, since there's a lot of new gameplay elements that require trial and error to figure out. You'll get your butt thrashed the first or second time through, but it'll only take another one or two times to get to the end. After that, well...there's not much else to it. It's great while it lasts, though.
Game Boy AdvanceNetjak (May 20, 2004)
Double Dragon Advance is a game that will be well received by many arcade and gaming veterans. In today's age, it's hard to find a good beat 'em up and Double Dragon is arguably one of the best to ever come along. However, it goes without saying that this game should have been released 10 years ago for one of the 16 bit consoles. The lack of a cheap and accessible way to play cooperatively really hinders this game. The additional features, while nice, really do not overshadow Double Dragon Advance's shortcomings. Having a portable Double Dragon is nice, but it's just too little too late.
Yes, games have come and gone in the beat-em-up category, and many have managed to surpass Double Dragon's greatness (most of them from Capcom). However, there's no reason you can't enjoy DD if you've ever played other classics like Final Fight. It remains a key ingredient in video game history for a reason, and it's addictive co-op remains intact.
DOSGames Preview (Jan, 1989)
Grafikken er ikke overbevisende - hverken i CGA eller EGA mode. Der et et umiskendeligt "Spectrum-iook" over de mere eller mindre sammenflydende farver. Til gengæld er mændene store. Lyden er rimelig efter PC-standard, og PC-udgaven slår de to andre versioner i spilbarhed.
DOSRaze (May, 1991)
The plot is simple; a one- or two-player game where you must travel through several levels kicking and punching your way past opponents. The wide range of hilarious moves available sets this game apart from the usual fare. PC owners are warned that they'll need a very fast machine to get any joy out of their version.
LynxneXGam (2003)
Trotzdem hat mir hat Double Dragon aber sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Gerade mit 2 Lynx und einem Kumpel an der Seite kommt sehr viel „kurzweiliger“ Fun auf. Leider sind die Gegner viel zu stark, so das man öfters neben dem Gegner steht und einfach nur den Button drückt und drückt und drückt,… bis er irgendwann endlich umgefallen ist. Es fehlt deutlich an Abwechslung den die Move Palette ist nicht gerade üppig und die Gegner rar gesäht. Wie gesagt, Double Dragon ist trotzdem eine sehr gute Umsetzung des Arcade Automaten. So sahen die Games damals einfach aus!! Für Fans dieses Genre gibt es auf Atari Lynx keine bessere Alternative.
Xbox 360GameSpot (May 10, 2007)
Nostalgia can be a harsh mistress, and with Double Dragon, odds are that in playing it now, it isn't going to live up to every fond memory you have of plunking down quarters on it in '80s-era arcades. Still, it's not bereft of amusement. Playing the game single-console or online with friends can be entertaining (just beware of periodic connection issues with the online play), and the new graphics do give the game a nice, new sheen. This is the sort of game you'll pay the $5 for, play a few times, get all the achievements, be over and done with, but still come out basically satisfied in the end.
LynxVideo Games (Feb, 1994)
Es macht immer noch Spaß, sich mit Uraltklassikern zu unterhalten. Der Automatenoldie wurde grafisch und spielerisch fast 1:1 umgesetzt. Sicherlich wird nicht die Klasse der heutigen Prügel- und Hau-Drauf-Spiele erreicht, doch dafür bekommt Ihr einen Originalhit geliefert. Die Schlagvielfalt ist umfangreich und intuitiv zu steuern, die Grafik nutzt das Lynx beeindruckend bunt aus, während sich die Soundeffekte etwas mager anhören. Double Dregon fürs Lynx ist mit Sicherheit die beste Handheldumsetzung des Münzschluckers für unterwegs. Auch zu zweit mit einem Link-Partner darf gekeilt werden, was natürlich mehr Freude aufkommen läßt.
Game Boy AdvanceDiehard GameFan (Nov 18, 2003)
Jesus, what is it with Atlus releasing great games that need to be played, only to having their final score brought down by bad marketing. First Shining Soul, then Demikids, now this. I might has well just slap a 6.5-7.0 rating on everything Atlus releases and have my reviews all say the same thing: A Great game that you need to try. Sure there are some big issues in regards to balance and the fact Atlus relies on only hardcore fans to get the word out, but it’s a game worth playing and seeing if it’s your thing.
