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Cool Spot is a colorful 2D platform game featuring the 7-Up mascot as the main protagonist. The game objective is fairly simple and straightforward. The player character has to collect enough number of cool points throughout each level in order to find and rescue his captured uncool Spot buddies and complete the game.


  • クールスポット - Japanese spelling

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Sprite Management Tool
  • ''Chopper''
Sprite Management Engineers
Design Director
Level Design
Music & Sound
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Parade Tune by
''Wipe Out'' Copyright 1963
  • Miralest Music Company/Robin Hood Music
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Average score: 82% (based on 59 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 122 ratings with 5 reviews)

Probably the best game ever to be based off a beverage.

The Good
For those who can't tell by the numerous appearances of the product, Cool Spot is a game based off 7Up's early 90's mascot, Spot. The premise is simple; Spot must traverse various levels in quest to save his fellow Spots who, as the manual explains to me, have been captured by Wild Wicked Wily Will. If you don't have the manual, there's no way you could possibly know that. All you know is that you must collect “cool points” to free a Spot from a cage at the end of each level.

Let's be real here, the story doesn't matter. In fact, I'm impressed that someone even came up with a story based off of a beverage mascot. What does matter is that this game is a beautiful platformer with its share of flaws.

Cool Spot is a real treat to the senses. Wonderful animations compliment detailed sprites and stunning backgrounds. Spot is instantly charming. Everything, even down to his idle animations, drips personality. Sure, we've seen characters show off their 'tude before, but none are so adorable as Spot. The music is also amazing. Done by none other than Tommy Tallarico, the soundtrack does a lot to compliment the “cool” nature of the game.

The Bad
Although the strong graphics and music help Cool Spot stand out in the 16-bit platformer crowd, the gameplay isn't anything special. It's a standard platformer, that offers nothing new. You climb, you jump, and you dispatch enemies by shooting, uh, whatever Spot shoots. I don't know, maybe it’s the physical manifestation of all his “cool”.

What's worse is that the game doesn't include a single boss battle. Not one. Not anything approaching the definition. There isn't even a stronger variant of another enemy that stands in your way. Not even at the end. There aren't even any puzzles to solve. Other than a change in background, there isn't much difference in the levels.

Don't get me wrong, the game is fun. The level design is at least competent. There is nothing offensive about its gameplay. I was able to complete the game without it wearing too thin. The problem is; there is no reward for playing through the entire game. After a few levels in, they start reusing backgrounds, so there's nothing to look forward to. That means you could play to around level 5, shut the game off, and not miss a damned thing.

The Bottom Line
Despite stellar graphics and a wonderful soundtrack, Cool Spot is a difficult game to recommend. It makes inoffensive use of its license (which is more than can be said about games these days), but there's nothing to keep you playing. Luckily, it's an easy enough game to find cheaply, so it's not a bad choice to add to your collection. Just don't expect to be playing this over and over again. Cool Spot is an AVERAGE game.

Genesis · by Adzuken (836) · 2009

Drink Me

The Good
Cool Spot for the Sega Genesis was one of many high-quality, 2D platforming games by Virgin Software in the early - mid 1990s.

The player takes control of the 7UP mascot through several platforming levels that show off the hardware capabilities of the Genesis as well as the creativity of the folks at Virgin.

Spot can do what most platforming characters can do; walk, jump and climb. He has an unlimited supply of fizzy balls that he can shoot as projectiles and there are lots and lots of items and secrets to locate in each level (i.e. for extra lives, restored level, bonus points, etc).

At the end each level you will find a group of your fellow Spot people (spot-tians?) imprisoned in a cage, which you need to blast with your fizzy balls (assuming you collected enough of the Spot icons).

The "coolness" about Cool Spot comes in its amazing animation, graphics, music and sound effects. The game play mechanics are simple and easy to pick up and it is clearly one of the best video games based on a soft drink or snack food mascot.

The Bad
Cool Spot could have done with bosses at the end of the levels, in addition to the imprisoned Spots.

The in-game story line, beyond recusing other Spots, is virtually non-existent. Sometimes you may get a tad bored at blasting enemies with fizzy balls, which cannot be upgraded, and yes, sometimes you may find yourself wanting a bit more originality in the platforming adventure.

The Bottom Line
Cool Spot is a truly "cool" when it comes to perfecting the look, sound and overall feel of 16-bit, 2D platforming. In the 1990s, the talent, creativity and skill at Virgin was simply revolutionary and this game is a fine example of its well deserved praise.

Genesis · by ETJB (428) · 2013

One of the most iconic characters of advertising gets a game. And it's actually good.

The Good
The Cool Spot is an anthropomorphic red dot which has apparently peeled himself off of his normal place on a can or bottle of 7-Up lemon-lime soda. He presents an image appropriate to his name, complete with sneakers and black sunglasses, and arrives to tout the virtues of the "un-cola", 7-Up, as an alternative to products like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. From the first, the Cool Spot was a big hit. So perhaps it is not surprising that a game was eventually made featuring the little guy. And, unusual for product tie-ins, the game was actually pretty good.

Cool Spot, the game, is a by-the-numbers platformer. Your character runs, jumps, and fights through a variety of environments filled with obstacles and enemies. Very little is much different from games like the Super Mario Bros. or the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Even so, it is a well-done example of the genre and therefore fun to play. The action is fast and involves a lot of high-flying jumps. It has everything you look for in a solid platformer.

The story, which is as brief as might be expected, is that all of the Spots except one (the player) have been captured. It is naturally up to the hero to go rescue his comrades.

Level design is the most creative part of Cool Spot. Since the main character is a tiny icon off the side of a soda, the environments are all seen from that perspective. The player gets to explore such places as the beach, the inside of a wall, a room full of toys, and the like. Everything is extra large to the diminutive Spot.

There is really only one attack in the game. Cool Spot can "shoot" soda bubbles at his enemies. It is works fine and enemies are never much trouble to dispatch. However, it does lack variety.

Music is pretty good in the game. The soundtrack is a fun and suitably cool set. It matches the subject matter. And the sound effects are decent. The Cool Spot's squeaks are generally amusing.

Graphics are at the high end for the Super Nintendo. The creative levels were all well drawn and animated.

The Bad
The gameplay suffers from a lack of variety by the end. And having only one weapon does not help.

Not being able to save also gets to be a pain.

The Bottom Line
Cool Spot is one of the best tie-in games ever made and an enjoyable game overall. It did not do anything genre breaking, but it is a solid platformer.

SNES · by Steelysama (82) · 2009

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In the PC version, there are two batch files (UKVER.BAT and USVER.BAT) in the Cool Spot game directory. UKVER.BAT makes the game "British" by removing the 7-up logo from the bottle displayed in the title screen. USVER.BAT on the other hand returns the 7-up logo.


  • Amiga Joker
    • Issue 02/1995 – #3 Best Dexterity Game in 1994 (Readers' Vote)


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