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In Quarantine, you play the part of a taxi driver, desperate to escape from the violent prison city of Kemo. Deliver passengers to their destinations, so you can earn money to upgrade your cab, and take on undercover missions in the hope that somehow you can find a way out. An impressive array of cab-mounted weaponry will help you to survive.


Quarantine SEGA Saturn Steal my fare will you!
Quarantine DOS Heading to a service shop
Quarantine DOS Title screen
Quarantine 3DO The passenger details his destination.

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Alternate Titles

  • "デススロットル 隔絶都市からの脱出" -- Japanese Saturn spelling
  • "Hard Rock Cab" -- Japanese PSX title
  • "Death Throttle: Kakuzetsu Toshi kara no Dasshutsu" -- Japanese Saturn title

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User Reviews

Hands up if you are playing this game during the pandemic! DOS Katakis | カタキス (41895)
Futuristic Action with a great plot DOS Apogee IV (2322)
Fondest memories of this amazing game DOS Corey McGuire (3)
Up there for best game of all time, if you can get it to work DOS Chad Henshaw (32)
A fast-paced, maniacal 3d 'driving' game. DOS RmM (73)
One of the best games I've ever played. DOS xroox (3959)
Let's get a cab! DOS Emepol (1558)

Critic Reviews

PC Gamer DOS Dec, 1994 92 out of 100 92
GamePro (US) 3DO May, 1995 4.5 out of 5 90
Score DOS Nov, 1994 88 out of 100 88
MikroBitti DOS Dec, 1994 85 out of 100 85
Game Players 3DO Jun, 1995 80 out of 100 80
Joystick (French) 3DO May, 1995 70 out of 100 70
PC Player (Germany) DOS Dec, 1994 68 out of 100 68
PC Joker DOS Nov, 1994 63 out of 100 63
High Score DOS Apr, 1995 2 out of 5 40
Video Games 3DO Apr, 1995 39 out of 100 39


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I talked to Ray Larabie, via e-mail a while ago, and told him how much I loved Quarantine. I asked him if he had any interesting bits of trivia or anecdotes he could tell me. He was kind enough to reply with this (which I hope he won't mind me submitting here):


If you start the game with -sassyversion all the passengers will be nude! Some of the names of the characters come from Toronto clubs that hosted "Elvis Mondays". Drake, Edgewater, Beverly etc... All Toronto club names. Kemo was named after a Toronto drug legend. Sometime in the 80's the government developed a super powerful strain of medical marijuana for use in chemotherapy. The seeds were allegedly stolen and for a while there were reports of "superpot" called Kemo going around. Probably just a tale.

When I was testing the game none of the programmers could spare a minute to give me any cheat codes. It was very frustrating as I had to rely on save games which don't always take you to the right spot. Thanks to GameTek, the pirate community got hold of an early version of the game. Someone kindly made a cheat program to edit car stats etc. That helped me test the game.

The donut mission in the Wharf. I knew it was too difficult. I asked Ed to change it a couple of times but I guess it slipped his mind. We didn't have a bug database back then, just scraps of paper, napkins etc. We fixed it in the 3DO version. Here's how you get past it: Make sure you get your ride on the south side of the map, far away from the trainyard. Pick up fares down there until you get the mission. Save your game immediately! Drive on the sidewalk and use your nitros, rubbing against the parking meters etc all the way down to the trainyard. Save immediately. Now you should have just enough time to get through the maze of trains. Sheesh!

In Japan, Quarantine for the Playstation is called Hard Rock Cab.

Why hovercabs? The original demo was done right about the time Wolfenstein 3D came out. There were some flat shaded polygon cars running around the streets but the poly count was limited for forty, Not enough for round wheels. I didn't do the cars in the first game but I did about half of them in Roadwarrior. After we switch to sprite cars we were used to the idea of hovercars. Greg drew the original hovercoils. Some were roundish but I pushed him toward the cubic ones. I wanted a burning hovercoil to fly off a car when it was destroyed but there wasn't enough time to do it. The city was built with a system of blocks. These blocks couldn't be rotated so I had to make really complicated systems to get everything to fit together. That editor was a big pain in the ass! The map editor was really fun. You could pick a block type and just paint them down with the mouse.

During the course of the game you were supposed to be collecting parts of a modified hovercoil that could lift the cab to airplane height for an aerial blimp/hovercop battle. Since we were using a raycasting engine we couldn't tilt the cab which would had made for some shitty flying so it was scrapped.

The bad guys were made by dressing me up like a tough guy and putting me on a rotating turntable made pieces from Kevin's (boss and lead coder) doghouse. The motorcycle riders were done by putting an exercise bike on the same platform. I had built a cool, cardboard prop gun but it ended up being about two pixels high!

That's about everything that could be called interesting. I was joking with Greg (lead artist on Quarantine) about doing a remake and he suggested that we would do all the Quarantine areas and the Roadwarrior areas. We'd definitely make sure Drake was first and foremost a cab driver. Picking up passengers is the most important part. I like the hovergrid thing in the park. I didn't think you should blow up if you stay off the hovergrid too long but there should have been some kind of disadvantage. Like scraping the ground and damaging your hovercoils and losing control a bit. No getting out of the cab though. No switching to a new cab. Just Drake and his cab running baddies down. "If the eyes are glowing, he ain't worth knowing"


Ray Larabie
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