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Unreal Credits (79 people)


Lead DesignCliff Bleszinski, James Schmalz
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingTim Sweeney
AI ProgrammingSteven Polge
Level / Scenario DesignCliff Bleszinski, T. Elliot Cannon, Shane Caudle, Pancho Eekels, Cedric Fiorentino, Jeremy War
AnimatorDavid M. Carter
Graphics / ArtworkArtur Bialas, Mike Leatham, James Schmalz
MusicAlexander Brandon, Andrew G. Sega, Michiel van den Bos
ProgrammingErik de Neve
Additional ProgrammingNicholas Michon, Jack Porter, Brandon Reinhart, James Schmalz, Carlo Vogelsang
Sound EffectsSascha Dikiciyan, David Ewing
Acting / VoiceoversDJ Carroll, Lani Minella, Shannon Newans
BizNigel Kent, Craig Lafferty, Mark A. Rein, Jay Wilbur
Uncredited Incidental creature designAndrew Paquette
In Memory ofMyscha, Pelit
Thanks toFor putting up with so much we would especially like to thank the wives + girlfriends + families of the developers

GT Interactive Team

ProducerJason Schreiber
Executive ProducerGreg Williams
Associate ProducerJoel Breton
Product ManagerKen Gold
Assistant Product ManagerPhil Tucker
Public Relations ManagerAlan B. Lewis
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Creative DirectorVic Merritt
ArtistsMichael Marrs, Jill Pomper, Lesley Zinn Abarcar, Jen Scheerer
Production CoordinatorLiz Fierro
Box DesignVic Merritt, Leslie Mills DeMarco
TestersMike Barker, Dan McJilton, Chris Carr, Calvin Grove, Jim Tricario, Fran Katsimpiris, Matt Kutrik, Troy Kupisch, Mike Predergast, Jesse Smith, Clint McCaul, Corey Allen, Chris McGuirk, Reuben Brown, Dave Afdahl, H. Edward Piper, Geoff Myers, Andre Cerny, Dave Monro, Jamal Jennings, Cormac Russell
ManualMike Forge
Special ThanksChad Faragher (for the Ripper program), Nick Oddson (for maintaining all our systems), Chris Hargett, DJ Carroll, Diane Schmalz, Shannon Newans, Evelyn Eekels, Lani Minella, Gina Hedges, Ryan Schwarts, Mark Visser, Richard Young, Eric Reuter, and the guys at UnrealNation and

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Shane Caudle, 22 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by joel breton (14), Corn Popper (69210), Trixter (9117), Erik de Neve (20), robotriot (9069), Tomer Gabel (4643) and formercontrib (158878)