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The name is Bond. James Bond. The famous hero of Ian Fleming's novels returns in this first-person shooter, which is based on the movie of the same name. Agent 007 and his friend Alec Trevalyan (a.k.a. Agent 006) were sent to the Soviet Union on a secret mission. But everything goes wrong, James Bond barely escapes, and his friend is presumed dead.

Ten years later, a mysterious organization named "Janus" appeared. Commanding a new satellite called "GoldenEye", the organization attempts to steal money electronically from banks, deleting all evidence of transfer. It's up to our Agent 007 to venture to the Soviet Union once again and to put an end to Janus' ambitions.

In this 3D action game, the player controls James Bond from a first-person perspective, using a variety of weapons (from knuckles to grenade launcher) to eliminate his foes. However, many parts require the player to be careful, to stay unnoticed, or to snipe guards from distance, since they will react to his presence and alarm their comrades. The game is divided into missions, and in most of them Bond will have to perform other tasks besides killing his enemies: disarm bombs, take pictures of important evidence, or avoid killing scientists. The game features a multiplayer mode with a variety of options and three difficulty levels. Higher difficulty means, besides having to deal with tougher enemies, additional objectives needed to be fulfilled in order to successfully complete the level.


  • ゴールデンアイ 007 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Nintendo 64 version)

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Produced and Directed by
Director of Photography
Original Screenplay
Game Screenplay based on GoldenEye 1995 film screenplay that written by
Characters written by
Scenic Art Director
Production Designer
Costume Designer
2nd‑Unit Director
Original Music
Sound Effects
Production Manager
System Support
Hardware Support
Additional Graphics
Sound System and Tools
Additional Programming
Elevator Music by
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Average score: 94% (based on 47 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 226 ratings with 16 reviews)

One of the best games ever made without a doubt.

The Good
This game turned me on to James Bond. I used to like the movies and had seen a few of them, but this game completely immersed the player in the world of 007 - it was utterly convincing in making you actually feel like you were James Bond. After experiencing what it was like to be James Bond, I fell in love with the movies and went nuts on all things Bond.

But where to start in whats good?

Firstly, the whole experience has great production values, from the wrist watch menu's, Q gadgets, and dossiers you could tell this was a game crafted with loving care from the minute you loaded it. Obviously created by huge Bond fans for Bond fans.

The graphics were top notch for the time, with great texture work in most levels with detail that stretches endlessly off into the horizon. Huge levels that stretch on forever (with no fogging ala Turok!) and a fast engine, capable of a solid 30 frames a second except for a couple of sections.

The levels are amazing - 20 huge muthas, actually developed from blue prints from the movie sets. When I saw the movie after playing Goldeneye, I was astounded because the movie locations looked exactly the same as the game. Fans of the excellent movie will instantly recognise locations such as the Dam, the chemical facility, the cradle and the dish control. And the bonus levels are great too, rewarding advanced players.

The gameplay is superb - a revolutionary FPS title, introducing stealth, guards that react differently depending on where you shoot them and sniper rifles that allow you to take guards out who are standing sentry half a kilometre away. The first FPS that encouraged and rewarded you to find new ways of getting through levels instead of blowing up everything that moves. The replay factor is huge, with the bonus levels to earn, 4 different difficulty levels which give you various rewards for completing the game and the awesome cheats awarded to players who can rip through levels in insane time frames. The replayability of this game is immense - once I finished it and unlocked everything, I went and did it again TWICE more because it was so much fun - 5 or 6 months of fun.

And I haven't even mentioned the multiplayer yet - still one of the best console multi-player games around SIX years later - there have been a lot of imitators but none have managed to make it more fun running around shooting your friends with guns.

Oh, and the sound is awesome - clean, crisp gun samples which sound great turned up really loud. The music is awesome, taking the techno-inspired movie -soundtrack and recreating it in midi form - it sounds great.

And all this, and I've only just touched on what makes this game so great - you have to play it to truly understand why this is one of the best games ever made for any platform. Maybe the fact that the game made more money than the Goldeneye movie is good proof (from High Score - history of computer and video games) - the movie grossed $340 million US dollars.

The best and hardest part of this game is getting the Facility cheat on OO Agent skill level - amazingly hard, but all the more satisfying.

The Bad
There is not much wrong - occasional clipping problems where enemies arms go through doors are forgiven. The slowdown in the cradle and archive levels makes them less enjoyable, especially when you're going for your best times or earning cheats and you can't shoot people because the screen is jerking around.

