Destiny 2

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PlayStation 4 credits (2017)

2,277 people (2,196 professional roles, 81 thanks) with 2,308 credits.


Destiny universe created by
  • Bungie
To our community
  • You've become the main characters in the stories we tell.
  • You've filled our worlds with your light and your friendship.
  • Thank you for your passion for our games and for each other.
  • Most of all; thank you for playing.
  • 🖤 Bungie®

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Art

3D Character Art Leads
3D Character Artists
Additional 3D Character Art
3D Hard Surface Art Leads
3D Hard Surface Artists
Additional 3D Hard Surface Art
Animation Leads
Additional Animation
Art Directors
Art Director - Gameplay
Art Director - World
Cinematic Animation Lead
Cinematic Animators
Additional Cinematic Animation
Concept Art Leads
Concept Artists
Additional Concept Art
Head of Art and Design
Lighting Art Lead
Lighting Artists
Mocap Lead
Mocap / Rigging Technical Artist
Rigging Technical Art Lead
Rigging Technical Artists
Additional Rigging Technical Art
Skies Art Lead
Skies Artists
Technical Art Direction
Technical Art Leads
3DS Max Technical Lead
Maya Technical Lead
Technical Artists
Visual FX Art Leads
Visual FX Artists
Additional Visual FX Art
World Art Leads
World Artists

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Audio

Audio Design Leads
Audio Designers
Technical Audio Designers
Additional Audio Design
Composer and Audio Director
Dialog Lead
Head of Audio
Music Director and Composer
Music Mixer/Editor

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Design

Campaign Design Lead
Combatant Design Lead
Combatant Designers
Additional Combatant Design
Game Design Leads
Gameplay Experience Director
Level Designer
Live Design Lead
Live Designer
Mission Design Leads
Mission Designers
Open World Design Lead
Open World Designers
Partner Design Lead
Progression & Economy Designers
PvP Design Lead
PvP Designers
Raid Design Lead
Raid Designers
Rituals & Programming Design Lead
Rituals & Programming Designers
Sandbox Designers
Additional Sandbox Design
Social Activity Designer
Social Designers
Strike Design Lead
Strike Designers
Technical Design Lead
Technical Designers
UI/UX Design Lead
UI Artists
Additional UI Artist
UI Designers
Web/Mobile Design Lead
Web/Mobile Designers
World Experience Director

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Engineering

Engineering Director
Engineering Lead -
Engineers -
Engineering Leads - Foundation
Engineers - Foundation
Engineering Leads - Gameplay
Engineers - Gameplay
Engineering Leads - Graphics
Engineers - Graphics
Engineering Leads - Online
Engineer - Online
Engineering Leads - Services
Engineers - Services
Engineering Leads - Tools
Engineers - Tools
Engineering Lead - UI
Engineers - UI
Engineering Intern
Technical Product Owner
Engineering Overhead

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: IT and Operations

Doc Leads
Doc Manager
Additional Doc Management
Doc Specialists
Events Technical Lead
Events Technician
Information Security Lead
Infraops Lead
Infraops Support
Infraops Technical Lead
IT and Operations Director
IT Engineering Manager
IT Engineers
IT Manager
IT Support Lead
IT Support Manager
IT Support Engineers
Additional IT Support Engineering
Purchasing Manager

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Marketing | Visual ID | Community

3D Tech Artist
Art Director
Art Lead
Assistant Editor
Additional Assistant Editor
Bungie Foundation Manager
Bungie Foundation Project Coordinators
Communications Director
Community Manager
Creative Director
Director of Licensing and Merchandising
Graphic Designers
Marketing Administrators
Marketing Director
Marketing Event Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Media and Content Lead
Media AV Tech
Media Capture Coordinator
Media Content Coordinator
Media Content Supervisors
Media Lead / Video Editor
Media Production Manager
Media Tester
Motion Graphic Designer
Player Support Managers
Player Support Specialists
Lead Producer
Video Editor

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Narrative

Cinematic Lead
Cinematic Artists
Cinematics Coordinator
Copy Editors
Head of Narrative
Localization Managers
Localization Specialists
Additional Localization Specialists
Narrative Leads
Narrative Designers
Story Consultants
Lead Writers
Additional Writing

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Overhead


Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Production

Agile Lead
Executive Producer
Head of Production
Lead Producers

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Production Engineering

Production Engineering Director
Production Engineering Leads
Production Engineers

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Project Leadership

Project Leads
Game Directors
Creative Director
Partner Lead
PC Lead
Web / Mobile Lead

