Altered Beast

aka: 3D Altered Beast, Altered Beast Classic, Jūōki
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You are a hero raised from the dead by the god Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena. With scenery inspired by Ancient Greece, you have to fight hordes of undead and demons, with a boss at the end of each level until you meet the god Neff, who holds the girl captive.

The Altered Beast title refers to your shapeshifting abilities. In this platformer, you can collect spirit balls by defeating two-headed wolves, allowing you to mutate into different beasts such as a werewolf, a dragon, a tiger, a bear and others depending on the version. Each form, tied to a level, comes with special abilities such as flight and powerful attacks, easily superseding the basic set of punches and kicks in your human form.

The game can be played in single player mode, or in same-screen multiplayer co-op mode.


  • 兽王记 - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 獣王記 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Arcade version)

11 People




Average score: 60% (based on 59 ratings)


Average score: 3.1 out of 5 (based on 222 ratings with 10 reviews)

A cult classic

The Good
I really like this game, very much, It kept me interested right from when you hear Zeus say "Rise From Your Grave" to the final fight against Neff. Very action packed, and I really liked it how you can transform into a type of animal, for instance the Werewolf, which was one of my favorites, I liked that. Plus when you get the orbs, you get tougher and tougher. I really think that was cool

The Bad
It was too short, I wish they would of had a little more to the storyline, I mean 5 levels? That is a short game. I could go for a lot more levels, maybe more animals to transform into, and the bosses were really easy to defeat

The Bottom Line
Altred Beast is a game were you are risin from the Grave by Zeus to save his daughter Athena from the evil god Neff, you go through 5 levels and defeat bosses at each level who try to stop you from getting to Neff, You have to collect 3 orbs to get transformed into a animal.

Genesis · by AaronGamer (29) · 2007

An original story comes to life in this coin-op conversion.

The Good
I have to say that being one of the first Genesis cartridges is an advantage on it's own. Aside from that, original gameplay, scheme, responsive control, and nice graphics are a catalyst to this one's classic status.I really like the back- and foregrounds.

The Bad
O.K. The glove's comin' off now. I HATE being trapped. Blind dates with lepers have to be more rewarding that getting continually hurt with not even one second of invincibility. You can get drained of an entire LIFE on one simple enemy. The fact that the levels aren't longer kinda sux too. I've found myself skipping the white wolves just to play longer. They only want you to fight the Boss as a beast. I guess I just wish the game was a little deeper.

The Bottom Line
A great game. If you haven't played it, do so. If you have, good job. Peace.

Genesis · by aaron pridemore (10) · 2003

Sloooow down

The Good
Sega had a great collection of great coin-op arcade games, just waiting to be ported over to the Sega Master System.

Altered Beast is certainly one of the great, classic Sega arcade games. The idea of bringing that "arcade experience" into your living room, was one of the reasons that people bought a Sega system to begin with.

While porting arcade games over to the home console, worked well for Sega in terms of the 16-bit Sega Genesis, some of their initial efforts with the 8-bit Master System were a bit of a disaster.

Sadly, the Master System port of Altered Beast is one of these 8-bit disasters.

The Bad
Granted, the Master System could not match the original arcade graphics or music.

To be fair, neither could the 16-bit Sega Genesis and it was probably not until the 32-bit era of gaming, that it really became possible to perfectly port popular arcade games onto a home console system.

Yet, while Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis showed off what the 16-bit hardware was capable of doing, even if it was not a perfect port of the arcade, the Sega Master System port failed to demonstrate the 8-bit hardware, especially in relationship to their main competitor; Nintendo.

Simply put, when you played Altered Beast for the first time on the Sega Genesis, you did feel like you were being welcomed into the "Next Level" (which was one of Sega's more creative advertising slogans).

In contrast, when you when played the Master System port of the game, the hardware advances were not as obvious enough to impact the outcome of the "Sega vs. Nintendo" video game war.

The Sega Master system version of Altered Beast also suffered from obvious and chronic slowdown. I am not sure if this was a case of bad design or simply the hardware limitations of the system.

Regardless of what it was, Altered Beast did not help sell the Master System, as port for the Genesis really helped sell the system as a viable alternative to Nintendo.

The Bottom Line
Altered Beast is a great Sega arcade game, which did not translate well onto Sega's 8-bit home console system.

SEGA Master System · by ETJB (428) · 2014

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Steam release (2010) is Mega Drive/Genesis version Andrew Fisher (697) Nov 28, 2022
Back story, Japanese vs. rest of world Andrew Fisher (697) Nov 16, 2022
Short review(arcade, MD/Gen, SMS) Andrew Fisher (697) Oct 6, 2022



A version of Altered Beast is included in Sega's Smash Pack compilation CD.

Genesis pack-in game

This game was the first pack-in game to come with the Genesis when it first came out in 1989.


The Brazilian Heavy metal band Megadriver, specialized in SEGA MegaDrive music, did a cover of the first level theme, complete with one of the band members saying "Rise from your grave".


The ride-able lizard-birds from Golden Axe make a cameo appearance in the second stage. Bizarrian, a hybrid between an amphibian and a parrot, is also present in Golden Axe.

Version differences

The NES version adds 3 new stages and 2 unique transformations: a shark, and a bird. On the other hand, the SMS version removes the tiger level. The Zodiac release is an emulation of the Genesis version, but for one player only.


  • Power Play
    • Issue 01/1990 - Biggest Failure of 1989

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