Game BoyPower Play (Oct, 1990)
Knallharte Straßenkämpfer können sich jetzt auch auf dem Game Boy austoben. In insgesamt vier Missionen muß der Held seine Freunde aus den Klauen böser Streetgangs und Killer befreien.
LynxOldies Rising (Nov 14, 2014)
A force de trop vouloir insister sur le rendu graphique, les développeurs ont oublié l’autre élément essentiel qui compose un jeu vidéo : le gameplay. Vouloir rendre le jeu trop fidèle à la version arcade a ainsi eu pour effet de bloquer le joueur dans un espace confiné. Si celui-ci décide de passer outre ce défaut pourtant rédhibitoire afin de continuer sa partie pour connaître la fin de l’histoire, il restera sur sa faim au bout de vingt minutes et des quatre niveaux composant l'aventure. En réduisant, ne serait-ce que légèrement, la qualité graphique, les développeurs auraient sûrement pu offrir un peu plus de contenu avec quelques niveaux supplémentaires, et surtout une maniabilité moins frustrante. Le fan de la saga pardonnera peut-être cet impair mais une fois le jeu terminé, il ne reviendra pas dessus avant un moment, préférant sans doute une adaptation sur un autre support.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Dec, 1988)
DOUBLE DRAGON hätte als Umsetzung ein echter Hit werden können, denn obwohl sich alles in mir dagegen sträubt, muß ich doch zugeben, daß mir auch die Umsetzung recht viel Spaß gemacht hat. Dieser könnte um so größer sein,wenn nicht diese vermeidbaren Mängel wären, die DOUBLE DRAGON nach dreimaligem Durchspielen wohl langweilig machen. Und damit wird‘s wohl nichts mit dem Hit. So richtig Fun macht das Spiel eh nur im Zwei-Spiel-Modus, in dem sogar der Partner umgehauen werden kann und am Schluß sogar muß, denn wenn Ihr alle Gegner massakriert habt, dürfen sich die beiden Helden um das Mädchen schlagen. Wenn Ihr auf romatischen Heroismus dieses Kalibers steht, könnt Ihr Euch DOUBLE DRAGON reinziehen. Unbedingt schlecht ist das Programm ja nicht.
Game Boy (May 24, 2004)
Double Dragon Advance packs a punch and kick with its game play with numerous weapons, but it leaves a sense of blandness with lack of variety. Like most beat-‘em-up action games when it is over, there is no real point in playing the game through more than a few short runs. Since the game repeats many of the weapons and enemies, it feels rehashed and becomes old quickly. Fans of series and beat-‘em-up games will enjoy this game while it lasts. However, other gamers may get a ho-hum experience with the various flaws within the game.
SEGA Master SystemDefunct Games (Jul 15, 2006)
It's easy to see why a game like Double Dragon would appeal to so many people, its game play is extremely simple and you never have to spend any time thinking about solving puzzles. This Sega Master System port could have been good, but with its poor controls and repetitive game play this one is hard to recommend. There are far better ports of Double Dragon on other consoles, versions of the game where you are fighting characters like Abobo instead of the control pad. This Master System version isn't terrible; it's just not worth playing.
Game Boy (Aug 14, 2004)
This Double Dragon game is good for a trip down memory lane. The solo single player mode is very challenging and the single player double mode is very quirky. The only way to truly play this game is through the multipak link cable option. The game will frustrate players through its cheap deaths by the ruthless AI and inconsistence jump feature. Then the repetition will sets in after a few levels, ultimately sending this game's replay value into the sewer. However, if you are a hardcore Double Dragon fan, this game will certainly please as it is a decently remade port. And keep your eye out for Atlus' remake of River City Ransom.
SEGA Master SystemVideoGame (May, 1991)
Os irmãos Spike e Hammer devem salvar sua namorada, que foi seqüestrada por uma "gang". Para isto, devem lutar com várias delas para descobrir qual delas seqüestrou a garota. Que, lógico, será a última.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Jul 17, 2015)
Double Dragon is literally a game of two halves; the first two levels are fun with solid controls and a fair level of difficulty. The last two stages are extremely cheap though with frustrating gameplay and imprecise brawling that ends things on a sour note.