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Release Engineering

Release Engineering Lead
Release Engineers
Additional Release Engineering

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: SDET

SDET Data Analyst
SDET Director
SDET Leads

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Studio Operations

Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Manager
Chief Business Officer
Data Scientist
Development Manager
Director of Finance
Employee Relations Manager
Additional Facilities
Facilities and Security Manager
Holiday Helpers
Head of HR
HR Administrative Assistant
HR and Finance Administrator
HR Consultant
HR Coordinator
HR Generalists
Monetization Manager
Office Manager
Recruiting Director
Recruiting Assistant
Recruiting Coordinators
Recruiting Manager
Security Lead
Additional Security
Studio Administrators
Studio Administrative Assistants
Additional Studio Administration

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Test

Playtest Coordinators
Technical Test Lead
Test Directors
Test Leads
Test Engineers
Additional Testing
Test Manager
World Test Lead
Test Overhead

Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: User Research

User Research Assistants
Additional User Research Assistance
User Research Data Analyst
User Research Leads
User Researchers
User Research Moderator

Vicarious Visions: Art

Art Director
Animation Specialists
Senior Animators
Character Art Specialists
Senior Character Artists
Character Artists
Senior Cinematic Artist
Principal Concept Artists
Senior Concept Artist
Concept Artists
Associate Concept Artist
Principal Environment Artist
Environment Art Specialist
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Lighting Specialist
Senior Lighting Artist
Senior Rigging Artist
Rigging Artist
Senior Technical Artists
Senior User Interface Artists
User Interface Artists
Associate User Interface Artist
Principal VFX Artist
Senior VFX Artists

Vicarious Visions: Audio

Senior Audio Designers
Audio Designer

Vicarious Visions: Design

Creative Director
Design Director
Narrative Director
Principal Designer
Design Specialists
Senior Game Designers
Game Designers
Associate Game Designers
Senior Narrative Designer
Senior Technical Designers
Technical Designers
Additional Design

Vicarious Visions: Engineering

Chief Technology Officer
Director of Technology
Engineering Specialists
Senior Software Engineers
Software Engineers
Associate Software Engineers
Junior Software Engineer
Software Engineering Interns
Senior Data Analyst
Additional Engineering

Vicarious Visions: Information Technology

IT Manager
Senior Systems Administrator
IT Administrator
Additional IT Support

Vicarious Visions: Production

Executive Producers
Senior Producers
Associate Producer
Associate Technology Producer

Vicarious Visions: Quality Assurance

QA Leads
Senior QA Testers
QA Testers
Additional QA

Vicarious Visions: VV Backbone

Studio Head
Chief Operating Officer
Chief of Staff
Executive Assistant
Facilities and Events Supervisor
Human Resources Manager
Senior Recruiter / HR Generalist
Additional Support

High Moon Studios: Animation

Lead Animator
Senior Animator

High Moon Studios: Art

Art Director
Director of Technical Art
Lead Environment Artist
Principle Artist
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artist
Lead Props Artist
Principle Character Artist
Character Artist
Lead Concept Artist
Concept Artist
Lead Character Technical Artist
Principle Technical Artist
Technical Artists
Lead Lighting Artist
Senior Lighting Artist
Lighting Artist
Senior Animation Scripter
Senior FX Artists

High Moon Studios: Audio

Lead Sound Designer
Senior Sound Designers
Sound Designer

High Moon Studios: Design

Design Director
Lead Level Designer
Lead Mechanics Designer
Senior Game Designer
Senior Technical Designer
Game Designers
Associate Game Designer

High Moon Studios: Production

Senior Technical Producer

High Moon Studios: Programming

Lead Programmer
Lead Tools Programmer
Principle Programmers
Senior Programmer
Associate Rendering Programmer

High Moon Studios: Quality Assurance

Lead QA Tester
QA Testers

High Moon Studios: Studio Management

Studio Head
Vice President
Game Director
Executive Producer
Development Director
Chief Technology Officer
Senior Director, Technology
Senior Creative Director
Finance Manager
IT Director
Desktop Support Technician
Associate Desktop Support Technician
Executive Assistant

High Moon Studios: UI

Senior User Interface Designer

Special Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment

Special Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment

Audio, Cinematic and FX Vendors: Additional FX by FXVille

Senior Staff
VFX Artists

Audio, Cinematic and FX Vendors: Additional Development


Audio, Cinematic and FX Vendors: Additional Audio

Cinematic Audio Support by
Additional Audio Design by


Music Composed by
Additional Music by
Orchestrations by
Copying by
Performances by

Music Recording: Ocean Way Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee)

Orchestra Contractor and Concertmaster
Score Recording Engineer
Assistant Engineer

Casting, Celebrity Acquisition and Voice Production: Blindlight

VO Producers
Voice Director
Script Coordinator
VO Production Coordinators
VO Engineers
VO Engineer / ATL
VO Engineer / SEA
Office Administrator
Supervising Dialogue Editor
Dialogue Editors
Office Interns

