Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Windows credits (2009)

1,309 people (1,244 professional roles, 65 thanks) with 1,351 credits.

Ubisoft Montreal

In Memory of
Executive Producer
Creative Director
Associate Producers
Associate Producer - Coop & PC
Producer - Single Player Maps
Game Director - Coop
Lead Game Designer
Lead Game Designer - Coop
Level Design Directors
Level Design Director - Coop
Lead Programmer
Animation & Scripted Events Direction
Art Directors
Art Director - Coop
Art Director - Presentation
Audio Director
Scripted Events Director
Production Manager - AI
Production Manager - Animation & Scripted Events
Production Manager - Gameplay & Presentation
Production Manager - Management Tools & Support
Production Managers - Single Player Maps
Production Manager - SP Maps, Breakables & VFX
Production Manager - Coop Maps
Production Manager - Online Services
Production Manager - Scripted Events
Lead Audio Designer
Lead Audio Designer - Coop
Team Lead - Character Modeling
Lead QA
Technical Architects
Lead 3D Programmer
Technical Lead - 3D
Technical Lead - AI
Technical Lead - Coop
Technical Architect - Coop
Lead Gameplay Programmer
Lead PC Programmer
Technical Art Director
Technical Director Breakables, VFX & Additional Art
Technical Art Director - Coop
Level Design Technical Directors
Level Design Technical Directors - Coop
Technical Director - Scripted Events
Characters Technical Director
Animation Technical Directors
Assistant Technical Art Director
Team Lead - Breakables
Team Lead - Level Design - Coop
Team Lead- Technology Group
Project Closer
Narrative Design
Narrative Design - Coop
Game Designers
Level Designers
Level Designers - Coop
Scripted Events Integrators
3D Programmers
AI Programmers
Coop Programmers
Engine & Pipeline Programmers
Gameplay Programmers
Menus & Interface Programmers
PC Programmers
QA Programmer
Data Managers
Camera Animator
Team Lead Facial Animation
Facial Animator
Character Modelers
Concept Artists
Storyboard Artists
Level Artists
Level Artists - Coop
Modeling - Single Player Maps
Modeling - Coop Maps
Modeling - Breakables
Shader Artists
Shader Artists - Coop
Lighting Artist - Single Player Maps
Lighting Artist - Coop
Visual Effects Artists
Menus & Interface Graphic Artists
Audio Artist
Audio Designers
Audio Designer - Coop
Music Composed by
Additional Music Composed by
DJ Shadow - "Building Steam With A Grain of Salt |Alternate Take without Overdubs|"
  • DJ Shadow (Words and Music)
  • Jeremy Storch (Words and Music)
  • Published by Daisy Lou Music [ASCAP]
  • Sony/ATC Meldoy [ASCAP]
  • Universal Music Corp. on behalf of itself
  • Mo Wax Music Ltd.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Used by permission.
  • Courtesy of Mo'Wax Records
  • A&M Records
  • under license from Universal Music Enterprises.
Transitions & Projected Movies Associate Producer
Transitions & Projected Movies Coordinator
Transitions & Projected Movies Directors
Transitions & Projected Movies Animators
Transitions & Projected Movies Visual Effects
Transitions & Projected Movies Lighting
Transitions & Projected Movies Special Effects
Transitions & Projected Movies Matte Painting
Transitions & Projected Movies Storyboards & Illustrations
Transitions & Projected Movies Compositing
Senior International Brand Manager
International Brand Manager
International Product Manager
Assistant International Product Manager
Marketing Interns
Senior Community Developer
Community Developer
Studio Manager, Quality Control
QC Project Manager
QC Team Leader
Development Testers
QC Coordinator
Lead Compliance Specialist
Compliance Specialists
Krav Maga Specialist
Director, Audio/Video Studio
Talent Manager
Music Licensing Coordinator
Foley Artist
Sound Editors
Music Editors
Voices Recorded in Montreal by
  • Ubisoft
  • Wave Generation
  • Point D'Orgue
Voice Director
Casting Coordinator
Sound Technicians
Marketing Video Coordinator
Marketing Video Editor
Game-Film / Marketing Tool Programming Team
Senior HR Consultants
IT Operations Deputy Director
Help Desk
Technical Support
IT Production Deputy Director
IT Production Project Managers
IT Production Technical Architect
IT Production Data Analyst
IT Production Tools Tester
IT Production Programmers
Director, Montreal Localization
Localization Project Manager
Localization Intregrator
Dutch Version
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Danish Version
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Norwegian Version
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Swedish Version
  • U-Trax M.M.L.
Polish Version
  • Gamekeeper
Director, Mocap Studio
Mocap Supervisor
Production Assistant
Mocap Technicians
Mocap Trackers
Director, Playtest Lab
Playtest Lab Team Lead
Playtest Coordinators
Playtest Lab Assistant Coordination
Director, Security
Security Analysts
Technology Group Director
Technology Group Directors
Middleware Product Manager
Middleware Engineering Lead
Online Product Manager
Online Engineering Lead
Tools Product Manager
Tools Engineering Lead
Animation Product Manager
Technical Director
Technology Group Coordinators
Service Team Product Manager
QA Team Lead
Tool Programmers
Service Team Data Manager
Service Team Technical Writer
Service Team Interface Designer
Animation Team Lead
Animation Programmers
Dare Team Lead
Dare Programmers
Darestudio Team Lead
Darestudio Programmers
Dare Team Tool Programmers
Dare Team Tool Testers
Fire Team Lead
Fire Archtiect
Gear Team Lead
Gear Team Architect
Gear Programmers
Gear Team Tool Programmer
Oasis Team Lead
Oasis Programmers
Oasis Team Tool Tester
Oasis Product Specialist
Oasis Concept Designer
Online Architect
Online Team Coordinator
Rendez-Vous Platform Team Leads
Rendez-Vous Platform Team Programmers
Rendez-Vous Platform Team Tool Programmers
Multiplayer Engine Team Lead
Multiplayer Engine Team Programmers
Multiplayer Engine Team Online QC
Operation Team Lead
Operation Team DBAs
Operation Team Tool Programmers
Operation Team Tool Testers
Multiplayer Connectivity by
  • Quazal
Additional Management - Executive Producer
Additional Management - Producer
Additional Management - Associate Producer
Additional Script Writing
Additional Design
Additional Level Design
Additional Scripted Events Integration
Additional Programming
Additional QA
Additional Animation
Addtional Illustration
Additional Storyboards
Additional Art
Additional Character Modeling
Additional Marketing
Additional Senior HR Consultant
Additional Testing
Chief Executive Producer
EVP, Management
Director, Production Studios Services & IT
Assistant Director - IT Services
Senior Producer - Media Group
Director, Communications
Director, Finance
Special Thanks - Xbox ATG Engineering Support
Special Thanks - Xbox AM Team
Special Thanks - H5