NESRetro Game Age (Jul 29, 2011)
If I were to recommend a version of Double Dragon to play I would say the arcade or master system version. That version is a straight port and is amazing for the time. While interesting, the NES version doesn’t stand the test of time and is too frustrating and generally not worth the hassle. Not all old video games age gracefully and Double Dragon is one of the unfortunate victims of time.
AmigaThe One (Mar, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Double Dragon is a lot more accessible than many Martial Arts games in as much as it's possible to learn the moves rather than just waggling the joystick aimlessly, but it is marred slightly by the appalling sprite design and the flat backgrounds. Having said that, what was a fair buy at full price becomes a reasonably good one now.
NESHonestGamers (Jun 14, 2013)
If you’ve ever enjoyed walking to the right and punching dudes, you need to play Double Dragon at least once. Other games have come along and done things better, including the NES sequels, but the original game is still good enough that it can be enjoyable for an afternoon. This is a deeply flawed port of an arcade classic, but it’s also easy to come by and cheap enough that if you’re at all curious about it, you should still seek it out.
Nintendo 3DSMag'64 (Oct 23, 2011)
„Double Dragon“ ist ein spaßiges Download-Spiel für drei Euro, das aber – Nostalgiker werden es bestätigen – sein ganzes Potenzial nur dann entfaltet, wenn man zu zweit unterwegs ist. Da das bei der Virtual Console nicht gestattet ist, bleibt Ihr alleine in den von Kriminalität erfüllten Umgebungen. Das ist zwar schade, aber nicht zu ändern. Wer auf einfache, stupide Prügel-Action steht, ist dennoch richtig. Erwartet Euch aber keinen allzu großen Tiefgang…
60 (UK) (Apr 25, 2008)
Judged as a single-player experience, Double Dragon is a surprisingly decent scrolling brawler given the limits of the hardware. It's no Streets of Rage 2 but it does include the ability to pick up and use enemy weapons, ladders and elevated areas, and a range of attacks including headbutts, knees to the face and spinning roundhouse kicks. There are a few sudden death moments - such as a water trap that spells instant game over, regardless of how many lives you have - but it's a solid little fighter that has aged rather well.
60 (Aug 23, 2004)
If I had any problems with this game, it'd be its shortness. There are only five levels, and the second level has a total of only NINE bad guys. NINE! Ballistic felt it needed to shorten the game, apparently. Other than that, the game is really fun, and a nice way to waste away a half hour.
The detail is jaw-dropping at times, nearly a carbon copy of the arcade game. This causes issues with the backgrounds however. Since so much scrolling is required, you'll constantly see just a plain gray ground which is not sufficient for a background in any game. The final level really brings this issue up front since your unable to see upcoming pits o' doom resulting in more than a few unwanted deaths. Die-hard fans of the game will find an interesting port of a classic game, but by no means the be all, end all of ports. The minute changes of the gameplay are enough to screw this one up enough to make it a mundane attempt at recreating the arcade experience in portable form. Purists need not apply.
SEGA Master SystemVideoGame (Oct, 1991)
Os Guerreiros Negros, a pior gangue da cidade, seqüestraram Mary Ann para obrigar a dupla Spike e Hammer a invadir o território deles. O jogo é constituído de quatro missões diferentes. A cada final de missão, você encontrará um membro da gangue. É preciso derrotá-lo para prosseguir.
DOSThe One (Jan, 1989)
As mentioned, the PC version is surprisingly fast, but it suffers graphically, and the over-use of cross-hatching only-serves to make the game look messy. Double Dragon is playable, sure, but it still fails to make the grade.
