Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

aka: C&C:RA3, Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot 3, Command & Conquer: Alerte Rouge 3
Moby ID: 37216

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Windows credits (2008)

806 people (466 professional roles, 340 thanks) with 817 credits.

Electronic Arts Los Angeles

Executive Producer
Senior Development Director
Senior Producer
Art Director
Lead Designer
Lead Unit & Balance Designer
Audio Director
Story & Cinematics Producer
Lead Engineering Development Director
Engineering Development Director
Design Development Director
Art & Cinematics Development Director
Lead Engineer
Lead Graphics Engineer
Lead Configuration Management Engineer
Technical Directors
Techincal Art Director
Lead Animator
Lead Visual Effects Artist
Game Designers
AI Design
Multiplayer Map Designer
Systems Engineers
Gameplay Engineers
Design Engineer
AI Engineers
Graphics Engineer
Audio Engineer
UI Engineers
Multiplayer Engineers
Engineering Intern
Additional Engineering
Environment Artists
UI Artists
Visual Effects Artist
Technical Artists
Concept Artists
Asset Integrators
Additional Art
Associate Producers
Community Manager
Project Manager
Additional Development Direction
Additional Production
Production Interns
Senior Sound Designer
Sound Designers
Additional Sound Design
Voice Direction
Dialogue Editing
Recording Facility
  • POP Sound
Recording Engineer
Cinematics Director
Cinematics Producer
Cinematics Post-Production Supervisor
Cinematics Visual Effects Supervisor
Cinematics Writer
Cinematics Video Editing
Cinematics Assistant Video Editor
Cinematics Additional Editing
Cinematics Graphic Designer
Cinematics Animator
Cinematics 3D Animation
Cinematics Rendering
Cinematics Matchmover
Cinematics Sound Designer
Cinematics Additional Audio Mixing
Cinematics Storyboard Artists
Live Action Principal Cast
Live Action Co-commanders
Live Action Special Cameo Appearance
Live Action Production House
  • Beach House Films
Live Action Executive Producers
Beach House Producer
Live Action Director of Photography
Live Action Set & Production Design
Live Action Prop & Additional Set Design
Live Action Wardrobe
Live Action Photography
"Behing the Scenes" Crew
Live Action Talent Manager
Live Action Supporting Roles
Additional Cinematics Work
  • The Third Floor
  • Shadowplay Studio
  • Whoodoo EFX Inc.
  • Hollywood DI
  • The Cinesoup Consotrium
  • Ideal Audio Inc.
Voice Actors
Music Composed by
Additional Music by
External Development Director
External Project Manager
External Development Manager
Senior QA Director
Senior QA Manager
Senior Project Lead
Senior Test Lead
Senior Tester
QA Test Leads
QA Engineer
QA Automation Programmer
Embedded Testers
QA Balance Test Leads
Balance Testers
QA Testers
Compliance Test Lead
Compliance Testers
VMC Test Leads
Localization Manager
European Localization Production
European Localization Coordination
European Localization Programming
European Localization Team
Asian Localization Production
Asian Localization Coordination
Asian Localization Team
Motion Capture Facility
  • EA World Wide Motion Capture Studio
Motion Capture Management Team
Motion Capture Team
Motion Capture Talent
Global Product Manager
Global PR Manager
Assistant Product Manager
Advertising Manager
Marketing Assistant
Lead Marketing Video Editor
Marketing Video Editor
Assistant Marketing Video Editor
Talent Director, C&C TV
Video Director
Manual Writer
Special Thanks
The Marketing & PR Group would like to thank
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