And the tank driving through Russian streets is a pretty poor level - once you've finished it and got the cheat you'll never play it again because it is pretty poor compared to the other great levels. Whereas, the Control, Facility, Dam, Surface, Silo and bonus levels absolutely ROCK, and make you want to play them over and over.

The Bottom Line
Truly, one of the best games ever released - even today, its superb level design, weapons, attention to detail and spades and spades of fun make it without a doubt the best James Bond game ever and the most enjoyable FPS ever written. It never gets boring, right up until the very last level it is an awesome experience - the only bad thing is that it eventually ends.

Nintendo 64 · by Anthony Bull (24) · 2003

The game that introduced the FPS genre to consoles

The Good
Goldeneye, although crammed with features, is essentially a gimmick-free game. There are many scenes in the film that game developers could have felt compelled to use. Enter an airplane in free fall. Count how often Boris pressed that ball pen. Use a spy satellite to locate the secret control station in Severnaya.

Basically, the kind of gimmicky gameplay that was later done with "007: The World is Not Enough".

Instead, Rare focused entirely on features that fit the first person perspective of the game perfectly: Rigorous action, suspense-packed stealth sequences and the occasional wristwatch gadget. Which is probably the reason this game works so incredibly well. The plot was rewritten to fit the FPS genre with Bond visiting places that he never saw in the film. And it's so much fun!

There's so much that I simply haven't seen in any other game before (nor after, in many cases). The legendary 4-player splitscreen multiplayer mode I spent countless hours playing with friends. The fact that you can shoot guards in the butt and see an appropriate animation. The beautiful, beautiful explosions. The procedurally generated remnants after you blew up entire rooms in the game world. The fact that cheats have to be unlocked via in-game challenges rather than button-codes (until the infamous "lost cheat codes" were released years later). The great soundtrack. Proximity mines! Sniper rifles! Drivable tanks! The stylish wristwatch pause menu!

I have to stop now...

The Bad
Goldeneye isn't perfect in the absolute sense of the word. There's plenty to complain about: The flickery bullet holes on walls can be distracting from the otherwise near-photorealistic graphics. Guards aren't always as smart as they could be. There is an annoying delay before the pause menu pops up.

Many people missed voice acting, a coop mode for singleplayer, more detailed game settings for the multiplayer or lights actually going out when you shoot them.

Nearly all of this has been solved with Rare's "spiritual successor", Perfect Dark. A secret agent game that changes the Bond-licensed setting by a more futuristic one but otherwise has all the things that made Goldeneye a great game. In fact, if you're looking for perfection rather than classic appeal, Perfect Dark might very well be the better game.

The Bottom Line
Goldeneye proved that both console FPSs and movie-licensed titles cannot only be good, but excellent games. It is a classic of the genre that doesn't rely on a central feature but rather gives the player near unlimited freedom of how to play. For me, this game is one of the, if not the best reason to own a Nintendo 64. Rare's masterpiece from the company's golden ages.

Nintendo 64 · by Lumpi (189) · 2009

Near the end of a phone conversation "Oh yeah" said my friend "Buy GoldenEye"...

The Good
Story: An helicopter that is not effected by E.M.P blasts is stolen and MI6 agent of the devision 00 James Bond, code number: 007 has been sent in to find this helicoptor, the plot thickens as an outpost on the coast of Russia is destroyed and an foe emerges, such a foe that Bond will find hard to kill.

Menu: A crosshair style cursor on a dossier menu. Very nice.

Difficulty: Each setting brings more objectives and more harder to beat foes.

Graphics: Very good. The textures are real and add alot of character to the game. The game's levels have been lifted straight from United Artist's movie set blueprints and recreated piece by piece for the game. (more on that later). The guards are all in their lovely brown overcoats and wearing deer hunter hats, just like in mother Russia. The weapons are well detailed too, from the lines on the ammo clip to the tiny sight bump on the end of the barrel. The guards all have different facial expressions, these are all done at random and look very real, the faces on the main stars match up with the ones from the movie almost perfectly. The levels range from the famous bunjee jump at Arcangel dam at the start of the movie to the battle atop a suspended antenna array. Also when you get hit, you stay hit. Nice touch that, body armour can be found to act as a shield. Bullet holes and burn marks from weapons apppear on the walls and floors. And reflective glass shatters

Sound: Brillant: Each level has a different trademark theme to it. The third level even has a remix of the Bond theme halfway though the music track. Weapons are good as well, from the clink, clink of a grenade to the sound of a gun being dropped from a guard all adds to the bond atmosphere.

