The Last of Us: Part II

aka: The Last of Us: Parte II
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PlayStation 4 credits (2020)

2,335 people (2,168 professional roles, 167 thanks) with 2,408 credits.

The Last of Us Part II

Directed by
Game Directors
Art Directors
Programming Directors
Technical Art Direction
Lead Animators
Lead Cinematic Animator
Lead Technical Artists
Lead Programmers
Lead Artist
Lead Environment Artist
Lead Visual Effects Artist
Lead Game Designers
Lead Systems Designer
Lead Character Artists
Lead Character Concept Artist
Lead Lighting Artist
Lead Cinematic Artist
Lead Audio
Lead Editor
Production Supervisor
Lead Technical Director
Lead UI/UX Designer
Lead Quality Assurance Testers
Lead Gameplay Voice Direction
Narrative Lead
Written by
Additional Writing
Vice President
Director of IT
Director of Communications
Director of Operations
Game Designers
Narrative Designer
Technical Artists
Environment Concept Artists
Level Lighting Artists
Cinematic Lighting Artists
Character Concept Artists
Character Artists
Associate Character Artists
Character Art Assistant
Character Technical Artist
Pipeline TD
Character TD's
Additional Character TD
TD Assistant
Visual Effects Artists
Associate Visual Effects Artist
Visual Effects Assistant
UI Scripters
Sound Designers
Sound Implementers
Associate Sound Designers
Supervising Dialogue Designer
Dialogue Coordinators
Dialogue Supervisor
Localization Manager
Foley Editor
Additional Localization
Dialogue Designers
Associate Localization Coordinator
Additional Foley Editing
Environment Artists
Additional Environment Art
Graphic Designer
Environment Art Administrative Assistant
Additional Graphic Design
Additional Outsourcing Production Art
Outsourcing Production Artist
Environment Technical Artists
Head of Player Animation
Player Animators
Head of Melee Animation
Melee Animations
Head of Technical / NPC Animation
NPC Animators
Head of Cinematography
Cinematic Camera Animators
Cinematic Animator
Emotional Systemic Facial Animator
Story Animators
Animation Assistants
Additional Animation
Interactive Cinematic Animators
Senior Quality Assurance Testers
Web Developer
Production Coordinator
Casting and Talent Coordinator
Associate Video Editor
Production Assistant
Senior Communications Manager
Video Editor
Systems Administrators
Operations Coordinators
Associate System Administrator
Recruiting Manager
Recruiting Coordinator
Operations Specialists
Quality Assurance Testers
ICE Team
Shopper / Stylist
Tattoo Artist
Additional Concept Art
Special thanks to the kennel
Special Thanks
Extra Special Thanks
Super Special Thanks to
  • All of Naughty Dog's friends and family
A Sincere Thanks
  • Bruce Straley
  • A sincere thanks from all the dogs to Bruce Straley for his instrumental role in the development of The Last of Us, and his years of contribution to all of Naughty Dog's successes


Portable Gamer Girl
Large Rattler
Small Rattler
Prison Leader
WLF Militia
Additional Voices
Stunt Coordination
Stunt Motion Capture
Additional Casting by
Dance Choreography by
Dance Motion Capture
Canine Motion Capture
  • Cooper
  • Kippie
  • Lego
  • Moxie
  • Roach
  • Stetson
  • Winnie
  • Ziggy
Equine Motion Capture
  • Dan
  • Faz
  • Kanbe
Union Signatory
  • Neat Deal Productions
Animal Performers Provided by
  • Hollywood Animals
  • War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation
Animal Trainers
Character Models

Voice Over Recording and Editorial, Sound Design & Mixing: Formosa Interactive

Senior Vice President
Creative Director, Supervising Sound Designer
Cinematic Mixer
Assets Technicians
Sound Designers
Foley Mixer
Director, Voice Over Services
Foley Artists
Senior Producer
Cinematic Localization Mixers
Manager, Assets and Integration
Associate Producer
Voice Over Recording, Sound Design and Editorial by
  • Formosa Interactive LLC

Voice Over Recording and Editorial, Sound Design & Mixing: The Recordist / Creative Sound Design, LLC

Weapon Sound Recording

Art Outsourcing: One Pixel Brush

Art Director
Concept Artists

Art Outsourcing: Original Force Ltd

Project Managers
Art Director
Art Leads
Quality Check

Art Outsourcing: The Studio of Secret 6, Inc.

