The Godfather II

aka: Der Pate II, El Padrino II, Kmotr II, Le Parrain 2, O Poderoso Chefão II, Ojciec chrzestny II
Moby ID: 40203

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Windows credits (2009)

577 people (553 professional roles, 24 thanks) with 583 credits.

EA Redwood Shores

Executive Producer
Creative Directors
Senior Development Directors
Senior Producer
Art Director - User Interface
Art Director - Characters
Art Director - Environments
Visual Effects Director
Animation Director
Audio Director
Cinematics Animation Director
Game Design Lead
Design Development Director
AI Design Lead
Meachnics Design Lead
Technical Design Lead
World City Architect
World Design Lead
World Designers
Mission Designers
Venue Design Lead
Venue Designers
Lead Engineer
Technical Director
Director of Technology
Development Director - Engineering
Lead Gameplay Engineers
Senior Gamplay Engineering
Gameplay Engineering
Additional Gameplay Engineering
Platform Lead
Core Engineering
Senior Rendering Engineering
Rendering Engineering
Additional Rendering Engineering
Audio Engineering
Build Engineering
Neo Tools Team
Development Director - UI/Strategy Game
Lead Strategy Game Designer
Lead Strategy Game Engineer
Strategy Game Engineer
Lead UI Engineer
UI Engineers
Additional Engineering
UI Designer
UI Artist
Associate Producer
Assistant Producer
Localization Producer
Additional Production
Administrative Assistant
Technical Director - Online
Online Design Lead
Online Designers
Online Engineering Leads
Online Engineers
Development Director - VFX/IGC/UI/Characters
Development Director - Characters & Animation
Development Manager - Characters
CG Supervisor - Characters
Technical Art Director
Character Technical Directors
Lead Character Artist
Character Modelers
Senior Technical Artist - Shanghai
Technical Artists
Additional Artists
Visual Effects Artist
Cinematics Animator
Cinematics Technical Artist
Development Director - Environment
Development Manager - Environment
Senior CG Supervisor
Associate CG Supervisor
Technical Artist
Buildings and Interiors Lead
Interior Artists
Object & Materials Lead
Additional Environment Art
Lead Vehicle Modeler
Vehicle Concept Art
Concept Artists
Additional Concept Art
Senior Animators
Gameplay Motion Capture Talent
Dialog Supervisor
Dialog Editor
Additional Sound Design
Video Post-Production Director
Video Post-Production Lead
Video Editors
General Manager, EA Redwood Shores Studio
COO, EA Redwood Shores Studio
SVP, Group General Manager
VP, Group Product Development
VP, Group COO
CTO, EA Redwood Shores Studio
Director of Finance, EA Redwood Shores Studio
Director of HR
Executive Assistant, EA Redwood Shores Studio
Additional Art
  • DQ Entertainment
Special Thanks
The Godfather II Team would also like to thank
  • The wives
  • husbands
  • children
  • significant others
  • relatives
  • friends and pets who provided unconditional love and support behind the scenes during the game's development

Hypnos Entertainment


EA Canada

Motion Capture Team

English Voice Talent

Featured Cast
Voiceover Talent

EA Melbourne

Development Director
Lead Programmer
Senior Programmers
Additional Programmers
UI Artist
QA Platform Lead

EA Shanghai

Character Leads
Environment Lead
Project Manager
Environment Artists
Vehicle Artists


Technical Art Lead
Lead Artist
Environment Artist

Globant LLC

Project Managers
Software Engineers
Flash Actionscript Developers
Flash Designers


Executive Music Producer
Music Licensing Manager
Composed & Conducted by
Recorded & Mixed by
Recorded at
  • Skywalker Ranch
Performed by
  • Skywalker Symphony
Orchestra Contracted by
Score Produced & Supervised by
Orchestration by
Music Preparation by
  • Steven Juliani Music
Additional Music & Arrangments by
Additional Music Composed & Arranged by
"The Godfather Waltz"
  • Nino Rota (Writer)
  • Published by Famous Music Corporation [ASCAP]
"Love Theme from The Godfather"
  • Nino Rota (Writer)
  • Published by Famous Music Corporation [ASCAP]
"It's A Man's Man's Man's World"
  • James Brown (Performer & Writer)
  • Betty Newsome (Writer)
  • ©1966 [Renewed] Dynatone Publishing Company [BMI]
  • Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. [BMI]
  • All rights administered by Unichappell Music Inc.
  • Recording courtesy of Universal Records
  • Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
"Ain't That A Kick In The Head"
  • Dean Martin (Performer)
  • Sammy Cahn (Writer)
  • Jimmy Van Heusen (credited as James Van Heusen (Writer))
  • Published by Maraville Music Corp.
  • Recording courtesy of Capitol Records LLC
  • Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Additional Music Courtesy of
  • Associated Production Music LLC

Electronic Arts

Executive Assistant, US Studios, EA Games
EA Games President
COO, EA Games
VP Global Marketing
Senior Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
Marketing Intern
Senior Director PR
Senior PR Manager
Community & Online Marketing Director
Online Marketing Manager
Community Manager
European Localization International Project Manager
European Localization International Project Manager Assistant
European Localization Technical Lead Engineers
European Localization Audio Engineers
European Localization Integration Engineers
European Localization Project Managers
European Localization Head Testers
European Localization Coordinators
European Localization Testers
European Localization Translators
European Localization Recording Studios
  • Audio Control Grabación
  • La Marque Rose
  • Toneworx
  • Wolf Frass
  • RWS Sstudio
  • Synthesis International SRL
Asian Localization International Project Manager
Asian Localization Coordinator
Asian Localization Engineering
Asian Localization Support
Senior QA Director
Senior QA Manager
QA Manager
Senior QA Project Lead
QA Franchise Lead
QA Project Leads
QA Tools
Development QA Assistant Leads
Development QA Testers
QA Assistant Leads
QA Senior Testers
QA Testers
QA Shared Services Manager
QA Compliance Leads
QA Compliance Testers
QA Database Administrator
QA Support Hardware
QA Administrative Assistant

Paramount Digital Entertainment

SVP, Interactive
VP, Interactive Production
VP, Marketing
PDE would like to thank

EA Los Angeles

QA Senior Manager
QA Project Lead
QA Lead Tester
QA Senior Tester
QA Compliance Lead
QA Compliance Specialists
QA Testers

VMC Game Labs - Hyderabad, India

Senior Test Leads
QA Test Lead
Senior QA Testers
QA Testers
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