English Voice Performance Cast

Ikora Rey
The Speaker
Dominus Ghaul
The Consul
Lord Shaxx
Suraya Hawthorne
Devrim Kay / Male Extras
Emissary of the Nine / Femal Extras
Emperor Calus
Asher Mir
Amanda Holliday / Female Extras
Master Rahool
Tyra Karn / Female Extras
Tess Everis
Executor Hideo
Arach Jalaal
Lord Saladin / NPC Male
Banshee-44 / NPC Male
Xur / Male Extras
Male Frame / Arcite 99-40
Female Frame 1
Female Frame 2 / Kadi 55-30
NPC Female
NPC Female / Female Extras
Frame Male / NPC Male / Male Extras
Radio Voice
Player: Exo Female
Player: Human Male
Player: Awoken Male
Player: Human Female
Player: Awoken Female
Player: Exo Male

Motion Performance Cast

Motion Performance Cast

Dance Performance Cast

Dance Performance Cast

CG Cinematic Partners

Axis Animation
Blur Studio
Digic Pictures

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Activision Publishing: Activision Product Management

Senior Vice President
Product Managers
Vice President

Activision Publishing: Activision Consumer Marketing

Senior Vice President
Vice President
Senior Manager
Associate Manager
Marketing Coordiantor

Activision Publishing: Activision Production Management

SVP, Head of Development
Vice President
Executive Producer
Associate Producers

Activision Publishing: Activision Customer Relationship Management

VP CRM & Analytics
CRM Manager
Manager, Consumer Analytics

Activision Publishing: Activision Consumer Insights

VP, Franchise Planning
Senior Manager, Consumer Insights
Manager, Consumer Insights

Activision Publishing: Activision Commercial Marketing

Senior Vice President, Head of Sales
Vice President
Associate Manager
Senior Manager
Director, Commercial Finance Americas
Finance Manager
Retail Experience Marketing Manager
Retail Marketing Manager

Activision Publishing: Activision Partnership Marketing

Senior Director, Partnerships & Promotions, Business Development
Senior Manager, Worldwide Promotions, Business Development

Activision Publishing: Activision Business Insights


Activision Publishing: Activision Finance and Operations

SVP, Head of Worldwide Studio Operations
VP, Finance & Operations
Director, Finance & Operations
Manager, Finance & Operations
Manager, Studio Finance & Operations
Senior Director, Studio Operations
Senior Director, First Party Operations
Senior Director, Platform Partnerships and Strategy
Senior Manager Production Operations & Partner Relations

Activision Publishing: Global Media

Vice President
Senior Director

Activision Publishing: Activision Digital Marketing

Vice President - Digital / Social, Experiential & Partnerships
Senior Managers, Digital Marketing

Activision Publishing: Activision Public Relations

Senior Director of Public Relations
Junior Publicist
Influencer Relations Specialist
  • Step-3

Activision Publishing: Central Design

Vice President
Senior Design Producer
Senior Monetization Manager

Activision Publishing: Activision Localisation

Senior Director Worldwide Localisation
Senior Localisation Manager
Localisation QA Manager
Localisation Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Localisation Coordinators
Senior Localisation QA Lead
Localisation Testers
Senior IT Network Technician
Localisation Tools & Support provided by

Activision Publishing: Activision International Brand Management

Vice President, International
International Senior Marketing Manager
International Brand Manager
Senior Brand Manager - UK & Ireland
Senior Brand Manager - France
Senior Brand Manager - Dach
Senior Brand Manager - Italy
Brand Manager - Spain
Associate Brand Manager - Spain
Associate Brand Manager - Benelux
Senior Brand Manager - Nordics
Senior Brand Manager - CEEMEA
Brand Manager - APAC

Activision Publishing: Activision Commercial Sales - APAC

Vice President

Activision Publishing: Activision International Marketing Communications & Insight

Vice President, International
Senior Manager, Digital & Social Marketing, International
Digital & Social Marketing, International
International Asset and Project Manager
International Senior Director BI & Consumer Insights
Senior Manager Consumer Insights
Senior Business Analyst
Director, PR International
Manager, PR, International
Digital PR, International
Head of PR, France and Southern Europe
PR Specialist, France
Head of PR, Iberia
Head of PR, Italy
Head of PR, Dach and Northern Europe
PR Specialist, Dach
Head of PR, Benelux
Head of PR, Nordics
Head of PR, UK & Ireland
PR Specialist, UK & Ireland
PR Specialist, CEEMEA
Senior PR Manager, APAC
PR Manager, APAC

Activision Publishing: Activision Publishing International

Executive Vice President - International
Vice President & General Manager - UK, Ireland & Iberia
Vice President & General Manager - France, Benelux, Italy and CEEMEA
Vice President - Dach & Nordics
Senior Director and General Manager - Italy
Senior Director and General Manager - Spain
General Manager - CEEMEA & Benelux
Senior Finance Manager
Vice President - Platform Strategy & Partnerships
Director Digital Commerce
Manager Digital Commerce
Associate Digital Supply Chain Specialist
Senior Production Operations & Partner Relations Manager