GenesisMean Machines (Apr, 1992)
I really enjoyed Double Dragon when it first came out in the arcades. After all, it was a milestone in the history of arcade combat games. This conversion is virtually identical to the coin-op, with graphics that are almost exactly the same. It actually improves on the original in one way because it doesn't slow down at all. On the down side, the bone-crunching sound effects aren't as good though as the coin-op, and the game is a lot easier than the arcade. I think that the easiness of the game is perhaps the biggest criticism I have. In two-player mode, MEGATECH editor Paul Glancey and myself completed the game on our first attempt. Perhaps if there weren't so many continues, the challenge would be stronger. The end-game sequence is also extremely disappointing. Although the £29.99 price tag is welcome, I can't help but think that you should save up an extra fiver and purchase Streets of Rage.
LynxMega Fun (Nov, 1993)
Die Sprites sind zwar schön groß gezeichnet, Animation und Hintergrundgrafik lassen dafür sehr zu wünschen übrig. Das Leveldesign ist auch alles andere als abwechslungsreich gemacht. Wundert Euch also nicht, wenn immer die gleichen Gegner in einander ähnelnden Landschaften auf Euch eindreschen. Alles in allem eine ziemlich lieblose, schnell zusammengeschusterte Umsetzung, die sicher nicht dazu beiträgt, das Lynx aus der Spieleflaute zu steuern.
GenesisPower Play (Jun, 1992)
Gott sei Dank spielt sich Double Dragon um einiges besser als der zweite Teil, obwohl auch das Original nicht übers Mittelmaß hinausreicht.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Apr, 1991)
Blurgh! This rather cruddy conversion of the hit coin-op was slated when first released, and it's not much better even at budget price. Unless you were nuts about the coin-op, or just nuts, leave it be!
Xbox 360IGN (May 09, 2007)
Double Dragon can be fun, but it under-delivers. This is a five-dollar game. You deserve more than a crap framerate and lingering bugs. The fact that co-op is so difficult due to the slowdown sucks most of the joy from Double Dragon. I was one of the many eager to play Double Dragon on XBLA. The wait wasn't worth it. Save your cash. If you want to waste five bucks, send it my way. I could use it.
Atari STThe One (Jan, 1989)
All these moans aside, for some reason Double Dragon manages to be quite playable (in a funny sort of way) in its own right, and the final two-player set-to where Billy and Jimmy fight it out for the affections of the shackled girl produced hoots of laughter from the participants. However, as it's In the "so bad it's almost good" class, I doubt that anyone who splashes out the asking price for it will see the funny side.
GenesisVideo Games (May, 1992)
Zugegeben, der Automaten-Oldie wurde grafisch und spielerisch gut umgestzt - aber ist eine 1:1-Version der Ur-Prügelei auch 1992 noch zeitgerecht? Leider nicht: Segas “Streets of Rage“ schlägt das Ballistic-Actionspiel in jeder Beziehung - grafisch, akustisch, inhaltlich. Nur im Vergleich zu “Double Dragon 2“ macht der erste Teil noch eine glänzende Figur. Ansonsten ist das Spiel zu bieder und konventionell, um 16-Bit-gestählte Videoprügler in positiven Streß zu versetzen. Auch der Zwei-Spieler-Modus ist bestenfalls für zwei, drei Abende eine unterhaltsame Sache, dann ist die Luft endgültig ‘raus: Laßt die Rate-Brüder (und ihre unglückliche Freundin) endlich in Frieden!
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Dec, 1988)
I would like to recommend Double Dragon, because when it comes down to it, it is quite fun. But I can't because it's just far too easy to be worth it, and for a coin-op conversion opportunity of this "cult" appeal it is not quite there.
SEGA Master SystemPower Play (Jan, 1989)
Kurzes Fazit: Wer unbedingt einen Fernost-Thriller braucht, fährt mit "Shinobi" eindeutig mehrere Klassen besser.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Apr, 1991)
The 8-bit versions of Double Dragon didn't really go very well with Amstrad owners when it first released owing to the fact that it doesn't look, sound or play much like it's arcade parent. A pretty mediocre release.
AmigaGames Preview (Jan, 1989)
Selvom Double Dragon både grafisk og lydmæssigt er langt bedre end sin navnebror på 64'eren, så lider spillet alligevel under een alvorlig fejl: Det er simpelthen for let. Jeg klarede mig faktisk igennem alle banerne i første forsøg. (Ja, så MÅ det være let! - Red). Double Dragon er betydelig sjovere, når man er to, og underligt nok gør dette spillet sværere - måske fordi man let kommer til at banke kompagnonen!
