RollerCoaster Tycoon

aka: Guoshanche Daheng, RCT, White Knuckle
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Rollercoaster Tycoon is a real-time isometric amusement park simulation, in which the player takes the role of a theme park manager, creating rides and attractions to amuse his guests, as well as shops and stalls in case the guests are hungry.

Ride stats differ, with some being gentle and meant for "waking up" tired guests, and others being rather intense. Each and every guest has his own excitement and nausea tolerance, which will reflect on the rides' popularity and the park's tidiness. Hence, handymen are employed. Rides can also break down, and some of them can even crash, leading to a tragic ending. Mechanics can be employed to inspect rides for possible errors and to fix already broken rides. Security guards prevent vandalism in their line of sight, and entertainers keep guests happy while waiting in a long queue line.

Guests are also impressed if there is some wonderful scenery scattered around the park, leading to an increase in the park rating. They all have their opinion on the park, so it is a good idea to check their thoughts every now and then, as the park rating depends on the guests' satisfaction.

All these features require money. Loan can be raised from a bank, but the more one borrows, the more the bank asks in return. Certain rides, or even the park itself, can also be advertised, while vouchers are also available for discounts or free rides or food.


  • 过山车大亨 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 83% (based on 37 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 120 ratings with 13 reviews)

A great sim for the theme park enthusiast.

The Good
The controls on the indiviual sims in the game made it adictive for continual play. Being able to moniter their spending habits along with their excitement level makes this game a joy to play.

The Bad
There are times that the sims get to tedious to manage, such as, when they get lost in the park or not being able to find the food stand when they are standing right in front of it.

The Bottom Line
A great game that puts the player in the drivers seat in creating roller coaster works of art.

Windows · by Benjamin Willis (2) · 2000

A terrific, classic game any gamer will be addicted to

The Good
There's a lot about RCT to like, but the major points include:

  1. As business simulations go, RCT is arguably the best of the bunch. It's well-balanced, deep and complex without being overly complicated, and gives the player a lot of freedom.

  2. The roller coaster construction functions are surprisingly cool. I've been able to replicate just about any coaster I've ever personally been on. The building and terraforming controls are very nicely done.

  3. The game is a visual and auditory feast; frankly, it just looks awesome. It's colourful, has great little animations, and has great-looking rides.

  4. It's a very accessible game and a load of fun for either the obsessive gamer or the casual computer user. RCT is one of the few games I'd be confident anyone would enjoy.

RCT is probably the third-best pure business simulation ever made for the PC; I'd rank Railroad Tycoon and SimCity ahead of it, but not by much.

The Bad
1. As has been complained about by many others, RCT's scenarios are nice but the game really does need an open-ended sandbox mode or some random land areas or something. Furthermore, UNLOCK THE DAMNED SCENARIOS! (You have to win some to unlock others.) I paid my money for this game; why should I have to win a scenario I find uninteresting to play another?

  1. The game's manual is atrocious.

  2. It could use midway games. I've never seen a theme park that didn't have midway games, so their absence is a strange oversight.

    The Bottom Line
    A classic and fun game that anyone will enjoy.

Windows · by Rick Jones (96) · 2001

A great way to kill time

The Good
This game was ace. It had both some theme park to start with and also ones that just had the bare land which allowed you to start with a park that already had rides and a theme. I thought that was great because you get to play about for a bit before constructing your own little playground. They had a variety of rides and landscapes for you to play around with. I really liked the variety from rollercoasters to a haunted house and water rides.

The Bad
You can't really complain about a game that let's you be god. Okay, just one complaint- the costume for the park employess...ugh!

The Bottom Line
I played this at first to kill time and because it was the only PC game that I had. It grew on me as it should on most people. It was entertaining and is definitely a great addition to any gamer who also has a passion for amusement parks.

Windows · by Jennifer Johnson (8) · 2003

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Rollercoaster Tycoon was voted #31 overall in PCGamer Magazine's Readers All-Time Top 50 Games Poll (April 2000 issue).

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