Dominant Species

Moby ID: 2771

Windows credits (1998)

153 people (50 professional roles, 103 thanks) with 156 credits.

Development Personnel

Lead Engineer Jon Owen
Engineers David Hamm, Sam Kalat, Jason Snyder
Lead Artist Dorje Bellbrook
Artists Adam Crockett, Kristian Hawkinson, Todd Kelley, Christopher Kemple
Producer Paul Wirth
Quality Assurance Analyst Gary Stelmack

External Development Personnel

Sound Design and Music Soundelux Media Labs
Supervising Sound Designer & Music Composer: Environmental Loops Gregory Hainer
Music Composer: Environmental Loops Michael Reagan
Music Composer: Cinematics Bill Brown
Sound Designers Martin Jacob Lopez, Pamela Aronoff, Alan Rankin, Peter Zinda
Asset Managers Kalee Chrissanthos, Bryan Celano
Audio Creative Director Scott Martin Gershin
Audio Executive Producer Jeffrey Eisner
Director of Animation/Visual Effects Bryan Whitaker
Animation Bryan Whitaker, Steven Rogers, Joseph Hall
Character Modeling Enrique Munoz, Bryan Whitaker
Effects Compositing Al Mag
Manual Dille Enterprises Inc. - LJ Graphics

Red Storm Entertainment

Chairman Tom Clancy
Ceo & President Douglas G. Littlejohns
Executive VP, Sales & Marketing Richard P. Wnuk
VP, Creative Design Steven Reid
VP, Engineering Brian Upton
General Manager, Europe Michael Lomas
Financial Controller Caroline Campbell
Director, Product Development Robert Leingang
Executive Producer Juan Benito
QA Manager Todd Ingram
Director of Marketing Carson Brice
Systems Administrator Paul D'Agostino
Receptionist/Accounts Payable Meg Bachman
Marketing Manager Wendy Beasley
Accountant Jonathan Corum
Customer Support Representative Robbie Edwards
Human Resources Michelle Hamrick
Marketing Assistant April M. Jones
Webmaster Mur Lafferty
Customer Support Representative Deke Waters
Customer Support Supervisor Stuart White
Special Thanks Erik Erikson, Jim Van Verth, David Weinstein, Clark Gibson, Mur Lafferty, Victor Breuggemann, Stuart White, Kiva Haithcock, Juliette White, April Dorsey, Heidi Wirth, Krista Kemple, Ann Kalat, Matthew Snyder, Aaron Kelley, Deanna Kelley, Amanda Conley, Dadoo Kalat, Binda Colebrook, Wait there's more, Bondi, C. Lombardo, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, Amy Snyder, Carol Owen, Caryn Wirth, Charlie Owen, Cisco, Clarisse Martins, Skip Snyder, Cloud Mountain, Conan The Barbarian, Conner and McKissick, Debbie Finch, Gregory Stelmack, Diana Stelmack, Spam, Heather Hawkinson, Ben Salemi, J.Shaw, Pretty long ain't it?, James Campbell, Christopher Clark, James Rushing, Jessica Parnell, Jessica-Phil-Cindy and Rick Tantalo, Jo Owen, John Stelmack, Pamela Stelmack, John Hawkinson, JVK, Kelsey Lewis, We're just getting started, Sandy Wirth, Scott Reid, Sheila Denn, Interpretive Dance, Time Keller, Tom Hughes, V.Foote, Mr. Blowup, Carson Brice, Caroline Campbell, Carl Schnurr, David Hamm, David Rose, DeeAnne Goldman, Richard P. Wnuk, Dorje Bellbrook, Penny Ray, Doug Oglesby, Eric Armstrong, Eric Terry, Garner Halloran, Gregory Stelmack, John T. F, John Michel, John O'Brien, John Sonedecker, Jonathan Corum, Jonathan Peedin, Kevin Perry, Kristian Hawkinson, Meg Bachman, Michelle Hamrick, Michael Cosner, Michael Lomas, Paul D'Agostino, Paul Wirth, Paula Giordana, Peter McMurry, Philip Hebert, Randy Horton, Scott Williams, Steve Cotton, Susan Webster, Thomas DeVries, Tim Alexander, Todd Ingram, Todd Kelley, Todd Lewis, Wendy Beasley, Amy Wyatt, The letter K AND THE NUMBER 3!
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Credits contributed by Stillman.