Wolfenstein 3D

aka: Wolfenstein 3-D, Wolfenstein 3D: Second Encounter, Wolfenstein 3D: The Claw of Eisenfaust
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This adaptation of the first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D is not a straight port, but a remix with substantial changes as well as new additions.

While the basic gameplay of exploring levels, shooting enemies, collecting treasures, keys and power-ups remain the same, only half of the original game's 60 levels have been retained. Each of those 30 levels (grouped into six missions, with two levels being secret ones) is a simplified version of an original level. The end bosses for the missions are taken from both Wolfenstein 3D and its prequel, Spear of Destiny.

Other changes from the original include new power-ups: an ammo box (taken from Spear of Destiny) and backpack that increases the maximum amount of ammo that can be carried.

The original's weapons (knife, pistol, machine gun, chaingun) all return, but there are also two completely new tools of destruction: a flame thrower and a rocket launcher.


  • ウルフェンシュタイン3D - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 78% (based on 25 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 59 ratings with 4 reviews)

An utter classic!

The Good
This is the game that started all the FPS's. The game still plays so well; shooting the SS has never been so much fun! The best conversion of Wolfenstein 3D you can get [it's a port of the Mac version].

The Bad
The graphics, while doing the job, look so dated now. Plus you can get very lost in all the rooms as they basically look all the same, really.

The Bottom Line
Play it and see how fair FPSs have come technicaly.

Jaguar · by UltraViolet (1) · 2003

Great game, wrong console

The Good
Its Wolfenstein 3D, the game the defined the first person shooter genre, adding a few more weapons and enemies. Some new maps were also designed. The sound program was done well for an SNES game, but its still best on the DOS version.

The Bad
As the one line summary suggests, the SNES limitations on this game are seen. The graphics engine looks really blurry and its only because it is on the SNES. The SNES is not meant to take on 3D rendered graphics, but handles the 2D graphics very clearly.

Nintendo being as hard-nosed as they were at the same time also was a big problem. Nintendo forced them to take out the references to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, which of course is the theme of the game itself. Nintendo forced them to change the Adolf Hitler posters to just a soldier on the wall, as well as removing any poster that had a swastica on it, including the maps that had designs with a swastica (there were a few) in it. Music related to the Nazi party or Germany, such as the Horst Wessel Lied were removed. Yankee Doodle Dandy was also removed due to Nintendo's strict regulations.

The Bottom Line
Still a great game, but dont waste your time trying out the SNES version for fun, stick to the DOS version.

SNES · by Scott G (765) · 2005

Not so super

The Good
The good thing is that it is, and works like, Wolfenstein 3D, man!

The Bad
I can accept the graphic being sub-par for the Super Nintendo, but the censorship is just moronic!

German shepherds are now giant mutant rats, because you know shooting dogs are just cruel! It's just another sign that so-called animal protectors only care for dogs and cats and other pets!

It's even worse that all references to Nazism and WW2 has been removed! There is no swastikas to be seen, and the awesome Hitler robot doesn't or any of the portraits are without that trademark mustache!

Blood is toned down too.

In the name of political correctness they removed all references to one of the darkest chapters in the 20th century! Something is plain wrong here!

The Bottom Line
Isn't Wolfenstein 3D available on every system ever made? Perhaps you can even play it on your cellphone today?

That should make this version pretty un-nessecary overall, besides as a odd curio for collectors.

SNES · by blueberrymustard (2) · 2012

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Wolf3D was ported to the Super Nintendo in 1994, but in a move that angered id Software, Nintendo of America had them censor the game beyond belief, including (but not limited to): changing the German Shepherds into mutant rats, changing all the dialogue into generic English yells, removal of all Nazi symbols like the swastikas and Hitler pictures, and blood removal. In retaliation, id handed the SNES Wolf3D engine over to a Christian game design company called Wisdom Tree, who created the only unlicensed game ever to appear on the SNES: Super Noah's Ark 3-D.


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