Gameplay: This game made a new name for first person shooters back in 1998. Firstly was the stealth option, sneak, and we mean sneak. Make too much noise with that weapon and guards will fill you with lead. The guards also react to where they are shot. In the arm: They will grab and wince, Foot, hop about a bit, hand, shake it, head...die. This can also be an advantage, low on ammo? shoot in foot, then take to the head. The A.I of these guards is incredible, they are not just drones, they duck, jump, weave, roll and simply side step from you. They also duck behind crates as well as do this annoying charge attack. Cameras play a vital role to steal, while you may not fail your mission, it will be harder with more guards in the house. Glass can be shot through, many panes in fact with any weapon. Speaking of weapons there are about 20+ different weapons, from the PP7 (PPK) to the Sniper rifle's butt. All have different strategy and reload times. Some can be paired in each hand for an Arine akimbo style play. Multiplayer is the jewel of this game's crown. With up to four players in 8 arenas, slugging it out with weapons from throwing knives to timed mines. There are also different types of gameplay from "You only live twice" (You can die only twice) to "the man with the golden gun" (the golden gun kills instantly). All are very enjoyable, the characters that can be chosen are huge in range, from Bond to Goldfinger's mute handyman: Oddjob.

The Bad
Some weapons were either too crap (The Klobb) and some were just too killer friendly (RC-P45). Some graphical glitches, such as the sprites (2D carboard cut out like graphics) did not react to explosions and often remained infront of the explosion. But that is all that there is to this great game.

The Bottom Line
Not just for fans. I became a Bond fan AFTER I played this game. You will love it.

Nintendo 64 · by Sam Hardy (80) · 2001

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1001 Video Games

GoldenEye 007 appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


Was one of the first games to feature unlockable cheats. In other words players were required to work for cheats in this game.

Cut Content

  • The gun that you see in some of the screen shots on the back cover of GoldenEye 007 (the one that looks like a Soviet, except it's mostly black and brown at the tip) was called a Spyder --- it was scrapped at the last moment and replaced by the Klobb.
  • In the beta version of the game, Bond was required to cross the Dam level on a boat to reach the mysterious island. At the far reaches of the level sits a protruding dock, where a boat waited for Bond. On the island he had to defeat a drone gun and a guard to acquire the pontoon gun to rappel down the side of the dam. However in the release version the idea was scrapped due to complications. Now the dock sits idly and no boat awaits. The island now sits with no guard, only an inactive drone gun. However by using the gameshark you can play the beta version and play this part of the mission.
  • Originally the runway level there was a motorbike which was intended to be in the game however was scrapped before the release probably due to the difficulty of controlling the bike in a first person shooter.
  • The truck in the dam level apparently has no purpose. Though there is speculation that in the beta version you were intended to destroy it, it was either scrapped or never taken into account. Rare responded to this and simply said it was to guide the player through the first level. However this only leads to more questions and most doubt this was the original true meaning.
  • The back cover for the American release for the game includes multiple false screen shots and false information. In the description it says that you can navigate 12 interactive 3-D environment. However there were way more levels actually in the game. The screenshots show the original Spyder gun, a gun which was included in the beta version of the game, however scrapped before the release for the Klobb. The screen shots also show Bond shooting a man and blood shooting out of his body, which was not included in the release. Finally, the screenshot of Bond in the silo shows him holding an AR33 assault rifle, a weapon you cannot acquire in that level without cheats.
  • It was intended that there would be a cheat that allowed you to play as all Bonds (Moore, Connery, Lazenby, and Dalton) in multiplayer mode. However because the rights of their names belong to MGM and the respective actors, the idea could not be pulled through.
  • The statue and cradle levels of the game were included in multiplayer in the beta version of the game but strangely scrapped before its release. Some speculate that cradle was too slow and too big to be included, and statue park in multiplayer when played on the gameshark has multiple glitches which were possibly not fixable. Both can be played in beta version using a gameshark.
  • There is an inaccessible trapdoor in a guardhouse in the dam level, where you install the covert modem on the back of it. It was speculated that this is where Bond got explosives for the rumored mission where you had to blow up the truck. However, no one is certain. There are also rumors that it once led down to the data backup room, as it is almost directly over it.
  • In the dam level, there are three guard towers on the main dam, and one is across the lake on the mysterious island. The ones on the dam are marked 2, 3, 4 in order, and the one on the island doesn't have one. So what happened to tower #1. It is speculation that it was immediately to your right once you shot the lock to the dam, and was probably removed and the programmers forgot to change the other numbers.
  • At the very beginning of the Silo, you can look down and see this vent, and have an even closer look with a Sniper Rifle. It was originally believed that it was somehow connected with the level's lost elevator (that can be seen in an early promo video), but I now suspect that the area below was the original starting point for the level. They just placed a grate over it instead of deleting it. Notice how at the end of the walkway, the railing ends... Why would it do that?


