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Riven: The Sequel to Myst

aka: Myst 2, Riven: A Sequência de Myst, Riven: Il Seguito Di Myst, Riven: La Suite De Myst

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After the Stranger has rescued Atrus, the master of "linking books", from the imprisonment caused by his sons, a new task awaits the hero. Atrus's wife, Catherine, has been taken by Gehn, his own father. Gehn has appointed himself as the one to rule the Age of Riven, and has driven his world to collapse. Now he holds Catherine hostage on Riven, hoping that his son will restore the book link to the Age and free him from there. The Stranger is requested by Atrus to travel to Riven and find a way to rescue Catherine.

Riven is a sequel to Myst, and is very similar to its predecessor in gameplay style, controls, and visual presentation. The game world is presented as a series of computer-generated still screens; the player explores it in a point-and-click fashion. Interaction with the environment is possible only when said environment is highlighted as a "hot spot", and is also performed by simple clicking. Like its predecessor, Riven is heavy on puzzles, which rarely include using inventory items, but usually involve understanding and manipulating the complex environments and machinery of the game world.


  • リヴン  ザ シークェル トゥー ミスト - Japanese spelling
  • 神秘岛II - 星空断层 - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 迷霧之島II - Chinese spelling (traditional)

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Saturn version

While the Mac, Windows and Playstation versions were released on five CDs, the Sega Saturn version was released on only four. The layout is as follows:

Disc 1: Intro, Temple Island

Disc 2: Jungle Island, Tay

Disc 3: Book Assembly Island, Survey Island

Disc 4: Prison Island, 233rd Age

The bad endings originally on Disc 5 are now on every disc.


The soundtrack for this game was composed and performed by Robyn Miller. Also, this soundtrack contains recently recovered d'ni archaeological information. Release date is 1998.

Tracklist: 1. Link 2. Atrus Theme 3. Gateroom 4. Jungle Totem 5. Survey Island Theme 6. Temple 7. Village Entrance Theme 8. Moeity Caves 9. Moeity Theme 10. Boat Ride 11. Moeity Prison 12. The Red Cave 13. Wahrk Room 14. Catherine's Prelude 15. Catherine's Theme 16. Catherine's Freedom 17. Gehn Speaks 18. Gehn's Theme 19. Fissure 20. Bonus Track


  • Computer Gaming World
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #12 Top Vaporware Title in Computer Game History

Information also contributed by MAT and Techademus

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