Commodore 64Commodore User (Jan, 1989)
This might all put DD into the mediocre stakes where it not for the agonising multiload on the thing. Fail on the first level and you have to reload most of it again. Baaarrrfff.
Game Boy AdvanceRetro Gamer (Jun, 2004)
The bottom line? The original DD was awesome back in the day, but looking back, I realise how poor the game was. Bringing it back fault for fault is a bad idea and it deserves to die a swift death.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Apr, 1991)
Aaggh! This is even worse than the Spectrum version - in other words, absolutely diabolical. Wobbly, jerky sprites faff around poorly drawn backdrops, making this about as entertaining visually as a knee to the groin. Avoid like the plague..
AmigaPower Play (Mar, 1989)
Einen grobschlächtigen Reiz will ich dem Automaten, bei dem man gleich drei Feuerknöpfe malträtieren darf, nicht absprechen. Doch auf dem Amiga schlappt der Spielreiz schon wegen der Steuerung ab. Mit nur einem Feuerknopf spielt sich Double Dragon zäher. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad der Umsetzung ist außerdem viel zu niedrig. Mit dem Baseballschläger in der Hand lassen sich die dumpfen Gegner sehr leicht vertrimmen.
SEGA Master SystemRetro Game Reviews (Jul 26, 2015)
Double Dragon on the Master System is the inferior 8-bit console port of the Arcade classic and it falls way behind even the flawed NES version. The beat-em-up action just isn't very enjoyable and the multitude of technical issues make for a frustrating and unsatisfying experience.
LynxRetro Game Reviews (Jul 22, 2015)
Double Dragon on the Atari Lynx is a classic case of style over substance. It might hook you in with its amazing graphics but they count for nothing when the gameplay is so weak and unpolished.
Atari 2600All Game Guide (1998)
One has to give Activision credit for trying to release such a game for the VCS this late in the console's life span. And as well-known as Activision was for expanding the graphics palette of the VCS, Double Dragon is graphically below par -- even for that console. In the end, Double Dragon is more of a collector's item.
Commodore 64Games Preview (Jan, 1989)
Double Dragon til Commodore 64 er mildt sagt elendig. Bortset fra et idiotisk multiload-system, og et sløvt gameplay, består alle modstanderne af to sprites - komplet med en synlig sprække mellem over- og underkrop! Disse irriterende fejl er langt fra de eneste, og sammen gør de Double Dragon til et af de værste karatespil, jeg kender.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Shark (Dec 23, 2003)
In the end, if you feel nostalgic, the game is a good buy. If you want better replay value, get a friend. Your other option is to learn to control both the Lee brothers at once with a feature that allows you to switch between them in a match.
Atari 7800Retro Game Reviews (Jun 25, 2016)
Double Dragon on the Atari 7800 is marginally better than the 2600 version but that's not exactly a compliment. The combat is ultimately unsatisfying and considering that's the most important aspect of any good beat-em-up there's really no reason to play this over the superior NES port (1988).
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
Sound effects are sub-par and, whether an attack effect or a small music track, come across as muffled like it was sampled at an extremely low quality. Many arcade games previously ported have been of exceptional high quality and provide gamers with accurate conversions where possible. Double Dragon, however, is an abysmally poor conversion and will leave most fans of the game with nothing but a sour taste.
Atari 7800Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Jan 29, 2005)
Just about the only thing you can say that's positive about this arcade port is that this is better than the 2600 version. That's it. It has some potential, but the difficultly makes sure it can never become playable to find out just how much. Only die-hard fans will it find it worthwhile to track this down.
Xbox (UK) (May 12, 2007)
With an improved GBA version on the market already, maybe arcade-perfect was never something to aspire to after all.
Smooth scrolling and faster gameplay makes this more comfortable than the Atari. However, it's only made slightly harder by dint of hazards on the final level and should similarly be avoided.
Unbelievable easy, the ST version was completed at the first sitting in one player mode. Irrespective of any aesthetic factors, this makes Double Dragon a total waste of time and money.