GoldenEye 007 was originally going to the Super Nintendo as a side-scrolling game but with the *new* Nintendo 64 Rare decided to scrap their original idea and make a totally 3D First Person shooter instead.

German Index

On March 31, 1998, GoldenEye 007 was put on the infamous German index by the BPjS. For more information about what this means and to see a list of games sharing the same fate, take a look here: BPjS/BPjM indexed games.


On the first level, the Dam mission, it is possible to see what has been dubbed the "GoldenIsland", a distant platform with a tower and a gun turret. Go to the very edge of the level's end, to an outcropping pier at the base of the dam. Use the fullest zoom of a sniper rifle to see it.


In the dam level, the climate appears mild, however in the runway level, which is a few hundred feet below it, it appears absolutely freezing. Normally the higher locations are colder.


Despite the fact that Oddjob and Mayday were both selectable characters in multiplayer mode, neither of them were included in a singleplayer mission.

Player's Guide

A screenshot in the players guide for GoldeEye 007 depicts a Russian Guard at the ending cutscene of Surface 2 with two (maybe three) faces.


  • David Doak, as of 2001 the Managing Director of Free Radical Design, was part of the Rare team when GoldenEye 007 was developed. He was rendered into the game as Dr. Doak in the 2nd mission.
  • The Klobb is named after Nintendos Ken Lobb. His head is in the game as well, it has black hair and a mustache.
  • One of the items in this game, the CCVV tape, has the GoldenEye movie poster on it.
  • A reference to every Bond movie (except, of course, those made after GoldenEye's release) is made in some form throughout the game.
  • Many of Rare's games have their logo throughout the levels. In GoldenEye 007, there is the Rare logo in the Depot, in front of the Train building.
  • The clever people at Rare included a no Bond sign in the Facility. It's the famous James Bond silhouette, of course with the line across it. Those soldiers must really have something against Bond, huh?
  • The faces of all of the guards in the game are the faces of people who developed the game.
  • Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx both make an appearance in GoldenEye 007. Stalin's face appears in the Statue Park level. It is a bit hard to find it, but it is inscribed into the side of a block of stone, and it is a bit hard to make out his face. Marx is much easier to see. In the archives, near the windows where you have to jump out on the second floor, Marx's face appears on a poster near the door.
  • The "D.K. Mode" cheat appears to be a reference to Donkey Kong, due to the similar build of the character used on the cheat. It should be noted that the developer Rare was involved with Nintendo's Donkey Kong franchise at that time.


One of the best selling video games for the Nintendo 64 with over a million copies sold, allowing it to become a Player's Choice title.


The scientists are normally passive, putting their hands up and running away when the shooting starts. But on the harder difficulty levels, Secret Agent and 00 Agent, if you shoot the scientists they get out their guns (DD44 Dostovei) and attack you.


In the second Bunker level, a few interesting things pop up on some of the computer screens. One is a man on a skateboard. The other, a man moving his mouth as if he's talking.


Some rumors went around that a soldier was actually driving the truck in the dam level. It makes sense for Rare not to let us see it, the doors are locked and the windows are blacked out. By using tiny bond mode you can wait for the truck to run you over by crouching. When you see under it you can clearly see that no one is driving the truck, unfortunately.

Unused Room

There is a strange last room in the Train where Xenia and Alec disappear to after you shoot Ourumov. If you have cheats to move fast enough or have a Gameshark, then it is accessible. In the room there is another locked door, and if you use a Gameshark to go through doors, there is only an empty space. The room was only added for completeness.

User Created Content

GoldenEye 007's popularity as a game has cemented it as a classic and has made it the subject of mods for other FPS games. Two notable mods are: GoldenEye: DOOM II - this is a complete total conversion (meaning it does not need the original DOOM II). Due to the restrictions of the engine, the mod lacks many aspects from the original game, most notably the lack of 3D graphics, multi-player and targeting. * GoldenEye: Source*: the entire game recreated using the Source engine, with many enhancements.


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