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The unofficial game quadrilogy by Quintet and Shade, Inc.

These four action RPG games shared several motifs like the themes of death and resurrection, the characters gods of light and darkness (called Gaia and Dark Gaia respectively) as well as some bosses can be found in more than one of the games. All games also have areas set on Earth. The SNES games even share and reuse some sprites, including the main font. There's also a reoccurring minor character.

According to an interview with Koji Yokota, ActRaiser, Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia are connected in scenario writer Tomoyoshi Miyazaki's mind, whereas Terranigma and The Granstream Saga are somewhat different because he was the one who came up with the basic idea for The Granstream Saga while not knowing the history of Terranigma's development.

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