Business Director
Art Director
Senior Project Manager
Project Managers
Lead Technical Artist
Concept Lead
Senior Concept Artists
Concept Artists
3D Lead
Senior 3D Artists
3D Artists
Lead 2D Artist
Senior 2D Artists
Associate Project Manager
Senior Quality Assurance
Internal Operations Manager
Finance & Accounting
Employee Relations Administrator
Special Thanks

Art Outsourcing: Lemon Sky Studios

Art Director
3D Lead Artists
Material Artist
Concept Lead Artists
Concept Artists
Graphic Designer
Head of Production, Games Division
3D Artists
Senior Project Manager
Project Managers
Project Coordinator
Special Thanks
Lemon Babies

Art Outsourcing: Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Shanghai Studio General Manager
Managing Director
Production Director
Director, North America
Senior Operations Process Manager
Art Directors
Assistant Art Directors
Art Producers
Executive Producer
Network Engineer
IT Manager
Asssistant IT Manager
Technical Artists
Environment Artists
Character Artists
Art Team Leaders

Art Outsourcing: Passion Republic

Lead Concept Artists
Lead Modeling Artist
Concept Artists
Modeling Artists
Technical Artist
Finance Manager
Studio Art Director
Project Manager
Studio Coordinator
IT Supports

Art Outsourcing: XAC Inc.

Production VP
Art Director
BD Director
Project Manager
  • XAC [Suzhou] Inc.

Art Outsourcing: Adia Entertainment Ltd.

President & CEO
VP & Production Head
Account Manager
Production Managers
Production Director

Art Outsourcing: Mindwalk - a Keywords Studio

Art Lead

Art Outsourcing: Visual Dart Co. Ltd.

Managing Director
Project Manager
Environment Team Leaders
Environment Artists
Character Team Leader
Character Artists

Art Outsourcing: Redhot CG - a Keywords Studio

Art Directors
Project Managers
Team Leader

Art Outsourcing: MOOD


Sony Interactive Entertainment

President and CEO

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Studios

Head of Worldwide Studios
Head of Internal Production
Head of Technology & Services
Head of Product
Vice President, Product Development
Senior Director, Product Development
Manager, Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Director, Financial Planning & Analytsis
Senior Business Finance and Operations Manager
Business Finance and Operations Manager
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: User Experience Research

Senior Director, User Experience Research
Principe User Experience Researcher
User Experience Researcher
Associate User Experience Researcher
Tools Programmer
Associate Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Global Technology and Services

Vice President Service Groups

Sony Interactive Entertainment: PDSG Music

Music by
Additional Music by
Senior Director of Music
Director of Music
Score Produced by
Score Mixed and Edited by
Music Editing
Score Recorded by
Virtual Instrument Programming by
Production Coordinator for Virtual Music
Drums and Percussion Performed by
Drums and Percussion Recorded at PlayStation® Studios, San Mateo, CA, by
Additional Guitar Performed by
Additional Guitar Recorded at PlayStation® Studios, Playa Vista, CA by
Vocal Coach
Head of Creative Music Affairs
Senior Music Affairs Manager
Music Affairs Specialist
Senior Music Department Coordinator
Project Manager
Senior Music Engineering Manager
Assistant to Gustavo Santaolalla
Assistants to Mac Quayle
Music QA
Music Department Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: PDSG Sound

Director of Sound
Production Manager
Senior Sound Design Manager
Sound Designer
Additional Sound Design
Sound Design Intern
Dialog Manager
Dialog Editors
Dialog Recordists
Casting and Talent Manager
Casting and Talent Coordinator
Lead House Engineer
Senior Studio Coordinator
Studio Coordinator

Dialog Editorial Services Provided by The Halp Network, LLC

Dialog Editor

Sony Interactive Entertainment: PDSG Visual Arts (VASG)

Senior Director of Visual Arts

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Production

Senior Production Manager
Production Supervisors
Lead Project Manager
Project Managers
Associate Project Managers/Coordinators

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Motion Capture & Scanning

Senior Motion Capture and Scanning Manager
Senior Motion Capture and Scanning Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Motion Capture - Los Angeles

Motion Capture Manager
Motion Capture Technical Director
Motion Capture Studio Supervisor
Motion Capture Lead Studio Technician
Senior Motion Capture Studio Technicians
Motion Capture Studio Technicians
Key Set Production Assistants
Motion Capture Production Coordinator
Motion Capture Engineer
Motion Capture Stage Coordinator
Lead HMC Technician
HMC Operators
Video Leads
Video Assits
Camera Operators
Make-up Artists

