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aka: East Front: UberSoldier, Восточный Фронт: неизвестная война, 超级战士

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ÜberSoldier is a first-person shooter that takes place during World War II, when the Nazis have found an ancient Tibetian technique to revive the dead. This technique gives the subject special powers, and the first person that speaks to the subject will be the one that he/she obeys. In their struggle to win World War II, the Nazis have started to use this technique to turn dead German soldiers into super-soldiers called "UberSoldiers" that take advantage of these special powers.

In ÜberSoldier, you play as Karl Stoltz, a German officer who was killed in a French ambush. Stoltz is now one of the ÜberSoldier test subjects. Unfortunately for the Nazis, the French discovered the lab that the ÜberSoldiers were being created in, and the first person that speaks to Stoltz ends up being a French soldier. You guessed it -- Stoltz joins the Allies and is seeking revenge against his former masters.

Along the way, Stoltz will depend on his ÜberSoldier powers to help him survive. Headshots will power up his bullet shield, which will temporarily make him invincible to enemy fire. Slashing enemies in the head with his knife will give him extra health.

Gameplay is traditional run-'n-gun. You have five weapon slots for a pistol, rifle, machinegun, rocket launcher, and grenade. If you happen to come across another version of the same gun, but you already have that gun, you will need to swap the gun you have for the gun you are picking up by pressing the use button.

ÜberSoldier uses a weapon selection system similar to Half-Life. When you select a weapon, there will be five boxes at the top of the screen that show which weapon is in the corresponding slot, and which one is selected. You then switch to that weapon by pressing the fire button. At all times, you have a knife that you can quickly slash enemies with by simply pressing the melee button. Dead enemies will drop a health pack and their weapons/ammo when they die. There is no friendly fire, and enemies die easier when they are shot in the head.


  • UberSoldier: Восточный Фронт - Russian re-release spelling

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German version

In the German version, all blood and gore effects were removed. Additionally ragdoll effects on corpses and dying animations for enemies set on fire were removed.


In the submarine level, when Karl Stolz - the game's hero, calls the allies to pick him up he says "...This is the seized U-571...". This is a reference to the movie U-571.

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