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Windows credits (2007)

464 people (423 professional roles, 41 thanks) with 519 credits.

Developed by 2K Boston and 2K Australia

Story, Writing
Creative Direction
Director of Product Development
Project Lead
PC Producer

Art Team

Art Director
Lead Animator
Acting Environment Leads
Performance Lead
PC Specific Art
Concept Art
Effects Artist
Level Builders
UI Art
Additional Concept Art
Additional Effects
Additional Animation
Additional UI Support
Additional Art

Design Team

Lead Designer
Lead Level Designer
PC Specific Design
Additional Design
Additional Story/Writing
Additional Ingame Writing

Production Team

Associate Producer
Assistant Producers
Production Assistant
Additional Production Support

Quality Assurance

QA Manager
Assistant Leads
Additional Testing

Operations Team

Director of Operations
Director of Operations, Australia
IT Manager Australia
IT Manager Boston
IT Assistants
Team Support
HR Manager, Australia
Operational Support
Office Manager, Australia
Additional Operational Support
Marketing Support Team
PR Support Team
Focus Test Wrangler
Additional Support

2K Publishing

VP Product Development
Development Manager
Technical Director
Associate Producer
Lead Game Analyst
Game Analysts
VP Marketing
Director of Marketing
Senior Product Manager/Promotions
Associate Product Manager/Promotions
Marketing Coordinator
Director of Public Relations
Media Specialist
Art Director, Creative Services
Web Manager
Web Designer
Community Manager
Senior Production Manager
Production Manager
Director of Operations
VP Sales & Licensing
Strategic Sales and Licensing Manager
Quality Assurance Director
Lead Tester
Senior Tester
Quality Assurance Team
Standards Lead
Standards Senior
Standards Team
Night Lead
Night Senior Tester

2K International

General Manager
International Marketing Director
International PR Director
International Product Manager
International PR Manager
Licensing Director
International Marketing Assistant

2K International Product Development

Development Manager
Senior International Producer
International Producer
Localisation Manager
External Localisation Teams
  • Around The World
  • Coda Entertainment
  • Synthesis International Srl
  • Synthesis Iberia

2K International Quality Assurance

QA Manager
Functionality Supervisor
Localisation Supervisor
Mastering Engineer
Lead QA Technician
QA Technicians - Functionality
Localisation Project Lead
QA Technicians - Localisation
Design Team

Take Two Publishing Team

Take Two Publishing Team


Solo Violin
Recording Engineer
Music Contractor and Copyist
Singer on Anthem
Assistant to Garry Schyman

VO Production

Telsey and Co.

POP Sound

Original Dialog Mixers
Original Dialog Recordists

Programming Team

PC Lead Programmer
PC Programming Team
Lead Programmer
Technical Director
AI Lead
AI Programming
Animation Programming
Audio/Streaming Programming
Gameplay Programming
Graphics Programming
UI Programming
Physics Programming
Engine Development Team
Additional Programming

Sound Team

Sound Designer
Sound Assistants
Audio Consultants


The Music Publishers
  • Boosey and Hawkes Inc.
  • Bug Music
  • Carlin America
  • De Wolfe Music
  • France Music Corporation
  • Golden Bell Songs
  • Golden West
  • Melodies Inc.
  • Naxos Music
  • Next Decade Music
  • Shapiro Bernstein & Company Inc.
  • Warner Chappell Music
  • Williamson Music
The Record Labels
  • De Wolfe Music
  • Jasmine Music / Hasmick Promotions Ltd.
  • Naxos
  • Sony / BMG Music Entertainment
  • The EMI Group
  • Universal Music Group
  • Warner Music Group
Fox Studios
Special Thanks
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Credits contributed by Kabushi, formercontrib.