Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Credits


Neversoft Skate TeamAaron Cammarata, Ralph D'Amato, Noel Hines, Gary Jesdanun, Joel Jewett, Ryan McMahon, Nolan Nelson, Johnny Ow, Scott Pease, Silvio Porretta, Chris Rausch, Junki Saita, Darren Thorne, Jason Uyeda, Mick West
Neversoft Skate Team Assisted ByJeremy Anderson, Dave Cowling, Lisa Davies, Edwin Fong, Christopher Glenn, Rendall Harrison, Sandy Jewett, Jason Keeney, Mark L. Scott, Aaron Skillman, Christopher Ward
Neversoft ThanksJamie Briant, Mark Burton, Peter Day, Matt Duncan, Chad Findley, Alan Flores, Steve Ganem, Brian Dean Jennings, Kevin Mulhall
Executive ProducerDavid Stohl
Line ProducerNicole Willick
Associate ProducerStacey Ganem
Sound Effects And Dialog EngineeringKeith Arem
Video Editing and CompressionChristopher Hepburn
Intro MovieLarry Paolicelli
Additional MusicKeith Arem, Brian Bright, Aaron Cammarata, Matt Duncan, Aaron Julin, Keith Prokop
Voice TalentRalph D'Amato, Joel Jewett, Silvio Porretta, Chris Rausch, Elissa Steamer, Dave Wittenberg, Perry Zombolas
Skateboard TalentTim Burns
QA DirectorJim Summers
QA Manager, Console TestingJoseph Favazza
QA Senior LeadJoseph Favazza
Project LeadAlex Coleman
Floor Lead/Database ManagerJairo Silva
QA TestersEric Bitton, Patrick Bowman, Lee E. Casady, Adrian Giovannone, Kurt Gutierrez, Halo Mauch, Douglas Mirabello, Ian M. Moreno, Geoffrey Olsen, Jefrey Sedivy
Customer Support ManagerBob McPherson
Customer Support LeadsGary Bolduc, Michael Hill, Rob Lim

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kartanym (10724)