Ubisoft United States

SVP Sales
SVP Marketing
Marketing Director
Associate Marketing Director
Senior Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Senior PR Manager
Associate Digital Marketing Manager
Website Producer
B2B Sales & Partnerships
Creative Services
Loyalty & CRM
Retail Marketing

Ubisoft EMEA

EMEA Executive Director
EMEA Marketing Director
EMEA Marketing Group Manager
EMEA Senior Brand Manager
EMEA Assistant Brand Manager
UK Brand Manager
Germany Brand Manager
France Brand Manager
Spain Brand Manager
Italy Brand Manager
Netherlands Brand Manager
Belgium Brand Manager
Denmark Brand Manager
Switzerland Brand Manager
Austria Brand Manager
Poland Brand Manager
Australia Brand Manager
China Brand Manager
South Korea Territory Manager
Japan Marketing Manager
EMEA Emerging Market Manager
EMEA Senior PR Specialist
EMEA Digital Marketing Manager
EMEA Trade Marketing Team
EMEA Paper Parts Traffic Team
EMEA Manufacturing Planning Team
EMEA B2B Sales & Partnership Team
Head of Consumer & Market Knowledge
CMK Director, Traditional Games
Consumer Research Senior Analyst
Consumer Research Analysts

Ubisoft Bucharest

Quality Control Studio Manager
QC Coordinator
QC Lead Tester
QC Lead Assistants
Compliance Manager
Compliance Specialists
QA Networking Lead
QA Networking Specialists
QA Compatibility Lead
QA Compatibility Specialists
Special Tests Lead
Special Tests Specialist
Data Manager
IT Manager
Desktop Services Manager
Desktop Services Technicians

English Voice Cast

Sam Fisher
President Caldwell
Lucias Gaillard
Anna Grimsdottir
Denise Martinez
Sarah Fisher (Young)
Shawn Robertson
Valentin Lesovsky
Charlie Fryman
Oscar Laboy & V.P. Calvin Samson
Sergei Torbinsky
Warren Valentine
Dimitri Gramkos & Boris Sychev
Col. Jeremy Prentiss
Mikahil Loskov Kestral
Irving Lambert
Maya Valentina
Sarah Fisher
Ben Hansen
Victor Coste
Andrei Kobin
Tom Reed
John Drake Archer
Additional Cast


Art Directors
Production Manager
Communication Artists

Dune Sound Studios - Paris

French Version by
Audio Project Manager
Additional Recording by
  • Game On Audio
Voice Direction
Assisted by
Post Production
Casting Management