Activision Publishing: Activision Art Services

Director, Art & Production Services
Art Services Manager
Associate Creative Team Leads, Design
Associate Creative Team Leads, GFX
Creative Producer
Motion Graphics Artist
Video Editors
Jr. Designers
Account Coordinator

Activision Publishing: Activision Production Services

Director, Art & Production Services
Hardware Assets & Production Services Manager
Associate Specialists

Activision Publishing: Global Digital and Mobile Commerce

Senior Vice President
Senior Directors
Director, International
Senior Managers
Senior Analyst
Associate Specialist

Activision Publishing: Activision Global Supply Chain

Senior Vice President
Vice President
Senior Manager
Project Manager
Operations Manager

Activision Publishing: Activision Supply Chain Operations - APAC

Production manager

Activision Publishing: Activision Creative Services - Europe

Creative Services Manager
Senior Artwork Project Assistant
Artwork Project Specialists

Activision Publishing: Activision International Legal

Senior Vice President
Legal Counsel
Associate Counsel

Activision Publishing: Activision Business & Legal Affairs

Chief Legal Officer
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Senior Directors

Activision Publishing: Activision Quality Assurance

Senior Director
Senior Managers
TRG Manager
Technical Requirements Groups Project Leads
Associate Project Leads
Network & Audio/Video Labs Senior Project Lead
Project Lead
Associate Project Lead
Testers [2]
Submissions Group Senior Submissions Lead
Senior Submission Technicians
Submission Technicians

Activision Publishing: Activision Special Thanks

Activision Special Thanks

Legal Notices

  • Development tools and related technology provided under license from CRI Middleware
  • © 2017 CRI Middleware
  • All rights reserved
  • Destiny 2 uses portions of DemonWare technology.
Dolby Digital
  • Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  • Portions of this software are copyright © 1997-2001 The Freetype Project []
  • All rights reserved.
  • Destiny 2 uses Havok®
  • © Copyright 1999-2017 Inc. [and its licensors].
  • All rights reserved.
  • See for details.
  • Portions of this software utilize SpeedTree® technology
  • © 2017 Interactive Data Visualization Inc.
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  • All rights reserved.
  • Facial animations generated with FaceFX.
  • © 2002-2017 OC3 Entertainment Inc. and its licensors.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Uses Oodle
  • Copyright © 2008-2017 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
  • This product includes software developed by The OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit []
Umbra 3
  • Uses the Umbra 3 visibility solution by Umbra Software Ltd.
  • Powered by Wwise.
  • © 2006-2017 Audiokinetic Inc.
  • All rights reserved.


  • We will never forget the friendships and memories we've made these last three years.
  • We are humbled to the surrounded and supported by so many wonderful people.
  • Thank you so much for standing together with us on this forgettable journey.
  • We hope that we've made you proud.
  • © 2017 Bungie Inc.

Music Recording: Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm, Ltd. company (Marin County, California)

Recording Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Technical Engineer

Music Recording: East Connection Music Recording Co. (Budapest)

Sound Engineer
Pro Tools Engineers
Recording Producer

Music Recording: Bastyr University (Kenmore, Washington)

Choir Directors
Recording Engineer
Pro Tools Operator
Assistant Engineer
Monitor Engineer

Music Recording: The Brickyard (Atlanta, Georgia)

Lead Engineer
Assistant Engineer

Music Recording: The Israeli Conservatory for Music (Tel-Aviv)

Strings Contractor
Brass Contractor
Sound Engineer
Sound Tech
Solo Violin

Activision Publishing: Activision Player Support

Senior Director, Player Support
Director, Digital and Social Support
Manager, Player Support Operations
Program Manager, Digital and Social Support
Senior Manager, Player Experience
Manager, Support Insights & Training
Senior Program Manager
Support Experience Analyst
Associate Producer, Digital and Social Support
Senior Content Writer
Vendor Relationship Administrator
User Experience Developer
Senior Producer, Digital and Social Support
Senior User Experience Designer
Tier 3 Operations Support Manager
Tier 3 Support Operations - Warranty & Logistics
Tier 3 Service Operation Specialists
Product Manager, Digital and Social Support
Business Systems Analyst
Associate Player Experience Producer
Reporting Analyst
User Experience Manager
Senior Manager, Service Delivery
Global Player Support Training Assistance
Community Support Coordinator
Content Coordinator
Associate Producer, Service Delivery
Receptionist / Admin.
Team Lead Social Support
Engagement Specialists
Social Media Specialists
Special Operations Agents
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