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Motion Capture - San Diego

Lead Motion Capture Studio Technician
Senior Motion Capture Tracker
Motion Capture Trackers
Lead Scan Technician
Scan Technician
Make-up Artist

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Animation

Senior Animation Manager
Final Animation Manager
Cinematic Animation Supervisors
Lead Cinematic Animators
Cinematic Animators
In-game Cinematic Animation Leads
In-game Animation Lead
In-game Animators
Technical Art Department Supervisor
Technical Supervisor
Technical Artists
Technical Artist Facial Animation
Lead CG Artist

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Art Development

Scan Lead
Studio Art Director
Senior Art Manager
Art Production Manager
Scan Supervisor
Lead Character Artist
Character Artists
Scan Artists
Facial Supervisor
Lead Facial Artist
Facial Artists
Environment Artists
Character Technical Directors
Materials Artists
Lighting Supervisor
FX Supervisor
Technical Artists
Concept Supervisor
Concept Artist

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Engineering

Senior Engineering Manager
Senior Technical Director
Lead Engineers
Technical Project Manager
QA Technical Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Co-Development Support

Technical Artists

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Research & Development

Visual Arts Production Manager
Principle Character Pipeline Architect

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Studio Support

Business Operations Manager
Studio Coordination & Analyst
Studio Systems Administrator
Yoh On-site

Sony Interactive Entertainment: PDSG Creative

Director of Creative
Senior Manager
Creative EP
Art Director
Creative Directors
Production Manager
Senior Producer, PDSG
Senior Artist
Senior Editor
Senior Engineer
Senior Project Manager
Studio Engineers
Junior Creative Director
Producers (PDSG)
Motion Designers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: PDSG Operations & Business Finance Support

Senior Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
Senior Financial Analyst
Business Systems Analyst
Web Developers
Community Outreach Specialist
Creative Communications Specialist
Executive Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: International Software Development (Europe)

Senior Director, International Software Development & Localization Services
Director, International Software Development & Localization Services
Senior Producer, ISD
Associate Producer, ISD
Senior Project Manager, Localization Services
Project Manager, Localization Services
Junior Project Managers, Localization Services
Assistant, Localization Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment: International Software Development (Japan)

Senior Producer, ISD
Producer, ISD
Associate Producer, ISD
Senior Localization Specialist
Associate Localization Specialist
Senior Director, International Software Development

Sony Interactive Entertainment: International Software Development (Korea)

Producer, ISD
Assistant Producers, ISD

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Creative Product Service (CPS)

Senior Director
Production Support

Sony Interactive Entertainment: CPS Video

Promotional Video Localization

Sony Interactive Entertainment: CPS Design

Art Director

Japanese Voice Cast

Mr. Alvarez
Militia Female
Militia Male
Scar Female
Scar Male
Recording Director
Secondary Recording Director

AC Create Co., Ltd.

Secondary Recording Directors
Recording Coordinators

Iyuno Studio

Recording Engineers

MIT Studio

Recording Engineer

Jupiter Corporation


Sony Interactive Entertainment: Online Technology Group

Director, Online Technology Group
Senior Manager Online Technology

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Studios Game Analytics

Senior Manager, WWS Game Analytics
Technical Lead
Project Manager
Game Data Analysts
Data Scientist
Data Warehouse Engineer
Big Data Engineers
Devops Engineers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Tools & Technology Group - Audio Team

Senior Manager Software Engineering, Audio Team
Audio Team

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Tools & Technology Group - Ship WWS Collaboration Web Team

Senior Manager, WWS Collaboration Platform
Senior Manager, Software System Engineering
Collaboration Web Team

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Advanced Technology Group

Senior Director, Advanced Technology Group
Advanced Technology Group

Sony Interactive Entertainment: LAMS

Principal Programmer
Senior Programmer

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Quality Assurance

Senior Director, WWS QA
Executive Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Test Services America

Director, WWS QA Test Services
Manager, Test Services
Functional Test Leads
QA Testers
Accessibility QA Testers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Test Services Europe

Senior Manager, Test Services
Manager, Test Services
Functional Test Leads

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Localization Test Services

Senior Localization Test Specialist
Localization Test Leads
Localization Testers
Additional Localization Testers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: First Party Quality Assurance Japan