French Voice Cast

Lucius Galliard
Sam Fisher
Tom Reed
Victor Coste
Denise Martinez
Maya Valentina
Col. Jeremy Prentiss
Anna Grimsdottir
Andriy Kobin
Shawn Robertson
President Caldwell
Col. Bykhov
Dmitri Gramkos
Gen. Kerzhakov
Oscar Laboy
Ben Hansen
Sarah Fisher Young
Irving Lambert
Additional Voices

Agua Mass Media

Project Manager
Historic & Linguistic Consultant
Artistic & Dubbing Direction
Sound Production Manager

Spanish Voice Cast

President Caldwell
Sarah Fisher
Anna Grimsdottir
Jeremy Prentiss
Ben Hansen
Andryin Kobin
Lucius Galliard
Calvin Samson
Shawn Robertson
Maya Valentina
Victor Coste
Tom Reed
  • Peyo
Warren Valentine
Dmitri Gramkos
Additional Voices

Orange Studio SRL

Italian Version by
Project Management
Translation & Adaptation
Voice Direction
Voice Direction Assistant
Studio Engineers
  • Studio ARKĂŹ SRL

Italian Voice Cast

Ben Hansen
Anna Grimsdottir
Sarah Fisher Young
Sarah Fisher
Tom Reed
Calvin Samson
Dmitri Gramkos
Lucius Galliard
Russian Soldier 1
Andriy Kobin
Sam Fisher
Victor Coste
Maya Valentina
Russian Soldier 2
Additional Voices


Project Management
German Translation
Historical & Linguistic Direction
Executive Voice Director
Assistant Voice Direction
Special Thanks

G&G Studios

Studio Engineers

German Voice Cast

Victor Coste
Sarah Fisher
Maya Valentina
Tom Reed
Ben Hansen
Sam Fisher
Dmitri Gramkos
Andriy Kobin
Sarah Fisher - Young
Lucius Galliard
Anna Grimsdottir
Additional Voices

Russian Version

Produced by
  • Game Factory Interactive [PC]
  • Vellod Company [Xbox 360]
Localization Manager

Playman S.R.O.

Localization Manager
  • Team Playman

Enzyme Testing Labs

Worldwide Production Director
Head of Production
Localization Project Manager
Lead Testers
French Localization Testers
ItalianLocalization Testers
German Localization Testers
Spanish Localization Testers
Dutch Localization Testers
Norwegian Localization Tester
Danish Localization Tester
Swedish Localization Tester
Polish Localization Tester
Russian Localization Testers
Czech Localization Tester


Massive Online Team Lead Programmer
Massive Online Team Product Manager
Massive Online Team Programmers
Massive Online Team UI Design
Massive Online Team Data Manager
Uplay In Game Director
Uplay In Game Technical Lead
Uplay In Game Production Manager
Uplay In Game Production Coordinator
Uplay In Game Designer
Uplay In Game Service Technical Lead
Uplay In Game Programmers
Uplay In Game Browser Technical Lead
Uplay In Game Browser Programmers
Uplay In Game UI Technical Lead
Uplay In Game UI Graphic Artist
Uplay In Game UI Action Script Developers
Uplay In Game Tools & QA Technical Lead
Uplay In Game Data Manager
Uplay In Game Tools Programmers
Uplay In Game Tester Web Service Manager Web Production Manager Web Producer Webmasters Web Application Manager EMEA Digital Marketing EMEA CRM Manager Community Development Managers US Senior Manager, CRM & Loyalty US Manager, CRM & Loyalty
The Uplay Team wishes to thank for their constant support:

Ubisoft Digital Arts

Associate Producer
Production Manager
Art Director
Special Effects

Ubisoft Entertainment

Executive Producer, Worldwide Studios
Chief Creative Officer
Worldwide Content Director
Production Content Director
Pre-Production Manager
Game Content Manager
New IP & UBI IP Director
IP Development
Scenario Director
Gameplay Engineering & Entertainment Analysis Director
Worldwide Live Development Director
Live Development Manager
Live Development Analyst
Process & Methods Director
Worldwide Production Coordination Director
Senior Production Coordination Manager
Production Coordination Managers
Transversal Projects Coordinator
Certification Manager
Certification Coordinator - Age Rating
EMEA Certification Specialiats
US Director Production Planning
US Director Customer Support
US Production Specialist
US ESRB Manager
US ESRB Coordinator
Studios Operations Director
Games Lab Managers
Games Lab Coordinator
Playtest Coordinators
Playtest Assistant Coordinators
Chief Marketing Officer
International Brand Strategy Directors
International Brand Group Manager
VP Licensing - Worldwide
Worldwide Licensing Manager
Licensing Manager
License Project Coordinator
License Coordinator
Licensing Assistant
Worldwide Music Licensing Manager
Worldwide QC Director
Special Thanks
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