aka: DOOM95, Doom: Evil Unleashed
Moby ID: 1068

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PC-98 credits (1994)

22 people (18 professional roles, 4 thanks)

ID Software is ...

Chief Executive Officer Jay Wilbur
Software Engineers John Carmack, John Romero, Dave Taylor
Artists Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud
Designer Sandy Petersen
Testing and Technical Support Shawn C. Green, Maurice Hale
Special Thanks to ... Composer Robert Prince
Special Thanks to ... Model Development Gregor Punchatz
Special Thanks to ... Sound Driver Paul Radek (as Paul Raydek)
Special Thanks to ... Cover Illustration Don Ivan Punchatz

Imagineer is ...

Executive Producer Takayuki Kamikura
Supervisor Seiji Tashiro
Director Tomohiko Sato
Localization Infinity
Marketing Director Hidenori Ueno
Special Thanks Shingo Tsuda, Yuichiro Kei, Nobushiro Hirosawa, Junichi Matsumoto (as Junichi Matumoto)
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