QA Director
QA Managers
Associate QA Engineers
QA Testers
Compliance Test Lead
Compliance Testers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Translation Services

Manager, Translation Services
Associate Manager
Senior Translator
Assistant Translators

Sony Interactive Entertainment: First Party Quality Assurance Korea

Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Assistant Managers
QA Communicator
Lead Tester

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Network Test Services

Manager, Test Services
Senior QA Network Engineer
Associate QA Network Engineer
Network Test Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Studios QA Engineering and Certification Services

Director, WWS QA Engineering and Certification Services
Senior Department Administrator
Manager, Certification Services
Manager, Engineering and Certification Services
Associate Managers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Compliance Test Services, America

Compliance Test Leads
Compliance Testers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Compliance Test Service, Europe

Compliance Test Leads
Senior Compliance Testers
Compliance Testers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Content and Ratings

Content and Ratings Manager
Associate Content and Ratings Managers
Content and Ratings Tester

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Release Management

Senior Release Managers
Release Managers
Associate Release Managers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Quality Engineering

Manager, Test and Tools Engineering
Software Development Engineer
Test Engineers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Engineering Operations

Manager, Engineering Operations
Lead ALM Support Analyst
Application Support Analysts
Associate Application Support Analysts
Principal Release Engineering Operative
Senior Release Engineering Operative
Release Engineering Operatives

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Studios QA Support Services

Director, WWS QA Support Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Business Systems Integration

Manager, Business Systems Integration
Business Intelligence Analysts

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Vendor and QA Support

Manager, Vendor and QA Support
Principal Vendor Analyst
Senior Vendor Analyst
Lead Vendor and QA Support Analysts
QA Support Analyst
Senior QA Support Analyst
Vendor Analyst
Associate Vendor and QA Support Analysts
Associate Vendor Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Studios QA Business Operations

Manager, WWS QA Business Operations
Senior Business Operations Analysts
Associate Business Operations Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Worldwide Studios Information Technology

Senior Director, WWS Information Technology
Directors, Information Technology
Senior Department Administrator
Senior Enterprise Architect
Staff Enterprise Architect

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Global Information Security

ISO, Director Information Security
Information Security Managers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: In Studio Support

Senior Manager, Information Technology
IT Manager, San Mateo
Systems Administration

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Information Technology Operations Center

Senior Manager, IT Operations Center
Network Operations Engineer
IT Operations Analysts Lead
IT Operations Analysts III
IT Operations Analysts II
IT Operations Analysts I

Sony Interactive Entertainment: WWS IT Shared Services

Managers, Information Technology
Senior Systems Administrators
Systems Administrators
Senior Storage Engineer
Senior Systems Engineer
Staff Information Systems Engineer
Network Systems Administrator
Senior Manager, Infrastructure Architecture Services
Senior Technical Project Managers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Global Marketing

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
Executive Assistant
Senior Director, Global Marketing
Group Manager, Global Marketing
Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Managers, Global Marketing
Marketing Program Managers
European Software Group Manager
Junior Product Manager
European Release Manager
European Release Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Global Marketing Japan Asia

VP, Marketing Department
Director, Asia First Party Games Section
Product Manager
Director, Japan First Party Games Section
Sales Planning

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Masterbrand, Console & Platform Engagement

Vice President, Global Marketing Masterbrand & Platform
Executive Assistant
Senior Director Global Marketing, Brand Strategy, & Innovation
Director, Brand Marketing
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing
Managers, Brand Marketing
Associate Brand Managers
Group Manager, Product Marketing
Associate Product Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Creative, Design, Video

Vice President, Creative, Design, Video
Executive Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Creative, Store Production

Manager, Production Design
Designers, Creative, Store Production

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Creative, Design

Senior Director

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Brand, Packaging, Retail

Manager, Print Production
Senior Designer, Brand Packaging
Senior Designer, Brand, Packaging, Retail
European Senior Graphic Designer
European Senior Digital Copywriter

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Event Design & Special Projects

Senior Manager
Designer, Brand, Packaging, Retail
Project Manager, Brand, Packaging, Retail

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Project Management Team

Senior Manager
Manager, Software Packaging
Managers, Creative Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Video Production & CG

Senior Director Video Production & CG Executive Producer
Video Production Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Video Production & Editorial

Manager, Senior Producer, Video Production
Producers, Video Production
Associate Producer, Video Production
Art Producer