Atari 2600Retro Game Reviews (Apr 28, 2016)
Double Dragon is a brave attempt to bring the Arcade classic onto the underpowered Atari 2600 but it's a shoddy port with irritating A.I. and lacklustre gameplay. The haphazard programming means it's almost unplayable and overall it's easily the worst version of the game I've experienced so far!
Atari 2600HonestGamers (Jul 21, 2004)
But the saddest thing about this mess is that it could probably have turned out fairly well if you could actually get anywhere, something that should have become hopelessly apparent after even five minutes of actual play testing. To its credit, Double Dragon is still a lot better than luminaries like Knight on the Town – although pulling rank over anything in which the main character’s genitals are gnawed off by a hungry alligator probably isn’t the best choice of potential achievements. As such, ultimately this game is best left as a curious conversation piece . . . but not much of one.
Atari 2600Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Sep 25, 2004)
Sometimes you just have to admit a system has limits. Taking an arcade game that needed to be dumbed down for even the most advanced consoles on the market and trying to cram it onto the 2600 is NOT a wise decision. Still, someone obviously thought it was a brilliant move over at Activision, releasing a game that could very well be considered torture in a foreign country.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Feb, 1989)
I thought the point of a conversion was to put all the elements of the arcade original into the home version. Unfortunately, the programmers have left out quite a lot of things, such as the pit on level two where the enemies are supposed to fall, the large enemies that burst through walls and the dynamic knee-in-the-groin and the shoulder-throw moves. Also to its detriment are appalling graphics (which glitch) and feeble sound. Oh - and it's a multiload. Aaaaaargh!
Commodore 64Retro Gamer (Jun, 2004)
Double Dragon for the C64 is bugged to hell, badly presented and reeks of a rush job. If you were unlucky enough to buy this feeble effort when it first came out, then you know exactly where I’m coming from (and I’m guessing you took it back to the shop, claiming your Gran bought it for you by mistake). Avoid like a venereal disease.
Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (Dec 26, 2016)
As such, Double Dragon is virtually unplayable and easily ranks among the worst games for the system ever released by a generally reputable company. They really shouldn’t have bothered.
Commodore 64Computer Gaming World (CGW) (May, 1989)
The C-64 version was a pale shadow of the original. The moves were not there, the character icon didn't move as freely, and one could not stand toe-to-toe with the bad guys and slug it out. Instead, it was necessary to adopt a hit and run policy: hit the thug, move away, return and clobber him, back off, and so forth. Also, the inevitable shrinking down of the graphics to accommodate the limited memory on the C-64 left me personally disappointed. I didn't really expect the game to be as good as the arcade version, but a bit more similarity would have helped.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Oct 02, 2010)
Double Dragon was released in 1987, and its age is showing. If you're looking to get your kicks, stick with Streets of Rage.
Atari 7800The Video Game Critic (Mar 13, 2001)
Compared to the Nintendo version of this classic fighter, this edition is pathetic. It's not surprising that this was made by Activision, who also inflicted so much pain with the Atari 2600 version. The background graphics are dull. The simple, looping music will drive you mad. The fighters look blocky, but at least they don't flicker. There are about six moves, but the controls are not responsive at all, and only the flying kicks are particularly effective. The backgrounds, which were somewhat interactive in the NES version, are plain and static. There aren't even any barrels to pick up and throw. Sure you'll find a few weapons, but the knife looks more like a big cucumber. In the late 80's, when side-scrolling fighters were the rage, the Atari 7800 faithful missed out in a big way.
SEGA Master SystemThe Video Game Critic (Dec 14, 2000)
This is a lousy version of the classic two-player fighting game. The characters aren't very detailed and the backgrounds are plain. There is a tremendous amount of flicker, which makes the two-player version nearly unplayable. The control is fair, but this game doesn't deliver much in the way of fun. Too many hits are required to take out the bad guys, and they always manage to get in a few cheap shots. Throwing barrels and using weapons provides the most satisfaction, but these are sparse. When there's only one bad guy left, he tends to hang out at the edge of the screen, making you wait for him. The sound effects and background music are both pathetic. This game is a chore to play.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (May 14, 2001)
I'd recommend joining a gang before I'd recommend buying this game. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.