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Star Trek: Starfleet Command

aka: SFC, Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Captain's Edition, Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Gold Edition

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Star Trek: Starfleet Command is the tactical, ship-to-ship combat simulator set in the world of Star Trek. It is based on the tabletop game Star Fleet Battles and it follows its rules almost to the letter.

The player can choose to play a career that will span 30 years as the captain of a Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Hydran, or Lyran ship. They begin with a small frigate class ship, and as they complete missions they gain prestige that is then spent on acquiring larger ships, and better crew. The campaigns are randomly generated by the "Dynaverse" generator, with certain key missions that will come up as the player go through their 30 year career. Missions range from escorting and patrols, to space monster investigation and starbase assault.

There are over 300 different ships and ship mods to choose from and a wide array of weaponry. Phasers, Photons, Disruptors, Missiles(Drones), Expanding Sphere Generators, Plasmas, Hellbores, Fusion Beams, Mines, Marines, and Fighters. Effective management of the ships energy resources on the fly is critical, especially with all the weapons, shields, ECM, ECCM, tractor beams, shield reinforcements, and other options available for the player to use.

The game is played on a 2D plane, like the original boardgame's "hexmap."

The developers also released the .dll files to the public, so anyone adept at C++ programming can use these files to construct ships, missions, even entire campaigns. These can be downloaded at their website.

Releases marked as the Gold Edition come patched to version 1.03, and include all the missions which were previously downloadable for free from the official website (3 for the Federation, 3 for the Klingons, 10 for the Hydrans, 7 for the Gorn, and 3 for the Romulans).


  • 星际迷航:星舰指挥官 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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AI Programming
Scriptin Engine
Special Effects
Mission Scripting
Campaign Mission Design
Senior Artist
3D / Graphics Ship Models
Lead Programming
Game Design
Additional Design
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To save memory, the programmers did not use new textures for different ships. The end result is if you have multiple ships of the same type, the view shows identical ships! Just take a look at the screenshot... You can see that all three ships Federation Heavy Cruisers are USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A!

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