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Video Operations

Senior Manager
Senior Video Production Specialist
Video Production Specialist
Video Band Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Digital Communications

Director, CRM and Web

Sony Interactive Entertainment: CRM

Manager, CRM
European Junior CRM Manager
Associate CRM Managers
CRM Specialist
Senior Manager, CRM & Paid Media Product & Analysis
Manager, CRM & Paid Media Analytics

Sony Interactive Entertainment: PlayStation®.com

Senior Manager, Web Marketing
Manager, Web Operations
Manager, Web Project Management
Senior Web Designer
Associate Web Marketing Manager
Web Marketing Specialist
Editorial & Content Senior Manager
Senior Content Producer
Content Producers

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Corporate Communications and Public Relations

Senior Vice President, Communications
Senior Director, Product Public Relations
Executive Assistant, Communications
Public Relations Senior Managers
Senior Specialist, Public Relations
Sr. Director, Social Media
Manager, Social Media
Senior Specialist, Social Media
Senior PR Manager
Social Media Senior Channel Manager
Content Publishing Lead
Content Publishing Coordinator

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Legal and Business Affairs

Chief Legal Officer
Vice Presidents, Deputy General Counsel
Director, Legal & Business Affairs
Senior Paralegal
Paralegal Supervisor
Associate Paralegal
Senior Marketing and IP Paralegal
Director, Marketing and Advertising
Senior Manager
Senior Paralegals
Privacy and Data Counsel
Senior Corporate Counsel, Marketing and Advertising

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Legal and Business Affairs (Europe)

General Counsel and VP, Legal and Business Affairs
Director, Legal and Business Affairs
Director of Intellectual Property and Technology
Senior Legal and Business Affairs Manager
Legal and Business Affairs Managers
Senior Trademark and Anti-Piracy Manager
Legal and Business Affairs Executive
Legal and Business Affairs Consultant
Legal and Business Affairs Assistant

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Store Marketing

Marketing Manager
Marketing Specialist

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Media & Agency

Director, Global Media Strategy
Senior Director, Media, Analytics and Marketing Technology
Group Manager, Media
Digital Marketing Manager, Media
Senior Media Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Consumer Insights and Marketing Analytics

Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Marketing Analytics
Senior Department Assistant
Manager, Consumer Insights
Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights
Manager, Marketing Analytics

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Marketing Partnerships & Activations

Senior Director, Marketing Partnerships, Activations & Events
Manager, Brand Activations
Specialist, Brand Activations
Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships
Manager, Brand Partnerships
Director, Global Events
Senior Manager, Global Events
Manager, Global Events
Senior Event Planner
Senior Events Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Digital Supply Chain

Supervisor, Content Management
Associate Project Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Global Store and Services

Vice President, Global Store and Services
Executive Assistant
Senior Director, Content Lifecycle
Senior Manager, Digital Merchandising
Manager, Content Lifecycle
Associate Content Lifecycle Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Licensing

Director, Global Licensed Merchandise
Group Manager, Brand Licensing
Manager, Brand Licensing
Marketing Specialist
Project Administrator

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Retail Marketing

Senior Director - Retail Marketing
Director, Retail Marketing / In-Store Brand Experience
Director, Retail Training & Operations
Retail Brand Managers
Retail Project Manager
Retail Channel Marketing Managers
Manager Creative Services
Manager Merchandising Operations
Retail Loyalty Program Manager
Senior Field Planning Specialist
Merchandising Training Specialist
Senior Project Specialist - Retail Training & Operations
Program Designer, Loyalty and Advocacy Programs
Retail Marketing Specialists
Senior Experiential Marketing Manager
Junior Experiential Marketing Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Operations

Vice President, Global Operations

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Operations - Americas

Senior Director, Operations
Operations Program Manager
Strategic Sourcing Manager
Packaging Program Analyst

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Operations - Europe

Vice President, Operations
Director of Supply Chain Planning
Supply Manager
Packaging Manager
Purchasing Manager
Category Manager, Merchandise & Marketing

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Operations - Japan

Global Marketing Department Asia

Sony Interactive Entertainment: Peripherals Marketing, Licensing & Esports Marketing

Director, Peripherals Marketing, Licensing & Esports Marketing
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Business Analysis and Operations Associate Manager


  • We would like to thank each individual at Sony Interactive Entertainment for their contributions, support and dedication to the success of The Last of Us Part II
  • With special recognition to the executive management team
Additional Special Thanks


In loving memory of


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