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688 Attack Sub

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An early submarine game with ten missions which can be played with both American and Soviet attack submarines. The game focuses on realism with several stations the player can use (sonar, weapons, navigation, helm, radio, and periscope) but most duties can be delegated to crew members. The graphics are mostly close-up views of the control panels but on some occasions, they feature digitized images of surface ships and crew.

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Credits (DOS version)

16 People

Lead Programming
Assistant Producer
Sound Effects
Technical Direction
US Product Management
UK Product Management
Package Design
  • Altman & Manley Design
UK Package
  • Hyde Design Co. Ltd.
Package Copy
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Copy Protection

The 688 Attack Sub box stated that the game was NOT copy protected. However, in order to start a mission you had to transmit a code to fleet command which consisted of looking up a sub name in the manual and finding the corresponding code. The codes were scattered all through the manual making pirating difficult.


The first edition release came with a nice 688 Hunter / Killer patch underneath the outer shrinkwrap.


You could play for either the American or Soviet navy. Different graphics were used for the subs on each side with Soviet text optionally appearing in a Cyrillic font (but still in English).


You can also play in multiplayer mode now through modem emulation. A full manual on how to do that can be found here.


The first time you install the game, it asked you for your first name. Your name was then saved onto the game disk so all future installs would use this name. There was no option to change it.

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